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Handbook of The Cleveland Museum of Art 


> > 

The Cleveland Museum of Art /1969 


Acs C6>3^ 

AV?s h 

T^efere r\C«S 
■0+udeint Copy" 


George P. Bickford 
Willis P. Boyer 
James H. Dempsey, Jr. 

Robert I. Gale, Jr. 

Edgar A. Hahn 

Mrs. David S, Ingalls 

James D, Ireland 

Severance A, Millikin 

Mrs, R, Henry Norweb, President 

A, Dean Perry 

Mrs, Alfred M, Rankin 

Ralph S, Schmitt 

James N. Sherwin 

Paul J. Vignos, Jr. 

John S. Wilbur 
Lewis G. Williams 
Charles B. Bolton, Emeritus 

Copyright 1969 by The Cleveland Museum of Art 

University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 66-21320 

Printed in United States of America 

Designed by Merald E. Wrolstad 

Distributed by the Press of Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 

















Floor Plans 

General Information 


Reading List 

Egyptian Art 

Ancient Near Eastern Art 

Classical Art 

Coptic Art 

Early Christian and Byzantine Art 

The Western Tradition 

44 Folk Wandering 

45 Carolingian and Ottoman Art 

46 Romanesque Art 
52 Early Gothic Art 
56 Art Circa 1400 

67 Art Circa 1450-1500 
78 Italian Renaissance Art 

Islamic Art 

Far Eastern Art 

228 Indian Art 

241 Southeast Asian Art 

Pre-Columbian Art 
Art of Primitive Peoples 

100 French Renaissance Art 

104 Northern Renaissance Art 

114 17th-century Art 

132 18th-century Art 

156 Neo-classic Art 

164 19th-century Art 

196 20th-century Art 

244 Chinese Art 
272 Japanese Art 

Ground Floor 




Gallery Floor 

General Information 


Open free at all times 
Closed Monday 
Tuesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Wednesday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Friday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. during lecture 
season; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in summer 
Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Sunday, New Year’s Day, and Memorial 
Day 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Closed July 4, Thanksgiving and 
December 25. 


Tuesday through Friday luncheon is 
served from noon to 2:15 p.m.; on 
Saturday from 11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. 
Afternoon tea is served from 3:15 to 
4:45 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; and 
3:00 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. 


Members of the staff are prepared to 
assist visitors, but appointments should 
be arranged in advance. 


Catalogues, color prints, post cards, 
Christmas cards, Bulletins, books, and 
framed reproductions are for sale at 
the desk near the North entrance. A 
list will be mailed on request. 


The Library is free to the public at all 
times. Books and current magazines 
for reference only and photographs for 
loan are available. Lantern slides for 
loan are on the Library floor. The 
Library is open from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. 
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Friday. On Saturday it is open from 
9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. From October 
through May the Reading Room is open 
Sundays from 3 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. and 
Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


Foundation Benefactors contribute 

Benefactor Fellows contribute $250,000 
Endowment Benefactors contribute 

Benefactors contribute $25,000 
Endowment Fellows contribute $10,000 
Fellows in Perpetuity contribute $5,000 
Fellows for Life contribute $1,000 
Living or Memorial Endowments 
contribute any sum above $500 
Special Life Members contribute $500 
Life Members contribute $250 
Fellows contribute annually $100 
Sustaining Members contribute annually 

Annual Members contribute annually 

Full particulars may be had upon request. 



The Cleveland Museum of Art is primarily a museum devoted to the arts 
of all cultures, though it differentiates itself from historical, archaeological, 
and anthropological museums in an emphasis on the aesthetic quality of an 
object rather than on its purely historical or documentary value. Its origins 
and development present an encouraging instance of private philanthropy 
for the public good, 

Wade Park was given to the city of Cleveland in 1882 by the first feptha H* 
Wade; an oval-shaped area facing the lagoon in the park was, however, 
reserved by the donor and passed on to his grandson, J* H* Wade IL In 1892 
it became clear that this area had been reserved for the erection of “a 
building devoted to Art and establishing therein a Museum and Gallery of 
Art***, for the benefit of all the people forever * *. The Cleveland Museum 
of Art was eventually erected on this land* 

Funds for such an institution were bequeathed by Hinman B. Hurlbut in 
1881, John Huntington in 1889, and Horace Kelley in 1890, each probably 
acting without the knowledge of the others. Nothing was done, until in 1913 
the trustees of the two latter funds cooperated to incorporate The Cleveland 
Museum of Art, endowed by the Hinman B* Hurlbut Fund, with the building 
cost financed by The John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust and The 
Horace Kelley Art Foundation* The new museum was formally opened to the 
public on June 6,1916, in the classical-style building designed by the 
architects Hubbell and Benes and the architectural consultant Edmund B* 
Wheelwright of Boston* The Museum has always been a private institution for 
the public benefit, and The John Huntington Art and Polytechnic Trust and 
The Horace Kelley Art Foundation have made annual grants from the 
beginning* These funds have been augmented by bequests, grants and 
membership support, all combining to produce a sound financial foundation 
for the various operations of an art museum. 

Soon after the Museum's opening the first of many bequests was made: 


Dudley P. Allen, a founding trustee, left a purchase fund in 1915, and the 
following year Mary Warden Harkness bequeathed a fund in memory of 
Charles W. Harkness, as well as porcelains and paintings. Worcester R. 
Warner gave money to begin a collection of Oriental art; and at the time of 
the opening of the Museum the Severance collection of arms and armor, the 
tapestries given in memory of Dudley P. Allen, and a short time later the 
J. H. Wade II collection of paintings began a continuing tradition of giving. In 
1920 J. H. Wade II established a large trust fund, whose income made it 
possible for the Museum to purchase works of art for every department. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. King, Mrs. Leonard C. Hanna, William G. Mather, 

D. Z. Norton, Francis F. Prentiss, John L. Severance, Edward L. Whittemore, 
Mrs. Edward B. Greene, Mrs. R. Henry Norweb, and others made possible 
the purchase of outstanding works of art. John L. Severance and Mrs. Francis 
F. Prentiss began the formation of collections destined to be among the 
greatest bequests ever received by the Museum. In 1940 came the bequest of 
James Parmelee, and in 1942 the bequest of Julia Morgan Marlatt established 
the substantial Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt Fund, the income to be used 
for the purchase of paintings. That year the important John L. Severance 
Collection also became the Museum’s possession, and the John L. Severance 
Fund was established for art acquisitions. It was also in 1942 that the first 
of many gifts from Hanna Fund was received, enabling the Museum to 
purchase great works of art in every field. Two years later Elisabeth 
Severance Prentiss left her beautiful collection, together with a substantial 
unrestricted fund, to the Museum. In late 1957 the magnificent bequest of 
Leonard C. Hanna, Jr., including his art collection, established large funds for 
purchase and operating expenses. A complete catalogue of Mr. Hanna’s 
many gifts was published in 1958. The most recent example of this continuing 
philanthrophy was the bequest of Martha Holden Jennings, establishing a 
major fund for the purchase of works of art and for operating expenses. 

If is impossible to mention here all of the other munificent gifts recorded 
from time to time in the pages of the Bulletin of the Museum, continuously 
published since 1914, two years before the opening of the Museum. The 
growth of the collections, thanks to these generous gifts of numerous donors 
and to the purchases made possible by the various funds, made necessary 
the building of additional galleries, and a new wing, designed by Messrs. 

Hays and Ruth, architects, was dedicated in March of 1958. 

The educational activities of the Museum have matched the growth and 
merit of the collections. The Education Department was one of a very few 
pioneers in the field of children’s art education, a peculiarly American 
development. The programs now range from those for six-year-old children 
to adult education, and undergraduate and graduate studies in cooperation 
with Western Reserve University. The Museum’s growing publications 
program is another aspect of this educational activity. 

This Handbook of the collections is intended to aid the visitor before and 
after his visits to the Museum—before, as a broad visual introduction to the 
wealth of material and its particular strengths; after, as a reminder 
of what has been seen, or missed. For general information on the various 
areas represented in the collections, the visitor is referred to the suggested 
introductory reading list which follows this Foreword, A literal arrangement 
of this Handbook by galleries was not possible or desirable because of the 
numerous changes and modifications required by special exhibitions, new 
acquisitions, and, hopefully, improved and more meaningful sequences. 

Large and good reproductions of over two hundred selected important works 
(each indicated in this Handbook by an asterisk) are available in another 
Museum publication, Selected Works: The Cleveland Museum of Art. The 
First Fifty Years, a history of the Museum by Dr. Carl Wittke, another Golden 
Anniversary publication, is also available. 

The Handbook was the result of the concerted efforts of the various 


curatorial departments. Particular mention should be made of Remy Saisselin, 
who was initially in charge of the project, and of Merald Wrolstad, Editor 
of Publications, who succeeded him and brought the book to successful 
completion. Thanks are due also to the Museum photographer, Richard 
Godfrey. Special thanks go to the Trustees of The John L. Huntington 
Art and Polytechnic Trust, who financed this and other publications of our 
Golden Anniversary year. 

Sherman E. Lee, Director 


Art Purchase Endowment Funds 
A. W. Ellenberger Sr. 

James Albert and Mary Gardiner Ford 

Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Bequest 
Delia E. Holden 
L. E. Holden 

Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt 
Mary Spedding Milliken Memorial 
James Parmelee 
Cornelia Blakemore Warner 
Edward L. Whittemore 

Art Purchase Trust Funds 
Dudley P. Allen 
John L. Severance 
Norman O. Stone and Ella A. Stone 
J. H. Wade 


Reading List 


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Egyptian Art 


Panel from False Door of Ny-kau-Re. 

Ny-kau-Re . Red granite. Sakkara, Limestone. Sakkara, ea. 2500 B.C. 

ca. 2500 B,C, H, 21-i/4 in, 64.90 H. 46 in, 64,91 

Tomb Relief. Limestone. Sakkara, Old Kingdom, ca. 2400 B.C. W. 68-1/2 in, 

Tomb Stela of Four Persons. 
Limestone. First Intermediate 
Period, ca, 2280*2065 B.C, 

W. 29-1/2 in, 14.543 

AmenemhetIII. Black granite. 
Thebes, ca, 1800 B.C, H. 19-7/8 in. 


Head of Queen Hatshepsut. Green 

schist* Probably Theban School, Amenhotep III (wearing the Blue 

early New Kingdom, ca. 1475 B.C. Crown)* Granite. Ca. 1417 B.C. 

H. 6-3/8 in. 17*976 H* 15-1/2 in. 52*513* 

Three Nome Gods Bearing Offerings . Limestone temple relief. Reign of 
Amenhotep III, ca. 1390 B.C. W. 30-3/8 in* 61.205 

Head of Amenhotep III. Rose 
quartzite. Ca. 1387 B.C. 

H. 6-5/16 in* 61*417 

Amphora i Pale green-white glass. 
Reign of Amenhotep III or slightly 
later in Dynasty XVIII, ca* 1400- 
1360 B.C. H* 4-5/16 in. 14.541 


Queen Nefertiti. From the Aten chapel at Karnak. Sandstone relief. Amarna 
Period, ca. 1375 B.C. W. 17-1/8 in. 59.186* 

Akhenaten. Sandstone relief. 

Karnak, Amarna Period, ca. 1375 B.C. 
W. 11 in. 59.188 

King’s Scribe A menhotep and His 
Wife Renut. From family tomb near 
Assiut. Limestone relief. Early 
part of reign of Ramesses II, 
ca. 1275 B.C. W. 48-7/16 in. 63.100 

Head of a Man. Bronze. New Kingdom, 
Theban School, Dynasty XIX, 
ca. 1300 B.C. H. 1-1/2 in. 14.555 

The Priest Bek-en-Mut Worshiping 
a Statue of the Long-dead Tuthmosis 
III (detail from a coffin). Painting 
on gesso over wood. Probably from 
Thebes, Dynasty XXII, ca. 900 B.C. 
H. of coffin 82 in. 14.561 


Stela of Djed-atum-iuf-ankh. Yellow 
crystalline quartzite. Heliopolis, 

Late Period, ca. 650 B.C., imitating 
style of Old Kingdom, H* 11 in. 

Man and Wife\ Limestone relief, 
Thebes (Tomb of Menteumhat), 
Dynasty XXV, ca. 660 in the 
style of early Dynasty XVIIL 
H, 25-3/8 in* 49*493 

Mongoose. Bronze* Ca. 600 B.C. or later, L* 8-1/4 in* 64*358 

Boats of Mourners. Limestone relief. Thebes (Tomb of Mentuemhat), Dynasty 
XXV, ca. 660 B*C*, in the style of late Dynasty XVIII. W. 39-5/8 in. 51.282* 


Relief from the Tomb of Mentuemhat Limestone. Thebes, ca. 660 B.C. 
(details are copies from Dynasty XVTII but the servants are chiefly in 
contemporary style). W. 26-5/8 in. 51.284 

Female Musicians. Joins to another fragment now in Berlin. Limestone relief. 
Lower Egyptian School, ca. 350 B.C. W. 12-11/16 in. 14.542 

Horwedja Presenting a Statue to 
His God Black schist. Ca. 500 B.C. 
H. 17-1/4 in, 20.1978 

The General A men-pe-Yom. Gray 
granite, Mendes, ca, 275 B.C, 

H. 37-1/2 in, 48,141 



Ancient Near Eastern Art 


GudeOy Patesi of L agash. Dole rite. 
Iraq (Mesopotamia), Neo-Sumerian 
Period, 22nd century B.C. 

H. 56-1/4 in. 63.154* 

Plate Silver, repousse and engraved. 
Phoenician, 7th century B.C. 

D. 7-15/16 in. 47.491* 

Winged Genie. Relief from the 
palace of Ashur-Nasirapal II at 

Nimrud. Gypseous alabaster. Iraq Crouching Woman. Ivory figure. 

(Mesopotamia), Assyrian Period, Syria, Phoenician, 9th-8th century 

9th century B.C. H. 98 in. 43.246 B.C. H. 1-3/8 in. 64.426 

Silver Cup with Hunting Scene. Repousse and engraved. Northwestern Iran 
(Amlash?), end of 2nd millennium B.C. H. 4-3/4 in. 65.25 


Gold Beaker Repouss^ and engraved. 
Northwestern Iran (said to have been 
found at Marlik), end of 2nd 
millennium B.C. H* 5-1/2 in* 65.26 

Votive Pin (detail). Silver, repoussd 
and engraved* Iran, Luristan, ca. 

1000 B.C.D* 6-1/4 in* 63*257 

Cheek Plaque of Norse Bit. Bronze, 
cast and engraved. Iran, Luristan, 
ca. 1200-1000 B*C. H. 5-7/8 in. 

Finial in Form of Ibex Pro tome. 

Cast bronze. Iran, Luristan, late 
7th century B.C. H. 8-3/4 in. 65*554 

The Bear Lady. Terra cotta. Ritual 
vessel from a tomb at Marlik. N.W* 
Iran, ca. 1000 B.C. H. 8-7/16 in. 

Beaker. Silver, repousse and 
engraved. Iran, Luristan, 8th-7th 
century B*C H. 4 in. 63.95 


Bull's Head, Cast bronze. Iran 
(Ancient), Urartu, 8th-7th 
century B.C. H. 6-1/4 in. 42.204 

Ibex Head Finial Cast bronze. Iran, 
Achaemenid Period, 6th-5th 
century B.C. H. 6-3/4 in. 61.199* 

Median Lion Strangler. Lapis lazuli. 
Iran, Achaemenid Period, 1st half 
5th century B.C. H. 7-3/8 in, 60,175* 

Rhyton in Form of Ram '$ Head. Silver, repouss£ and engraved, Iran, 
Kaplantu, Median Period, 7th century B.C, L, 12 in, 63.479 


Incense Burner. Cast bronze. Iran, Parthian Period, 1st century. H. 4-1/2 in. 

Lion Head Finial Marble. Iran, 
Achaemenid Period, ca. 5th 
century B.C. H. 2-1/8 in. 62.26 

Relief Plaque with Royal Hunting 
Scene: Ardashir II(?) Hunting Lions. 
Alabaster. Iran, Sasanian Period, 
late 4th century. D. 19-1/4 in. 

Ibex Relief. Carved stucco. Iran, 
Sasanian Period, 6th century. 

H. 12-1/8 in. 41.24 


Rhyton: The Angel Drvaspa. Silver, 
repoussd, chased, and partially gilt. 
(Ancient) Soghdia, Hephtalite Period, 
Sth-6th century. H. 7-1/2 in, 64.96* 

Plate: The Goddess A nahita. Silver, 
applied cast relief, chased, 
engraved, and partially gilt. Iran, 
Sasanian Period, early 4th century. 

D* 8-1/2 in. 62*295* 

Plate with Royal Hunting Scene; 

Kmg Norm ltd Hun ting L ions . Silver, 
applied cast relief, chased, 
engraved, and partially gilt. Iran, 
Sasanian Period, reign of Hormizd II 
(A.D. 302-309), D. 8-3/16 in. 62,150 

Wine Vessel; Figures of the Goddess 
A nahita. Silver, cast, engraved, and 
partially gilt. Iran, Sasanian Period, 
early 4th century. H. 7-1/4 in. 62.294 

Rhyton in Form of a Horse . Silver, repousse, engraved, and gold overlay, 
Iran, Sasanian Period, 4th century. H. 8-1/4 in. 64*41* 


Ewer. Gladiatorial Combats. Silver, 
repousse, engraved, and partially 
gilt. Iran, Sasanian Period, late 
4th-early 5th century. H. 5-1/4 in. 

Plate. Silver, applied cast. 

(Ancient) Soghdia, 6th-7th century. 
D. 12-5/8 in. 67.34 

Oval Fluted Bowl. Silver, cast, engraved, and partially gilt. Iran, Sasanian 
Period, 5th century. L. 11-3/16 in. 63.478 

Bowl: The Entertainers. Silver, cast, chased and engraved, and partially 
gilt. Iran, Sasanian Period, late 4th-early 5th century. D. 5-1/4 in. 66.369 


Textile. Compound twill, silk. Iran, Sasanian Period, 6th-7th century* 
H. M/4 in* 51.88 

Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and linen* Iran, Sasanian Period, 6th-7th 
century. H. 8-1/4 in. 50.509 


Kouros. Island marble. Greece, ca. 
560-540 B.C. H. 24-5/8 in. 53.125* 

Lekythos by Douris. Pottery. Greece, 
500-490 B.C. H. 12-1/2 in. 66.114 

Standing Warrior. Bronze. Italy, 
Rimini(?), Etruscan, ca. 500-450 B.C. 
H. 11 in. 67.32 

Red'figured Krater by the Cleveland 
Painter. Pottery. Greece, Attic, 
early 5th century B.C. H. 22-1/4 in. 

Head of a Goat. Limestone. Greece, 
Attic, ca. 500 B.C. H. 13-3/4 in. 26.538 

Red-figured Lekythos: Warrior 
Cutting off a Lock of Hair. Pottery. 
Greece, Athenian, early 5th century B.C 
H. 17-1/8 in. 28.660 


Head of a Lion. Terra cotta. Greek, 
from Italy, 5th century B.C. 

H. 4-5/8 in. 27.27 

Athlete. Bronze. Greece, Attic, 

Athlete. Bronze. South Italy, Locri, School of Polykleitos, ca. 460 B.C. 

460-450 B.C. H. 8-7/8 in. 28.659 H. 7-3/4 in. 55.684* 

Mirror (detail). Bronze. Greece, ca. 470-460 B.C. Over-all 
H. 15-1/4 in. 50.7* 


Charging Bull. Bronze. Greece, Lucania, late 5th century B.C. 

L. 7-1/4 in. 30.336 

Cist a Handle: The Genii Sleep and Death Carrying off Fallen Memnon. 
Bronze. Etruscan, 2nd half 4th century B.C. W. 6-7/8 in. 45.13* 

Mirror Rest: Siren. Bronze inlaid 
with silver. Greece, Corinth, 
ca. 475 B.C. H. 4-1/2 in. 67.204 

Grave Monument. Marble. Greece, 
Attic, ca. 400-350 B.C. H. 50-1/2 in. 


Torso of a Youth. Marble, Greece, 
ca. 150-100 B.C. H, 40-5/8 in. 65.23 

Incense Burner Supported by Dionysus. 
Bronze, Etruscan, 2nd century B.C. 

HL 24 in, 52,96 

Dancing Lady , Mainland (Peloponnesus) 
marble, Alexandria(?), Eclectic work, 
ca. 50-25 B.C. H, 33-5/8 in. 65.24* 

Perfume Container in Form of an 
Askos (Skin). Agate, with gold 
mounts. East Greek, Amisos (Turkey), 
ca. 2nd century B.C. or later(7). 

H, 2-9/16 in. 64.92 

Head of a Barbarian, Marble, Greece, 
School of Pergamon, late 3rd century 
B.C, H. 4-1/8 in, 29,440 

Head of a Mule. Bronze. Hellenistic, 
from Kertch, Russia, ca. 1st century 
B.C.-lst century A.D. H. 8 in. 43.68 


Negro Beggar. Bronze, with silver 
and copper inlays. Egypt, Alexandria, 
2nd-l$t century B.C. H. 7-5/16 in. 

Necklace. From the temple treasure 
of the lion-god Mahes at Leontopolis 
in the Delta. Gold, with insets of 
beryl and amethyst. Egypt, ca. 1st- 
2nd century A,D, D, of central 
medallion 3 in, 47.506 

Head of a Youth. Marble. Egypt, 
Alexandria (area of), 1st century 
B.C. H, 11-9/16 in. 47,188 

Head of a Man. Marble, Egypt, late 
1st century B.C. H, 12-7/8 in. 66,20 

Vicarello Goblet Silver. Italy, 
Vicarello, Roman, late 1 st century 
B.C .-early 1st century A.D. 

H. 4-3/8 in. 66.371 

Portrait of a Man. Bronze. Roman, 
40-30 B.C, H. 15 in. 28.860 


Apollo and Nike. Marble relief, Roman, Neo-Attic School, late 1st century 
B.C.-early 1st century A*D. W* 18-1/4 in* 30,522 

Torso of Apollo. Marble* Roman, early Portrait Head of a Man. Marble. 

2nd century A,D*(?)* H. 34-1/2 in. Roman, ca. A.D, 100, H. 10-2/3 in* 

24.1017 25.944 

Athlete. Marble, Roman, 1st century 
A.D* H. 68-1/2 in. 24.1046 

The Co-Emperor Lucius Vents. 
Crystalline island marble. East 
Roman, from Alexandria, ca* A.D. 
170-180. H. 15 in. 52*260* 


Head of the Emperor Balbinm. Marble, 

Roman, ca. A.D. 238. H. 7-1/4 in. Tomb Relief. Crystalline limestone. Syria, from Palmyra, ca. A.D. 230. 

25.945 W. 29 In, 64359* 



Coptic Art 


Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and 
linen. Egypt, Byzantine Period, 

3rd-5th century. H. 26-3/16 in. 53.18* 

Dancing Path Limestone. Egypt, 

Coptic Period, 4th-5th century. 

H. 13-3/8 in* 55,68 

Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and 
linen* Egypt, Byzantine Period, 
5th century. H. 7-5/8 in. 16.1980 

Lunette * Limestone. Egypt, Coptic Period, 5th century, W. 24 in. 55.63 


Textile. Tapestry weave, wool Egypt, 
Byzantine Period, 5th-6th century. 

H. 2-7/8 in. 41.293 

Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and 
linen. Egypt, Antinoe, 5th-6th 
century. Over-all: H. 2945/16 in. 
Detail: H. 14-3/8 in. 60,273 

Textile. Tapestry weave, wool. Egypt, Antinoe, 6th century. 
Over-all: W. 62-3/4 in. Detail: H. 10-1/2 in. 61.201 

Textile. Tapestry weave, wool. Egypt, 
Antinoe, 6th century. EL 17 in. 



Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and linen. Egypt, Byzantine Period, 

6th century. Over-all: W. 8-3/4 in. Detail: H. 3-1/4 in. 60.275 

Textile. Compound twill, silk. Egypt, 
Akhmim, 6th-8th century. H. 9-1/4 in. 

Embroidery: St. George. Silk on 
linen. Egypt, 7th century. 

H. 3-15/16 in. 48.115 



Early Christian and Byzantine Art 


Spoon. Gilt silver and niello. 

Early Christian, 4th century. Bowl. Silver and niello. Byzantium, 

L. 4-15/16 in. 64.39 4th century. D. 7-1/4 in. 56.30 

The Good Shepherd and Jonah Under the Gourd Vine: Two of a Group 
of Sculptures. Marble. Early Christian, East Mediterranean, late 
3rd century. H. 19-3/4 and 12-5/8 in. 65.241,65.239* 

Bust of an Empress. Bronze. 
Byzantium, Theodosian Period, 
late 4th century. H. 4 in. 67.28 


Lamp stand. Silver, Byzantium, 
4th century. H. 19-1/4 in. 54*597 

Vase. Silver. Byzantium, 4th-6th 
century* H. 15-5/8 in* 57*497* 

Icon of the Virgin , Tapestry, wool. 
Egypt, Byzantine Period, 6th century* 
H* 70-3/8 in. 67.144 

Pyxis, Ivory* Byzantium, Altar Frontal. From S. Carlino, Ravenna* Marble. Byzantium, Ravenna, 

6th century. H. 3-5/16 in. 51*114* early 6th century. H. 39-1/4 in. 48.25 


Chalice Dedicated to St. 

Sergius. Silver. Byzantium, 

Syria, 6th-7th century. 

H. 6-7/8 in. 50.378 

Pendant with Portrait Intaglio, 
Garnet, gold filigree, Byzantium, 
6th century. H, 1-5/16 in. 47.33 

Paten Dedicated to St. 

Sergius . Silver. Possibly 
from Benmisonas, Syria, 
Byzantium, Syria, 6th century. 

D. 12-11/16 in. 50381 

Chain with Pendan t and Two 
Crosses . Gold with enamel and 
glass. Byzantium, probably Syria, 
early 6th century. L. of chain 
12-3/8 in. 4735 

Textile: Scenes from the Old and New 
Testament Resist dyed linen. Egypt, 
6th century. Over-all: W. 41 in. Detail: 
H. 24 in. 51.400 

Necklace with Pendants. Gold, two 
garnets. Byzantium, 6th century, 

L, of chain 22 in. 54.3 


Necklace with Pendants . Gold with garnet, Byzantium, 6th century. 

L. of chain 18 in. 46.260 

Medallion: Bust of Christ Steatite. 
Byzantium, late 9th century. 

D. 1-5/8 im 47.37 

Rouge Pot Glass, sapphire, gold Monogram of Christ (Chrismon). 

filigree. Byzantium, 6th century. Gold with garnets, Byzantium, Syria, 

H. 1-7/16 in. 46.427 6th-7th century. R 5-7/8 in. 65.551 


St George of Cappadocia. 

Quartz (variety of bloodstone), 
Byzantium, 10th century. 

H. 1-3/16 in. 59.41 

Page from a Gospel Book: 

St Matthew . Tempera and gold leaf 
on vellum, Byzantium, Constantinople, 
1057-1063. H. 11-1/4 in. 42,1512 

Pendant. From the Treasury of Aachen. 

1) Relief: Madonna and Child, called 
‘ "Madonna of St Luke, ” Steatite, 
Byzantium, 10th century. 

2) Frame with Winged Bull of St Luke 
on the Back. Gilt silver and pearls. 
Germany, Aachen, mid~ 14th century. 

H, 2-11/16 In. 51.445 

Single Leaf from the Epistles in a 
Manuscript (Pan to krator Ms. 4 9): 

St. Peter. Tempera and gold leaf on 
vellum. Byzantium, Constantinople, 
11th century, H. 6-7/S in. 50.154 

Gospels with Commentaries. Vellum; 
Greek written in brown and gold, 
illuminated with tempera and 
gold leaf. Byzantium, 11th century. 
H. 11-9/16 in. 42.152 



Casket with Adam and Eve. Ivory. Byzantium, ! 1th-12th century. 

L, 18-3/S in, 24,747 

Plaque: Virgin and Child Enthroned 

with Angels. Ivory, Byzantium, Scenes from a Passion Cycle of Christ. Steatite relief. Byzantium, 

11th century, H, 10 in, 25.1293* 1 lth42th century. H, 4-5/8 in, 62.27 


The Western Tradition 


Folk Wandering 


Carolingian and Ottoman Art 


Romanesque Art 


Early Gothic Art 


Art Circa 1400 


Art Circa 1450-1500 


Italian Renaissance Art 


French. Renaissance Art 


Northern Renaissance Art 


17th-century Art 


18th-century Art 


Neo-classic Art 


19th-century Art 



Medallion: Bust of Christ 
From the Guelph Treasure. 
Cloisonne enamel on copper. 
Frankish, 2nd half 8th century. 

D. 1-15/16 in. 30.504* 

Group of Ornaments, Bronze and 
enamel, Gallo-Roman, 2nd-3rd 
century. H. from 1-1/2 to 2-3/8 in. 

Crossbow Fibula. Bronze, Gallo-Roman, 
late 4th-5th century. L. 4 in. 30.227 

Well Curb. Stone, Italy, Venice, 

8th-9th century, H. 26-1/4 in. 


Christ Blessing and Busts of Apostles. 
Ivory. Germany, Ottoman, ca. 970, 
H. 7-3/16 in. 67.65 

Double Leaf from a Roman Gradual. 
Gold and silver on purple vellum. 
Carolingian, 9th century. 

H. 114/4 in. 33.446 


Reliquary in the Form of a Book. 
From the Guelph Treasure. Ivory 
framed in gilt silver. Ivory: Valley of 
the Meuse, Liege, ca. 1000. Frame: 
Germany, Brunswick, 2nd half 14th 
century. H. 12-1/2 in. 30.741* 

Leaf from a Gradual and 
Sacramentary (Trier Codex 151). 
Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. 
Austria, Salzburg, early 11th 
century. H. 8-11/16 in. 33.447 

Title Page of A bbot Bemo’s 
“Tonarius, ” Dedicated to 
Archbishop Pilgrim of Cologne. 
Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. 
Germany, School of Reichenau(?), 
ca. 1020-1030. H. 8-13/32 in. 52.88 

Gertrudis Portable Altar; First and Second Gertrudis Crosses. 

From the Guelph Treasure. Gold, cloisonne enamel, semi¬ 
precious stones, and porphyry. Germany, Brunswick, Lower 

Saxony, ca. 1040. Altar: L. 10-1/2 in.; Crosses: H. 9-1/2 in. Casket. Boxwood. England, Anglo-Saxon, ca. 1000. 

31.462*, 31.55, 31.461 H. 3-1/2 in. 53.362 


Capita!. Stone, France, Collegiale 
of St, Metaine at Preuilly-sur- 
Claise, mid- 12th century. 

H* 26-3/4 in. 30.18 

Capital: Daniel in the Lions' Den. 
Limestone. France, Saint-Aignan-sur- 
Cher, mid-I2th century. H. 29 in. 

Engaged Capital. Limestone. France, 
Bordelais (Dordogne), 12th century. 
H.2M/8 in, 68.34 

Chasse. Champleve enamel on copper 
over wood core, France, Limoges, 
late 12th or early 13th century, 

H. 6-7/8 in. 54.599 

Front of a Chasse: The Crucifixion and Death of Thomas Bechet 
Champleve enamel on copper. France, Limoges, end of 1st quarter 
13th century. W. 11-3/16 in. 51.449 


Cross. Champleve enamel on copper* 
Master of the Grandmont Altar. 
French, Limoges, ca. 1190. 

H* 26-3/8 in. 23.1051* 

Single Page from a Deere turn, by 
Gratianus. Tempera on vellum* 
France, Burgundy, ca, 1150-1200. 

H. 17-1/4 in. 54,598 

The Horn of St Blasius. From the 
Guelph Treasure, Ivory, Sicily, 
12th century, L, 19-1/4 in. 30.740 

Miniature Showing St Luke , from 
a Bible, in Latin. Vellum. France, 
Burgundy, Abbey of Cluny, 
ca. 1100. H. &3/4 in. 68.190 

Capital Stone. France, Languedoc, 
12th century* H* 13-3/4 in* 16.1981 

Capital: Weighing of Souls. 
Limestone. France, Loire Valley, 
early 12th century. H* 16 in, 61,407 


Engaged Capital: Caryatidal Figure Flanked by Lions. Limestone. 
France, Burgundian, mid-12th century. H. 13-1/2 in. 63.477 

Capital Stone. South Italy, Atelier 
of the Cathedral of Monopoli, early 
12th century. H. 14-1/2 in. 55.556 

Priest and Assistants Celebrating 
Mass: Initial C. Tempera and gold 
leaf on vellum. South Italy, 
Benedictine School, ca. 1200 
H. 9 in. 24.1010 

Plaques from a Portable Altar. 
Ivory. Germany, Rhine Valley, 
2nd half 11th century. 

H. of each 2 in. 22.307-22.309 

Historiated Initial A from an 
Antiphonary: Tree of Jesse. Tempera 
and gold leaf on vellum. Valley of 
the Meuse, ca. 1115-1125. H. 7-3/8 in. 


Reliquary. Champleve enamel on copper over wood core. Denmark or North 
Germany, 12th century. H. 3-5/8 in. 49.16 

Reliquary. Champleve enamel on 
copper. Circle of Godefroid de 
Claire, Valley of the Meuse, 
ca. 1150. H. 7-3/4 in. 26.428 

1) Paten of St. Bemward. From the 
Guelph Treasure. Gilt silver and 
niello. 12th century. Master of the 
Oswald Reliquary, German, Hildesheim 

2) Monstrance. Gilt silver and rock 
crystal. Germany, Lower Saxony, 
end of 14th century. H. 13-1/2 in. 

Figure of a Prophet. Champleve 
enamel and niello on copper, 
copper gilt. Germany, Lower Saxony, 
2nd half 12th century. H. 3-1/2 in. 


Portable Altar. Champleve and cloisonne enamel on copper, over wood core. 
Germany, Hildesheim, 2nd half 12th century. W. 8-3/8 in. 49.431 

Arm Reliquary. From the Guelph 
Treasure. Gilt silver and champleve 
enamel. Follower of Eilbertus, German, 
Hildesheim, ca. 1175. H. 20 in. 


Single Leaf from a Gospel Book 
(now Trier Ms. 142): Nativity 
(recto). Tempera and gold leaf on 
vellum. Co-worker of Hermann von 
Helmarshausen, German, Saxony, 
1170-1190. H. 13-9/16 in. 33.445* 

Apostle from the Cloister of 
Notre Dame-en- Vaux. Limestone. 
France, Chalons-sur-Mame, 
ca. 1180. H. 38-1/2 in. 19.38 


Title Page of“Moralia of Gregorius” 
(now Engelberg Codex 20). Tempera on 
vellum. Attributed to Abbot Frowin, 
Swiss, 1143-1178. H. 10-5/8 in. 55.74 

Mourning Virgin from a 
Crucifixion Group. Painted wood. 
Austria, Southern Salzburg, Lungau, 
ca. 1200. H. 17-1/4 in. 57.500 

Mourning Virgin. Painted wood. 
Spain, Castile, ca. 1275. 

H. 59-1/2 in. 30.622 

Mourning St. John from a 
Crucifixion Group. Painted wood. 
Austria, Southern Salzburg, Lungau, 
ca. 1200. H. 17-1/4 in. 58.189 

Mourning St. John. Painted wood. 
Spain, Castile, ca. 1275. H. 61 in. 

Madonna and Child with Saints. 
Triptych, tempera on poplar. 
Berlinghiero the Elder, Italian, 
Lucca, active ca. 1200-1240. 

W. 20-1/4 in. 66.237 


AItar Angels. Painted walnut. France, 3rd quarter 13th century. 
H. 29 and 31 in. 66.360, 67.27 

Central Plaque from a Triptych: 
Virgin and Child with Two Angels. 
Ivory. France, Paris, end of 1st 
third 14th century. H. 9 in. 23.719 

Enthroned Virgin and Child . Ivory. 
Valley of the Meuse, mid-13th 
century. H. 5-1/4 in. 28.760 

Plaque. Gold with cloisonne and 
translucent enamel. France, Paris, 
ca. 1300. H. 1-7/8 in. 32.537 

Page from the Wet linger Gradual: 
St Augustine Introit for the Mass 
of Doctors. Tempera and gold leaf 
on vellum. Ca. 1330. Second Master 
of the Wettinger Gradual, German, 
Lower Rhine. H. 22-3/4 in. 49.203 


42.1091 Altar or Processional Cross 

wood core, copper gilt, enamel on copper, quartz stones 
Germany, Upper Rhine, Constance, ca. 1280 
Provenance: Monastery, Mehrerau on the Bodensee 

42.1092 Mourning Mary and Saint John 
.1093 copper gilt 

Germany, Upper Rhine (?), 15th century. 





Virgin < 
third 1 





Christ and St. John the Evangelist. 
Painted wood. Germany, Swabia near 
Bodensee (Lake Constance), early 
14th century. H. 36-1/2 in. 28.753* 

Lenten Cloth. Linen embroidery 
(white on white). Germany, Altenberg 
a. d. Lahn, 2nd half 13th century. 
Over-all: W. 12 ft. 3-1/2 in. 

Detail: H. 60-3/4 in. 48.352* 

Cross with Mourning Virgin and 
St. John. Copper gilt and champleve 
enamel. Germany, Lake Constance, 
l^ca. *330. H. 6, 19-3/4, and 5-3/4 in. 

Angel of the Annunciation. Marble 
with paint and gold leaf. France, 
Champagne, mid-14th century. 

H. 22-1/4 in. 54.387* 

Reliquary. Chased copper gilt with 
cabochons and glass inlay. Germany, 
Lake Constance, ca. 1330. 

H. 6-3/4 in. 32.422 

Head of an Apostle. Limestone. 
France, Toulouse, 2nd quarter 14th 
century. H. 14 in. 60.170 


Madonna and Child with St. Francis ; St. John the Baptist, St. James the 
Great , and Mary Magdalen. Polyptych, tempera on poplar. Ugolino di Nerio da 
Siena, Italian, Siena, active ca. 1305/10-1339/49. W. 75-3/4 in. 61.40* 

Madonna and Child. Tempera on 
poplar. Lippo Memmi(?), Italian, 
Siena, active 1317-1356. 

H. 24-13/16 in. 52.110 

Two Female Saints. Tempera and gold 
leaf on vellum. Niccolo di ser Sozzo 
Tegliaci, Italian, Siena, active 
1334/36-1363. H. 3-1/4 in. 24.430 

Madonna and Child. On panel. 
Giottino, Italian, Florentine, 
active mid-14th century. 

H. 44-3/4 in. 68.206 

Madonna and Child with St. Catherine 
and St. John the Baptist. 

Marble. Giovanni di Agostino, 

Italian, Siena, ca. 1310-1370. 

H. 27-1/2 in. 42.1162* 


Cofanetto . Painted and gilded wood* Italy, Siena, 14th century, 

H. 9-1/2 in, 54.600 

Angels, Marble, Ca, 1350. Attributed to Giovanni and Pacio da Firenze, 
Italian, H, 39-1/4 and 39 in. 25.1336, 25.1337 

Single Leaf from an Antiphonary: 
Initial L with St. Lucy. Tempera and 
gold leaf on vellum. Master of the 
Dominican Effigies, Italian, Florence, 
ca. 1335<a. 1345. H. 17-7/16 in. 

Ascension; Initial A. Signed and 
dated 1308. Tempera and gold leaf 
on vellum. Neri da Rimini, Italian. 

H. 13-5/8 in. 53.365 

juuiru nu iuci ,i ipom.i rpt cm 

e ■ ■ ■ ^■ 1 ‘ 

lb quc tnmunco ftfr crcoirti 

' ' 1 V. 1 ' ■—£ 

fas aim .nicjcite fjmgmncpso 

qp jd me pc 


Frontispiece Miniature of the 
Mariegola of the Scuola di San 
Giovanni Evangelista. Tempera and 
gold leaf on vellum. Italy, Venice, 
1st third 14th century. H. 10-3/4 in. 

Textile, Diasper weave, silk and 
gold. Italy (Lucca?), ca. 1300. 
Over-all: H. 34-1/2 in. 

Detail: H. 19 in. 26.507 

Albarello. Majolica. Spain, Paterna, 
14th century. H. 8-1/2 in, 45.28 

Single Leaf from an Antiphonary 
with Miniature of the Coronation 
of the Virgin. Tempera and gold 
leaf on vellum. Late 14th century. 
Attributed to Master of the Beffi 
Triptych (Abruzzi), Italian, 
Tuscany, H. 21-3/4 in. 53.24 

Madonna of Humility with the 
Temptation of Eve. Tempera on poplar 
Carlo da Camerino, Italian, 

Marchigian School, active ca. 1380- 
1420. H. 75-1/2 in, 16.795 


The Resurrection. Embroidery, silk on linen. Italy, Florence (Geri Lapi?), 
14th century. H. 16-1/2 in. 29.904 

Navicella. Pen and brown ink. Parri Spinelli, Italian, ca. 1397-1453. 

W. 14-1/2 in. 61.38 

Miniature from an Antiphonary: 
Historic ted Initial G with Christ 
and the Virgin in Glory. Tempera and 
gold leaf on vellum. Ca. 1390-1400. 
Silvestio dei Gherarducci, Italian, 
Florence. PL 13-3/4 in. 30.105 

Hours of Charles the Noble: Page 165 f 
The Presentation, by Zebo da Firenze. 
Vellum, illuminated with tempera and 
burnished gold leaf, France, Paris, 
ca. 1400-1408. H. 7-5/8 in. 64.40 


Single Miniature from a Missal: 

The Crucifixion. Signed: Nicolaus F. 
Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. 
Niccolo da Bologna, Italian, Bologna, 
active ca. 1369-1402. H, 10-1/4 in. 

Double-faced Portable Crucifix. 
Tempera on wood. Italy, Venetian 
School, ca. 1370-1380. H. 26 in. 

Crucifixion with the Two Thieves. 
Pen and brown ink and black chalk. 
Altichiero Altichieri, Italian, 
ca. 1330-1395. H. 9-5/8 in. 56.43* 

Girdle (detail). Gilt silver and 
translucent enamel on silver, 

Italy, Siena, late 14th century. 
Over-all: L. 93-1/8 in. 30.742 

St. Francis Before the Cross. 
Tempera on poplar . Sassetta 
(Stefano di Giovanni), Italian, Siena, 
1392(?>1450. H. 31-7/8 in. 62.36 


Adoration of the Magi. Tempera on poplar. Giovanni di Paolo, Italian, Siena, 
ca. 1399-1482. W. 17-3/4 in. 42.536 

St. Catherine of Siena Invested 
with the Dominican Habit . From the 
Pizzicaiuoli Altarpiece. Tempera on 

poplar. Ca. 1447-1449. Giovanni di St. Catherine of Siena and the Beggar. From the Pizzicaiuoli 

Paolo, Italian, Siena. H. 11-3/8 in. Altarpiece. Tempera on poplar. Ca. 1447-1449. Giovanni di 

66.2 Paolo, Italian, Siena. H. 11-3/8 in. 66.3* 


Single Leaf from a Treatise on the 
Vices with Miniature of Accidia 
and Her Court Brown ink, tempera, 
and gold leaf on vellum, Italy, 

Genoa or Naples(?), late 14th 
century* H. 7-1/2 in, 53.152 

Single Miniature under Initial M; 

The Annunciation * Tempera and gold 
leaf on vellum. Ca. 1430-1440. 
Luchino Belbello da Pavia, North 
Italian. H. 7-7/8 in* 24.431* 

Fragment of a Chasuble with Orphrey, 

Textile: Diasper weave, silk and 
gold; Italy (Lucca?), 14th century. 

Grphrey: Compound twill, silk, linen, 
and gold; Germany, Cologne, 14th 
century. Over-all: H. 42 in. Detail: 

H* 17-1/2 in. 28.653 

Madonna and Child. Pen and brown ink Textile (Half of a Chasuble). 
on rose-tinted paper. Italy, Verona, Velvet weave, silk. Italy, Venice, 

1440-1450. H. 4-3/16 in. 56.42 15th century. H. 42-3/4 in. 43.66 


Single Leaf from an Antiphonary 
with Historiated Initial with the 
Virgin as Queen of Heaven. Tempera 
and gold leaf on vellum. Italy, 
Lombardy, probably Milan, 2nd 
quarter 15th century. H. 22-1/8 in. 

The Coronation of the Virgin. 
Embroidery, silk, gold, and silver 
on linen. Italy, Florence, style of 
the School of Lorenzo Monaco, early 
15th century. D. 22-3/4 in. 53.129* 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk. Italy, 
(Venice?), 15th century. H. 15-1/8 in. 

Madonna and Child Enthroned. 
Tempera on poplar. Master of 1419, 
Italian, Florence. H. 77-1/4 in. 

Two Kneeling Carthusian Monks. Marble. France, Paris, 
end of 14th century. H. 10-1/8 and 9-1/2 in. 66.112, 66.113 


Single Miniature of a Prophet from 
a Choral Book Tempera and gold leaf 
on vellum. Ca. 1409-1413* Lorenzo 
Monaco or Matteo Torelli, Italian, 
Florence, H. 6-9/16 in, 49.536 

Kneeling Prophet Gilt bronze. 
Franco-Netherlands, ca. 1400. 

H. 5-1/2 in, 64,360 

The Calvary with a Carthusian Monk. 
Tempera on oak. 1390-1395. Jean de 
Beaumetz, French. H, 22-1/4 in. 

Orphrey: Tree of Jesse. Embroidery 
(opus Anglicanum}: silk, gold, and 
silver threads on linen. England, 

3rd quarter 14th century. Over-all: 

H. 39 in. Detail: H. 15 in. 49.503 

Hours of Charles the Noble : Page 395 , 
Descent from the Cross. By the 
Egerton Master, with inhabited 
acanthus border by Zebo da Firenze. 
Vellum, illuminated with tempera and 
burnished gold leaf. France, Paris, 
ca. 1400-1408. H, 7-5/8 in. 64.40 

Figured Medallion. From a group of 
appliques. Gold, enamel, pearls, 
France, Paris(?), ca. 1400. 

D. 1-3/4 in. 47.507 

: RaLmflunmrni^ 
pSraKMlfo mNif adrift 

'• ** A * 


Missal, For Paris Use (The Gotha Missal): fols. 63v-64r, The Crucifixion 
and Christ in Majesty . Vellum; Latin written in two columns in red, blue, 
and brown, illuminated with tempera and gold leaf. Ca. 1375. Jean Bondol 
and His Atelier, French, Paris. H. 10-11/16 in. 62.287* 

Annunciation. Tempera on A Saint Bishop with Donor. Tempera 

walnut(?). France, ca. 1390. on wood. Spain(?), ca. 1420. 

H. 12-1/8 in. 54.393* H. 67-1/2 in. 27.197 

Table Fountain. Gilt silver and 
translucent enamel. France, late 
14th century. H. 12-1/4 in. 24.859* 


Three Mourners from the Tomb of Philip the Bold 
Viz ell e alabaster (Grenoble stone). Early 15 th eentuiy* 

Claus Sluter and Claus de Werve, Franco-Netherlandish. 

H. 16-3/8, 16-1/2, and 16-1/4 in. 40.128, 58,66, 58,67* 

Leopard d’Or, Edward III. Gold, 

Anglo-Gallic issue as King of 

Aquitaine, third issue with English Mouton d f Or, Jean leBon. Gold* 

and French titles, 1360* D. 1-5/16 in. France, 1350-1364, D, 1-3/16 in* 
64*373 64,372 

Madonna and Child. Painted limestone, 
France, Central Loire Valley, 
ca. 1385-1390. H. 53 in* 62,28* 


The Coronation of the Virgin. 

Tempera on wood. The Rubielos Master. 
Spanish, Valencia, active ca. 1400. 

H. 56-15/16 in. 47.208 

Half of a Chasuble. Textile: velvet 
weave, silk. Italy, 15th century. 
Orphreys: embroidery, silk and gold 
on linen. Austria (Bohemia), 15th 
century. H, 47 in. 50.85 

Madonna and Child. Painted 
lindenwood, Upper Austria, Diocese 
ofPassau,ca. 1370-1380. 

H. 20-1/4 in. 62.207 

Triptych (House Altar). Tempera on 
oak. Ca. 1425. Austrian Master. 

W. 30-3/8 in. 41.68 

Triptych: Madonna and Child with 
Scenes of the Annunciation, 
Visitation t Adoration, Presentation. 
Ivory with gilding. France, late 
14th century. H. 10-3/16 in. 51.450 

Madonna and Child from Mariapfarr 
in Lungau. Cast stone. Austria, 
Diocese of Salzburg, ca. 1395. 

H. 40-1/8 in. 65.236* 


Diptych: Four Scenes from the Passion. Tempera and oil on linen 
over oak(?). Austria, ca. 1400. W. 27 in* 45.115 

The Death of the Virgin . Tempera 
on fir * 1 st decade 15 th century. 
Master of Heiligenkreuz, Austrian. 
H. 26'3/S in. 36.496* 

Coronation of the Virgin. Tempera 
on wood. Ca. 1410-1420. Master of 
the Frondenberg Altarpiece, German, 
Westphalia. H. 26*5/8 in. 29.920 

St. John the Baptist. Oak panel. 
Before 1425. Robert Camp in (Master 
of Flemalle), South Netherlandish, 
TournaL H. 6-13/16 in. 66.238 

Virgin Mary Crowned by Angelsi 
Oil on panel. Stephen lichner* 
German, d< 1451. H. 19-7/8 in. 


The Passion of Christ. Oil on wood. Master of the Schlagl Altarpiece, 

German, Westphalia, active 1440-1450. W. 88-1/4 in. 51.453 

Adoration of the Magi. Tempera 

on fir. Konrad Laib, Austrian, Virgin Weeping. Wood. Veit Stoss, 

Salzburg, active mid-15th century. German, 1447-ca. 1533. H. 12-3/16 in. 

H. 39-3/8 in. 36.18 39.64 

Leaf from a Missal: Frontispiece 
for the Canon of the Mass, Tempera 
and gold leaf on vellum. North 
N e the rla nds, Guel ders-0ve rij s sel, 
Cloister Agnietenberg near Zwolle, 
ca, 1438-1439, Miniature painted by 
Master of Otto von Moerdrecht. 

H. 13 1/8 in. 59.254 

A Bridal Pair Tempera on fir. 

South Germany, Swabian School, 
ca. 1470. H. 24-1/2 in. 32.179* 

Madonna and Child with Saints « Tapestry, wool, silk, and linen. 
Germany, Nuremberg, 15th century. H, 38 in. 39.162 


Four Gospels: fol. 2v, St. Matthew. 
Vellum; Latin written in black, 
illuminated with tempera and gold 
leaf. Germany, Middle Rhine, 
ca. 1480. Miniatures by the Master 
of the Hausbuch. Contemporary 
blind-stamped leather binding. 

H. 9-1/32 in. 52.465* 

Gothic Ornament of Oak-leaf Design. 
Engraving. Master W with a Key. 
Netherlandish, active ca. 1470. 
H.1015/161n. 52.100 

Adoration of the Magi. Oil on oak. 
Geertgen Tot Sint Jans. North 
Netherlandish, Haarlem, ca. 1480’s. 
H. 11-1/2 in. 51.353 

The Crucifixion. Oak panel. 
Netherlands^?), close to the 
Master of the Sforza Triptych, 
ca. 1470. H. 15-3/8 in. 31.449 


Hours of Ferdinand V and Isabella of Spain: fobi 72v-73r } The Crucifixion 
and The Deposition. Vellum; Latin written in red and dark brown, illuminated 
with tempera and gold leaf. Belgium, Ghent-Bruges School, ca. 1492-1504. 
Miniatures by Alexander Bening and Gerard Hoienbout. H. 8-7/S in. 63.256* 

Nativity. Oak panel. Gerard 
David, South Netherlandish, 
Bruges, ca. 1490. H, 33-9/16 
in. 58.320* 

The Annunciation. Oak panel. 
Aelbrecht Bouts, South 
Netherlandish, Louvain, ca. 
1480. H, 19-3/4 in. 42*635 

A Clergyman Praying. Oak panel. South 
Netherlands, Bruges, early 16th 
century. H. 14-3/16 in. 42*632 

Madonna and Child. Oil on oak. 
Follower of Hans Memling, Flemish, 
15th century. H. 13-1/16 in. 34.29 


St. John the Baptist Oak panel. 
Dieric Bouts, Netherlandish, 
ca. 1415-1475. H. 41-3/4 in. 51.354 

St. Andrew. Oak, with traces of 
paint. Netherlands, Region of 
Cleves, early 16th century. 

H. 27-7/8 in. 38469 

An Angel Supporting Two Escutcheons. Black chalk on pink-tinted paper. 
Germany, circle of Nicolaus Gerhaert von Leyden, ca. 1470, H, 8-3/4 in. 62.205 

Design for a Gothic Table Fountain 
Engraving. Master W with a Key, 
Netherlandish, active ca. 1470. 

H. 9-3/16 in. 37,565 

Monstrance with Relic of 
St. Sebastian. From the Guelph 
Treasure. Silver gilt and crystal. 
Germany, Brunswick, ca, 1475. 
H. 18-1/2 in. 31.65 


Abbot's Stall Oak, France, 
1500-1515. RIO ft., 9-3/4 in, 

Madonna and Child Under a 
Canopy. Oak panel. South 
Netherlands, Bruges, ca. 1525. 
H. 25-1/2 in. 46.282 

Double Mazer. Maple with silver-gilt 
mounts. Germany, ca. 1530. 

With portrait medallion (1528) of 
Albrecht Durer by Matthes Gebel, 

Nuremburg and Augsburg. H. 9-3/4 in, 


Chest. Painted wood, Spain, Catalan(?)j late 15th century. H. 28-1/4 in. 15.535 



The Flight into Egypt. Engraving. 
Martin Schongauer, German, before 
1440149 L H, 10-3/16 in. 54.260 

The Flight into Egypt. Tapestry, wool, silk, and gold. Belgium, 
Toumai, ca. 1480. H. 43 in- 42.826 

The Story of Perseus and Andromeda, Tapestry, wool and silk. Belgium, 
Tournai, ca. 1480. 14 ft. 8 in. 27.487 

Plate. Inscribed; Maria. Majolica, 

Spain, Valencia, Hispano-Moresque, 
mid-15th century. D, 18-3/8 in. 44,292 


The Annunciation. Tempera on wood. 
Jaime Ferrer II, Spanish, active 
mid-15th century. H. 68 in. 53.660 

Portrait of a Lady. Oak panel. 
Netherlands^), ca. 1480. 

H. 12-9/16 in. 62.259 

Holy Trinity. Poplar panel. 

France, ca. 1470-1480. H. 46-7/8 in. 

Portrait of a Nobleman. Oak panel. 
France, Burgundian, ca. 1490-1500. 
H. 16-3/4 in. 63.503 

Relief Heads of a Man and Woman. Marble. France, Circle of Michel 
Colombe, 2nd decade 16th century. H. 5-1/2 and 5-3/4 in. 21.1003, 21.1004 


Mourner from the Tomb of Duke 
John the Fearless. Vizelle alabaster 
(Grenoble stone). Ca. 1462. Antoine 
le Moiturier, French. H. 16-1/8 in. 

Single Miniature from a Boccaccio, 
Des Cleres et Noble Femmes (now 
Spencer Ms. 33, New York Public 
Library): Queen Medusa Enthroned. 
Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. 
France, close to Maitre Francis, 
ca. 1470. H. 5-1/8 in. 24.1015 

Education of the Virgin. Stone. 

France, Bourbonnais, close to 
Jean de Chartres, early 16th century. 

H. 54 in. 23.51 

Triumph of Eternity. Tapestry, wool and silk. France, Valley of Loire, 
1500-1510. W. 12 ft. 10-1/2 in. 60.176* 


Lady with Three Suitors. 

Triptych Onyx cameo: Italy, 13th century. Gold and translucent enamel: Pen and brown ink and ink wash, 

France, late 15th century, H. 2-1 /4 in, 47,508* France, ca. 1500, H, 9-1/16 in, 56,40 

Youth Tapestry, wool and silk. France, Valley of Loire, Time. Tapestry, wool and silk, France, Valley of Loire. 

1500-1510. W. 15 ft. 2 in. 60,177 1500-1510, W. 14 ft 5 in, 60.178 


Christ Carrying His Cross. Engraving. Martin Schongauer. German, 
before 1440-1491. W. 17-1/8 in. 41.389* 

St Lawrence and St Stephen. Lindenwood, 1502-1510. 

Tilmann Riemenschneider, German. H, 37-1/4 and 36-1/2 in, 59.42, 59,43* 

Pie to. Painted lindenwood. Ca. 1515. 
Master of Rabenden, German, Bavaria, 
H. 35-1/16 in. 38.294 


Playing Card with King and Helmet 
Engraving, Master E.S., German, 
active ca, 1450-1470. H, 3-3/4 in, 

St. John the Baptist Surrounded by 
the Evangelists and Four Fathers of 
the Latin Church Dated 1466. 
Engraving, state I/IL Master E,S, f 
German. D. 7-1/4 in, 50,585* 

St Jerome, Dotted print colored by 
hand, state II/III. Germany, 
ca. 1470-1475. H. 14in. 52.13 

St Jerome and the Lion , Alabaster, 
Ca, 1510, Tilmann Riemenschneider, 
German, H. 14-7/8 in. 46,82* 


Head of a Man, an Angel, and Two 
Small Profile Heads. Silverpoint 
heightened with white, on rose 
prepared paper. Italy, circle of 
Benozzo Gozzoli, 1420-1497. 

H. 7-5/8 in. 37.24* 

Oak-leaf Jar. Majolica. Italy, 
Florence, 2nd quarter 15th century. 
H. 8 in. 43.54 



Madonna and Child. 

Glazed terra cotta. Ca. 1460-1470. 
Luca della Robbia, Italian. 

H. 16-1/8 in. 42.782 

Portrait of a Man. Oil on walnut. 
Colantonio del Fiore(?), Italian, 
active in Naples, ca. 1430/40- 
1460/70. H. 23-5/8 in. 16.811 

The Funeral of St. Stephen. Pen and 
bistre ink. Fra Filippo Lippi, 

Italian, 1406-1469. H. 9-7/8 in. 

Madonna and Child with Angels. 
Tempera on poplar. Italy, Florence, 
School of Fra Filippo Lippi, 
ca. 1460-1470. H. 38-1/2 in. 16.802 


Fragment: Putto Head , Marble. Close 

to Desiderio da Settignano, Italian, Battle of Naked Men ♦ Engraving, state I. Antonio Pollaiuolo, 

Florence, 14204464. H. 74/4 in. Italian, 1431/324498. W, 24-1/16 in. 67.127 


Head of a Boy. Marble. Italy, 

St Michael and St. A n thony A hbot Tempera on poplar. 1457-1458. Florence , ca. 1460. H. 9*9/16 in. 

Fra Filippo Lippi, Italian, Florence. H. 32 in, 64450, 64J51* 31-454 


Book Cover: Silver and niello. 

Italy, Florence, ca. 1467-1469. 

R 16-3/8 in, 52.109* 

Madonna and Childl 
Tempera on poplar, Italy, Florence, 
School of Alesso Baldovenetti, 
ca. 1465, H. 384/8 in, 16.789 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk, linen, 
and gold. Italy (Lucca?), 15th 
century. Over-all: W. 18-1/4 in. 
Detail : H.9 in. 31.61 

Madonna and Childl Silverpoint on 
rose prepared paper. Lorenzo di 
Credi, Italian, 1459/601537. 

R 5-11/16 in. 63.472 

Life of the Virgin and of Christ: 

The Agony in the Garden. Engraving. 

state I/III. Italy, Florence, 

ca. 1470-1490* R 8-3/4 in* 49.540 

Madonna and Childl Terra cotta. 
Ca, 1478. Antonio Rosseliino, 
Italian. H. 48 in. 42.780 


Page from a Prayer Boot 

Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. Christ Child. Marble. 

Attavante degli Attavanti, Italian, Baccio da Montelupo, Italian, 

Florence, 1452-1517. H. 6 in. 53.280 ca. 1469-1533. H. 17-1/4 in. 42.799 

The Last Supper Engraving. Lucantonio degli Uberti, 

Italian, 1495-1520. W. 42 in. 40.473-a 

Bust of Christ . Painted terra cotta. 
Italy, Florence, late 15th century. 
H. 22 in. 21.956 


St Jerome in Penitence. 
W, 8-1/2 in, 49,33 

St. John. Terra cotta. Master of 
the Statuettes of St, John. Italian, 
late 15th century. H. 28-3/8 in, 


Paneling from a Sacristy Bench. Walnut, inlaid with holly and ebony. 
Italy, Florence, late 15th century. L. 68-1/4 in. 15.526 

Engraving. Italy, Florence, ca. 1480-1500. 

Single Leaf: Adoration of the 
Shepherds. Tempera and gold leaf 
on vellum. Italy, Siena, style 
nearest to Guidoccio Cozzarelli or 
Matteo Giovanni, ca. 1470. 

II. 224/2 in. 52.282 


The Crucifixion. Tempera on poplar, 
Matteo di Giovanni di Bartolo, 
Italian, Siena, 1430(?)-1495* 

H. 13-9/16 in. 40.535 

Leaf from a Gradual with Initial M r 
Tempera and gold leaf on vellum. 
Attributed to Cosimo Tura. Italian, 
Ferrarese School, 1432-1495. 

H* 30-1/4 in. 27.425 

Single Miniature: Christ on the 
Mount of Olives, Tempera on vellum* 
1490-1500. Attributed to Timoteo Viti, 
Italian, Umbria. H* 10-5/8 in* 27.161 

St. Sebastian. Brush and brown ink 
over silverpomt on pink prepared 
paper* Pietro Perugino, Italian, 
1445/50-1523* H. 10-1/16 in* 58.411* 

The Lamentation. Tapestry, wool, silk, gold, and silver. Italy, Ferrara, 
after design by Cosimo Tura, ca* 1475* W, 77-1/2 in. 50,145 

L-'lf ivfm Hi d.\■■ MufL.' irugiu ( du .\\ v 
" lnfc£ ttwruifimr- dEVi5i r i \\tht . vh 

*. 1 ft IEIC ,1 f'lbv fvillOillfl T LUTDC 111 IJPinift. I 

Uison. i* en-um did d. 

c If milnbnt foiioi ' x cc idticnutr 
m<unlu*i a vvs,i #lnfrltr .iimitate;itrti 
fmi Ionian muf tinitunm. nftibi .mretn 
minis. n qn tofhfiKt top p:niA i 
H't .v ismtielvnouii a m o if in om'c; 

nintn T \ i 2X» £)in fenm.wni 

nriiMii mie Ixnioun 


Drug Bottle. Majolica, Italy, 

Faenza, ca. 1480, H, 15-1/4 in. 


Madonna and Child with St. Anthony 
Abbot , St. Sebastian, St. Mark , and 
St. Severino. Tempera on poplar, 
Lorenzo cf Alessandro da San Severino, 
Italian, active 1468-1503, 

H. 56-1/2 in. 16.800 

Holy Family with a Shepherd , 

Oil on canvas. Dosso Dossi. Italian, 
Ferrara, 1479(7)-1542, H. 15-1/8 in, 

Choral Book: Angel Tempera and gold 
leaf on vellum. Antonio Liberate da 
Verona, Italian, 1445-ca. 1526. 

Detail: H. 7-1/4 in, 30,661 

Adoration of the Christ Child, 
Marble with some gilding, Italy, 
Lombardy, late 15th century. 
H. 24 in. 28.863 


Jar with Portrait Majolica. Italy, 
Caffaggiolo, ca. 1475-1480. H. 12 in. 

The Adoration of the Magi , the 
Virgin in the Grotto. Engraving, 
Italy, Mantegna School, after 1463, 
H. 15-1/4 in* 54,66 

Single Miniature: The Nativity. 
Tempera and gold on vellum, 
Girolamo dai Libri, Italian, Verona, 
1474-1555, H, 6-7/16 in, 53,281 

Virgin and Child. Marble. 
Bartolommeo Bell an o, Italian, 
Padua, 1435-1496/97. H, 21-1/2 in. 

Plate , Majolica. Italy, Faenza, 
late 15th century. D. 14 in, 23,915 

Mother and Child with Two Dogs , 
Engraving. Italy, late 15th century. 
W, 5-7/8 in, 37.566 


Adoration of the Magi. Bronze. C a. 1500. Andrea Briosco (called Riccio), 
Italian, Padua, H. 9-1/4 in* 54*601 

Farm on the Slope of a Hill Pen and brown ink* Fra Bartolommeo, 
Italian, 1472-1517. W. 11-9/16 in* 57.498* 

Pie to. Tempera on vellum* 

Attributed to Andrea Mantegna, 
Italian, Padua, 1431-1506. 

H* 5-17/32 in. 51.394 

Hercules and Antaeus. Engraving, 
Italy, Mantegna School, 15th century. 
H. 9-5/16 in. 64*32 


St Christopher. Pen and brown ink 
with blue and green washes, touches 
of white. Andrea Mantegna, Italian, 
1431-1506. H. 11-5/16 in. 56.39* 

Base for Satyr and Satyress Group. 
Bronze. Andrea Briosco (called 
Riccio), Italian, Padua, ca. 1470/75- 
1532. H. 12-7/8 in. 50.375 

Pomona. Bronze. Andrea Briosco 
(called Riccio), Italian, Padua, 
ca. 1470/75-1532. H, 6-1/8 in. 48.486 

Satyress. Bronze, 1510-1530. 
Andrea Briosco (called Riccio), 
Italian, Padua, H. 6-1/2 in. 47.29* 

Battle in a Wood. Engraving. Master of the Year 1515, Italian. 
W. 12-3/8 in. 49.34 


St Nicholas of Bari. Tempera on 
poplar. Carlo Giovanni Crivelli, 
Italian, Venice, ca. 1430/3 5-ca. 1495. 
H. 38-5/8 in. 52.111 

Portrait of a Youth . Oil on tempered 
pressed wood. Bartolommeo Veneto, 
Italian, Lombard-Venetian, active 
1502-after 1530. H. 16-1/2 in. 40.539 

The Virgin and Child with St. Anthony Abbot, St. Lucy(?). and Two Donors. 
Oil on tempered pressed wood. Cima da Conegliano. Italian, Venice, 
1459/60-1517/18. W. 31-7/16 in. 42.636 

Marriage Beaker. Enameled milk glass, 
Italy, late 15th century, H. 4 in. 


Tarocchi Cards (E Series): Music , 
Engraving, touched with gold. Italy, 
Ferrara, not later than 1467. 

H. of print 7-1/16 in. 24.457 


Pedlar Goblet. Enameled emerald 
green and blue glass. Italy, 
ca. 1475. H. 8-7/16 in. 53.364 

Albarello. Majolica. Italy, Faenza, 
early 16th century. H. 11-3/4 in. 

Bust of a Woman. Engraving. 

Jacopo de’ Barbari, Italian, ca. 1450- 
before 1516. H. 13-5/16 in. 32.38 

Plate: The Prodigal Son, after Durer. 
Dated 1528. Majolica. Maestro Giorgio, 
Italian, Faenza(?). D. 8-5/16 in. 


Ewer. Painted enamel. Italy. 

Venice, ca. 1500. H. 7-3/8 in. 23.720 


Bird's-eye View of Venice (detail). Dated 
Jacopo de’ Barbari, Italian. W. 39-1/2 in. 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk and gold. 
Italy, Venice, late 15th century. 
Detail: W. 59 in. 31.63 

1500. Woodcut, state I/III. 


Plate: The Three Graces. Majolica. 
1525. Maestro Giorgio (Giorgio 
Andreoli da Gubbio), Italian, 
Gubbio.D. 17-5/8 in. 45.2* 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk. Italy, 
Venice, 15th century. H. 17-1/2 in. 

Man with an Arrow. Engraving, 
state II/II. Benedetto Montagna, 
Italian, ca. 1470-after 1540. 

H. 8-5/16 in. 43.65 


Venus Prudential?}. Gilt bronze. 
Tullio Lombardi, Italian, Venice, 
ca. 14554532. H. 743/16 in. 48.171 

The Assumption of the Virgin. 
Engraving, state I/II. Italy, 

Florence, ca. 1490. H. 32-9/16 in. 

Madonna and Child. From the 
Ciborium of Cardinal d’Estouteville 
in S. Maria Maggiore, Rome. Marble 
relief. Ca. 1460. Mino del Reame 
or del Regno, Italian, Rome. 

H. 36-7/8 in. 28.747* 

Plate. Majolica. Italy, Deruta, 
early 16th century. D. 164/4 in, 

The Holy Family with St. Margaret 
and St Johni Oil and tempera on 
poplar. Filippino Lippi, Italian, 
Florence, ca. 1457-1504. 

D, 61-1/4 in. 32.227* 

Figure of Plenty. Glazed terra cotta. 
1520-1530, Giovanni della Robbia 
(or his atelier), Italian, Florence. 

H, 43-3/8 in. 40.343 


Study for the Nude Youth over the 
Prophet Daniel in the Sistine 
Chapel Ceiling Fresco. Red chalk. 
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Italian, 
1475-1564. H. 13-3/16 in. 40.465 

Standing Figure of a Man. Bronze 
Italy, Florence, mid-16th century. 
H. 12-1/4 in. 47.509 

Plate: Sacrifice. Dated 1526. 

Sacrifice of Isaac. On poplar. Signed: M. G. da Agubio. Majolica. 

Ca. 1527-1529. Andrea del Sarto, Maestro Giorgio, Italian, Castel 

Italian, Florence. H. 69 in. 37.577* Durante(?). D. 10-5/8 in. 50.156 

Circular Table. Walnut. Italy, Florence, late 16th century. 

H. 31-1/2 in. 39.183 


Tazza with Putti Frieze. Enameled 
blue glass, Italy, Venice, ca, 1490* 
H* 7-3/16 in. 60.38* 

The Fate of the Evil Tongue. 

Engraving* Nicoletto Rosex 
(da Modena), Italian, active ca. 
1490-after 1511. H. 11-11/16 in* 47*11 

Running Woman (A talanta?). Bronze. 
Maffeo Olivieri, Italian, Brescia, 
1484-1543/44* H. 7-1/8 in* 63.92 

Venus * Bronze. Ca, 1560. 

Danese Cattaneo, Italian, active in 
Venice and the Veneto, 1509-1573, 
H* 12-7/8 in* 50,578 

Venus Reclining in a Landscape. Engraving, state I/II. Giulio Campagnola* 
Italian, ca, 1482-after 1515. W. 7-1/8 in. 31.205* 


Adoration of the Magi Oil on canvas. Ca. 1560. Titian, Italian, Venice. 

W. 89-7/8 in. 57.150 

Baptism of Christ. Oil on canvas. After 1580. Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti), 
Italian, Venice. W. 99 in. 50.400* 

Madonna and Child. 

Signed: Iacobus Sansov. Bronze. 
Jacopo Tatti (called Sansovino), 
Italian, Florence 1486-Venice 1570. 
H. 18-3/4 in. 51.316 

St. John the Baptist. Bronze. 

Jacopo Tatti (called Sansovino), 
Italian, Florence 1486-Venice 1570. 
H. 19-1/2 in. 52.276 


Albarello: Andromeda Saved by 
Perseus. Majolica. Italy, Venice, 
Workshop of Domenigo da Venezia, 
early 16th century. H. 11-3/8 in. 

St Margaret Marble, 1520-1530, 
Antonello Gagini, Italian, Sicilian 
School. H. 55 in. 42.564 

The Assumption of the Virgin . 

Dated 1517. Engraving, state I/II. 
Domenico Campagnola, Italian. 

H. 11-1/2 in, 54.741 

Virgin and Child Enthroned. 

Verre eglomise. Italy * 16 th century. 
Frame: Silver and enamel. Germany, 
Augsburg, ca. 1600. H. 7-3/8 in, 

Pendant: Madonna and Child with 
Saints. Enameled gold with pearls 
and emeralds. Italy, late 16th 
century. H. 2-7/8 in. 59,337 


The Dead Christ with Joseph of Arimathea. Oil on poplar. Ca. 1525. 
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo, Italian, Brescia. W. 75-1/2 in. 52.512 

Portrait of a Gentleman and His Wife. Oil on canvas. School of 
Antonio Moro (Anthonis Mor Van Dashorst), North Netherlandish, 
Utrecht, ca. 1517/1521-1576/77. W. 55-1/2 in. 16.793 

Portrait of Vincenzo Guarignoni. 

Dated 1572. Oil on canvas. 

Giovanni Battista Moroni. Italian, 
Brescia. H. 24-3/4 in. 62.1 

Credenza. Walnut. Italy, Brescia, 
mid-16th century. H. 50-1/4 in. 39.188 


Portrait of a Nobleman. 

Oil on canvas. 1525. Lorenzo Lotto, 
Italian, Venice. H. 43 in. 50.250 

Portrait of Agostino Barbarigo. 

Oil on canvas. Ca. 1570. 

Paolo Veronese, Italian, Venice. 

W. 45-3/4 in. 28.16 

Head of St. John the Baptist. Oil 
on canvas. Lorenzo Lotto, Italian, 

Venice, 1480-1556. W. 28-5/8 in. 


Cassone Frontal. Walnut. Italy, 16th century. L. 68 in. 15.528 


Lazarus and the Rich Man. Oil on canvas. Ca. 1550. Jacopo Bassano, 
Italian. W. 87 in. 39.68* 

The Entombment. Oil on canvas. 
Ca. 1580. Leandro Bassano, Italian, 
Venice. H. 48-3/4 in. 16.806 

Annunciation. Oil on canvas. 
Paolo Veronese, Italian, Venice, 
1528-1588. H. 59 in. 50.251 

Espalier Plates. Steel. Attributed 
to Negroli, Italian, Milan, 16th 
century. H. 5-1/2 in. 16.1517, 16.1518 

Annunciation. Pen and brown ink 
and gray wash. Luca Cambiaso, Italian, 
1527-1585. H. 11-5/8 in. 59.200 


Apollo on Parnassus. Surrounded by Muses and Poets. Engraving, before 
state I/IL Marcantonio Raimondi, Italian, ca. 1480-ca. 1530. 

W, 18-1/2 in. 63.231 

Cassone. Walnut. Italy, Venice, mid-16th century. H, 27 in. 42.607 

Plaque: Feast of the Gods. Bronze. 
Alessandro Vittoria, Italian, 

Trent 1525-Venice 1608. H. 13-1/2 in. 

Plate . Majolica. Italy, Urbino, 

Atelier of the Fontana Family, 
ca. 1560. D, 18 in. 42.622 


1 1 ' L « ' 


Study for A eneas’ Flight from Troy. Pen and brown ink, black chalk, brown 
and light-yellow wash on gray-green paper. Federico Barocci, Italian, 
1535(?>1612, W, 16-13/16 in. 60,26* 

Mars. Bronze. Giovanni Bologna, 
Italian, Douai 1529-Flore nee 
1608. H. 15-3/8 in. 64.421* 

Medici Plate. Soft paste porcelain. 
Italy, Florence, ca. 1580. D* 11 in* 

Dressoir. Walnut. France, Burgundy, 
mid- 16th century. H. 59 in. 42.606 

The Apocalypse: St. John Sees the 
Four Riders. Engraving* Jean Duvet, 
French, 1485-after 1556. 

H. of page 14-3/8 in. 53.222 


Chest. Oak. France, Normandy, 2nd half 16th century. H. 38 in. 42.604 

Ewer with Relief Scenes of 
Allegorical Subjects. Gilt silver. 

Ca. 1580. Attributed to Francis Hat Jewel: The Rape of Helen. 

Briot, French, Strasbourg. Enamel on gold. France, mid-16th 

H. 9-7/8 in. 40.16 century. D. 2 in. 49.377* 

Hat Jewel: Adoration of the Kings. 
Enamel on gold. France, ca. 1540. 
D. 1-7/8 in. 38.428* 


Portrait of a Princess. Oil on oak. 

Corneille de Lyon, French, 

ca. 1520-1574(?). H. 6-1/2 in. 42.48 

Mirror Back. Enamel “en resille.” 
France, 2nd half 16th century. 

H. 3-1/2 in. 26.246 

Two Allegorical Figures. Painted wood. France, Circle of Francesco 
Primaticcio, ca. 1560. H. 24-1/2 and 24-1/8 in. 59.345, 59.346 

St. Porchaire Ewer. Faience. France, 
16th century. H. 14 in. 53.363 


Ewer Stand. Dated 1557* Enamel on 
copper. Pierre Reymond, French, 
Limoges. D. 19-1/8 in, 40*139 

Seated Woman and Two Children 
(Charity?). Alabaster. Attributed to 
Germain Pilon, French, ca. 1535-1590. 
H. 11-3/4 in. 51.541 

Inlaid Table. Walnut. France, Burgundian School, 2nd half 16th century. 
H. 34-3/4 in. 42.601 

St Porchaire Pedestal Dish. Faience. 
France, 16th century. H. 5-5/8 in. 


Samson and Delilah, Woodcut. 

Lucas van Leyden, Dutch, 1494-1533* 
H. 16-1/4 in. 35.117 

Adoration of the Shepherds. 
Engraving. Frans Crabbe, Flemish, 
ca. 1480-1553. H. 9-5/S in. 66.121 

Return of the Prodigal Son. 
Engraving. Lucas van Leyden, Dutch, 
1494-1533. W. 9-5/8 in* 27*361 

Landscape with St. John the Baptist 
Preaching. Oil on oak, Herri met 
de Bles, Netherlandish, 1480-1550. 
W. 16-1/2 in. 67*20 

Landscape with Venus and Adonis. Oil on copper. Gillis van Coninxloo, 
Flemish, 1544-1606/07. W. 21-1/16 in. 62.293 


Two Peasants in Half Figure, Pen 
and light brown ink over black chalk. 
Pieter Bruegel 1, Flemish, 

1525-1569. W t 7-3/8 in. 45J14 

The Apocalypse: The Riders on the 
Four Horses. Woodcut. Albrecht Diirer, 
German, 1471-1528, H. 15-1/2 in. 


Portrait of an Elizabethan Gallant. 
Dated 1576. On vellum. Nicholas 
Hilliard, English. D. 1-15/16 in. 

Sir Anthony Mildmay. Water color on 
vellum. Nicholas Hilliard, English, 
1547(7)4619. H. 9-1/4 in. 26.554* 

The Dead Christ. Dated 1505. Charcoal. Albrecht Durer, German, W. 9-1/4 in 


The Arm of Eve. Dated 1507. 
Brush drawing in brown and white 
ink on blue paper. Albrecht Diirer, 
German. H. 13-3/16 in. 65.470* 

Adam and Eve. Bronze. Germany, 
Nuremberg, Circle of Peter Vischer 
the Younger, ca. 1520. H. 5-5/8 in. 

Adam and Eve. Dated 1515. Bronze. 

Ludwig Krug, German, Nuremberg. 

H. 5 in. 48.359 

Adam and Eve. Boxwood. Attributed to Conrad Meit, South German, 
1470/80-ca. 1550. H. 8-3/4 in. 46.429,46.491* 


The Virgin with a Monkey. 
Engraving. Albrecht Diirer, German, 
1471-1528. H. 7-1/2 in. 64.29 

Plaque: Christ in the Garden of 
Gethsemane. Kelheim stone. 
Attributed to Adolph Daucher, 
German, Augsburg, d. ca. 1523. 

H. 5-13/16 in. 47.182 

Adoration of the Shepherds. 

Oil on wood. 1st half 16th century. 
Master of the Ansbach Kelterbild 
(perhaps Hans Springinklee), German. 
H. 22-7/8 in. 16.807 

The Ascension. Pen and brown ink. 
Albrecht Diirer, German, 1471-1528. 
H. 12-1/4 in. 52.530 

The Life of the Virgin: Title Page, 
The Virgin on the Crescent Moon. 
Woodcut, proof before text. 

Albrecht Diirer, German, 1471-1528. 
H. 9-1/2 in. 59.99 


The Stag Bunt Dated 1540. Oil on wood. Lucas Cranach the Elder with 
assistance of Lucas Cranach the Younger, German. W. 67 in * 58.425 

Christ on the Mount of Olives. 
Dated 1515. Etching on iron. 
Albrecht Diirer, German. 

H. 8-11/16 in. 43.389 

Medal: The Trinity. Dated 1544 1 
Silver, Hans Reinhart the Elder, 
German, D. 4 in. 56.337 

The Organ Player and His Wife ♦ 
Engraving, state I/III. Israhel van 
Meckenem, German, before 1450-1503. 
H. 6-9/16 in. 60.73 

Sitting Dog Scratching Himself 
Bronze. Germany, Nuremberg, 2nd 
quarter 16th century. II. 2-1/4 in. 


Model for Equestrian Monument of Emperor Maximilian. Bronze. 

Gregor Erhart, German, ca, 14704540/41. H. 6 in. 52,108 

Equestrian Portrait of the 
Emperor Maximilian. Dated 1508, 

Woodcut printed from two outline 

blocks on blue hand-tinted paper, Armet, Helmet in Maximilian Style : 

Hans Burgkmair, German. H. 12-3/4 in. Steel. Germany, early 16th century. 
50,72* H. 12 in, 16.1855 

The Bewitched Groom, Woodcut, 1544. 
Hans Baldung (called Grien), German, 

H. 13-3/8 in. 66,172 


Mass of St. Gregory. Oil on wood. Hans Baldung (called Grien), 

German, ca. 1480-1545. W. 49-3/16 in. 52.112* 

Pvramus and Thisbe. Chiaroscuro 

wo o dcu t, Ha n s Wechtl i n„ Ge rman, Der Weisskun ig: The Banished Du ke 

1480/85-after 1526. H. 10-15/16 in. of Otnop . Woodcut. Hans Burgkmair, 

50.396 German, 1473-1531. H. 9-3/4 in. 60.28 

Crucifix. lindenwood. Ca. 1525-1530. 
Hans Leinberger, German, Bavaria. 

H. of figure 45-5/8 in. 38.293 

Portrait Medallion. Box wood. 
Attributed to Friedrich Hagenauer. 
South German, active 1527-1546. 

D. 2-7/8 in. 27.421 


Portrait Plaque of Georg Knauer, 

Pear wood. Peter Dell, South German, 
150M545(?).H. 5-1/2 In. 27.427* 

Pendant with Pelican, Enameled gold 
with rubies, Germany, ca, 1600, 

H, 2-7/8 in, 59,336 

Portrait of Maria von Kitscher, 

Frau Pancraz von Frey berg zu A schau. 
Dated 1545, Oil on lindenwood, 

Hans Mielich, German, H. 25-1/4 in, 

Model for Medal: Pope A lexander V. 
Kelheim stone. Tobias Wolff, German, 
Breslau, d. ca. 1570. D, 1-5/8 in. 


Sir Thomas More. Oil on wood. 

Hans Holbein the Younger, German, 
1497/98-1543/44, D. 2-9/16 in, 57.356 

Model for Medal Son of Martin III 
Geuder. Kelheim stone. Matthes Gebel, 
German, Nuremberg, ca. 1500-1574. 

D, 1-7/16 in. 56.25 


Salome with the Head of St, John the 
Baptist. Pen and brush with black and 
white ink on brown-tinted paper. 
Albrecht Altdorfer* German, 
ca. 1480-1538. H. 7-9/16 in. 48.440* 

The Fall and Redemption of Man: 
Four Scenes from the Passion of 
Christ Four woodcuts printed on 
one page. Albrecht Altdorfer, German* 
ca. 1480-1538. H, of page 8-7/S in. 

View of a Castle , Dated 1513. Pen and bistre ink. Wolfgang Huber, 
Austrian. W. 8-3/8 in. 51.277 

The Visitation, Oil on wood. Ca, 1520 
Bavarian or Austrian Master of the 
Danube School (perhaps Master “I”). 
H. 40 in, 50.91 

Standing Cup with Cover Gilt silver. 
Germany* Nuremberg, 2nd half 16th 
century, H, 19-1/2 in, 62.286 


River Landscape with Five Bare Spruce Trees in the Foreground 
Dated 1549. Etching. Augustin Hirschvogel, German. W. 6-13/16 in. 


Scales « Gilt bronze. Germany, 

Nurembe rg, Jamnitze r Wor kshop, Faience Owl Date d 1540. 

ca. 1565-1570. H. 14 3/4 in. 50.382* South Germany, H* 10-3/16 in. 50370 

Mortar Bronze. Germany, Nuremberg, 
1st half 16th century. Plaquettes by 
Peter Flotner. H. 47/8 in. 51.444 

Sextus Tarquinius Threatening 
Lucrece , Bronze. Hubert Gerhard, 
German, ca. 1540/504620. 

H. 20-3/4 in. 62.245* 


Allegory of Christian Belief 
Dated 162(2?). Pen and bistre ink 
and bistre wash. Johann Liss, German, 
Venetian School. H. 6 in. 53.6 

Minerva. Oil on canvas. 

Bernardo Strozzi, Italian, Genoese- 
Venetian, 1581-1644. H. 58 in. 29.133 

St. Sebastian. Bronze. 17th century. 
Follower of Pietro Tacca, perhaps 
Georg Petek Italian. H. 21 in. 


Pietk Oil on canvas. Bernardo Strozzi, 
15814644. W. 524/4 in. 53.27 

Madonna and Child with 
Sl Joseph and a Music-making A ngel 
Tondo. Oil on canvas. 1624. 
Guercino (Francesco Barbieri), 
Italian, 15914666. D. 27-3/4 in. 

Italian, Genoese-Venetian> 


Study for Minerva. Black and red 
chalk. Bernardo Strozzi, Italian, 
Genoese-Venetian, 1581-1644. 

H. 14-5/8 in. 53.626 

Pope Innocent X. Bronze. 
Alessandro Algardi and Assistants, 
Italian, Rome, 1595-1654. 

H. 30-3/4 in. 57.496 

Venus and Cupid. Pen and bistre ink 
and bistre wash with red chalk 
indications. Giovanni Francesco 
Barbieri (called Guercino), Italian, 
1591-1666. W> 15-1/2 in. 25.1188* 

St Jerome. Oil on canvas. 

Giovanni Battista Langetti, Italian, 
Genoese-Venetian, 1625-1676. 

H. 78-13/16 in. 51.334 

The Feast of Terminus. Drawing in 
red-brown oil. Giovanni Benedetto 
Castiglione, Italian, 1616-1670. 

W. 22-1/8 in. 64.31 

Baptism of Christ. Bronze. 

Italy, 17th century. H. 24-3/4 in. 


The Blessed A lessandro Sauli 
Terra cotta. Pierre Puget, French, 
active in Italy, 1620-1694. 

H. 27-7/16 in. 64.36 s14 

The Apparition of the Virgin to St. 
Francis of Assisi Oil on canvas. 

Ca. 1680-1683. Luca Giordano, 
Italian, Naples. H. 94-1/2 in. 

St. Catherine of Siena Receiving the Crown of Thorns and a Rosary? from the 
Christ Child. Oil on canvas. Ca. 1643. Giovanni Battista Salvi 
(called Sassoferrato), Italian, 1609-1685. W. 33 in. 66.332. 

Endymion, Marble. 

Agostino Cornacchilli, Italian, 
1685-1740. H. 25-1/2 in. 42.51 

Adoration of the Shepherds. 

Oil on canvas. Carlo Bold, Italian, 
1616-1681. H. 34-1/2 in. 68.22 


Italian Landscape. Pen and brush and 
brown ink. Nicolas Poussin, French, 
1594-1665. W. 8-1/16 in* 58,421 

Samson and Delilah. Oil on canvas. 

Ca. 1617/1618. Gerard van Honthorst, 
Dutch. H. 50-7/8 in. 68.23 

The Martyrdom of St Lucy. 

Etching, state II/II. Jacques Bellange, 
French, 1594-1638. H. 18-7/16 in. 

The Repentant St Peter. Dated 1645. 
Oil on canvas. Georges de La Tour, 
French. H. 45-1/8 in. 51.454* 

Adoration of the Shepherds. Oil on canvas. Ca. 1650. Bernardo Cavallino, 
Italian, 1616-1656. W. 58-1/2 in, 68.100 


Roman Campagna near Tivoli Dated 163(?). Oil on canvas. Claude Gdl6e 
(called Claude Lorrain), French, 16004682. W. 54 in. 46.73 

Landscape with Cattle . Pen and brown ink and ink wash. Claude Gellee 
(called Claude Lorrain), French, 16004682. W. 154/2 in. 28.15* 

Landscape with Rest on the Flight 
into Egypt. Oil on canvas. Claude 
Gellee (called Claude Lorrain), 
French, 16004682. H. 80-3/4 in. 
62.151 * 

Charles II, King of England. 

Dated 1653. Oil on canvas. 
Philippe de Champ aigne, French. 
H. 494/2 in. 59.38* 

™r * 


Dance of the Boys and Girls. Oil on canvas. Mathieu Le Nain, French, 
ca. 1607-1677, W. 47-1 /2 in, 57.489 

Diana and Her Nymphs Departing 
for the Chase . Oil on canvas, 

Ca. 1615. Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish. 
H. 85 in. 59.190* 

Portrait of Isabella Brant. 

Oil on wood. Ca. 1620-1622. 
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish. 
H. 22-1/2 in. 47.207* 

Vase. Soft paste porcelain. France, 
Rouen, Poterat Factory!/?), 
ca. 1680. H. 8-1/8 in. 47,63 

The Feast of Herod. Pen and bistre 
ink with charcoal and red chalk. 
Ca. 1630-40. Peter Paul Rubens, 
Flemish. W. 18-5/8 in. 54,2* 


A Genoese Lady with Her Child, 

Oil on canvas, Ca. 1621-1627, 

Sir Anthony van Dyck, Flemish. 

H, 85-3/4 in, 54.392 

The Conversion of St. Paul with 
Horseman and Banner. Ink, black 
and red chalk, and water color. 

Ca, 1645, Jacob Jordaens, Flemish. 
H, 12-15/16 in, 54,366* 

Portrait of Frans Snyders. Etching, 
state I/IV. Sir Anthony van Dyck, 
Flemish, 1599-1641, H. 10-1/8 In. 
(page), 42,741 

The Lamentation , Black chalk and ink 
heightened with white. Sir Anthony 
van Dyck, Flemish, 1599-1641, 

W, 18-5/8 in, 66,i74 

Boar Hunt Brush with black and gray ink heightened with white. Jan Fyt, 
Flemish, 1611-166 L W. 20-11 /16 in, 60.157 


Game of Backgammon. Oil on canvas. David Teniers the Younger, Landscape with a Sleeping Shepherdess. 

Flemish, 1610-1690. W. 32-1/4 in. 43.377 Dated 1663. Oil on wood. 

Adriaen van de Velde, Dutch. 

Peasants Drinking and Smoking. W. 18-15/16 in. 66.12 

Oil on oak. David Teniers the 

Younger, Flemish, 1610-1690. Hollow Tree. Pen and ink and water color. Roeland Savery, 

H. 14-5/8 in. 16.1046. Dutch, 1576-1639. W. 18-5/8 in. 58.315 



Hilly Landscape with Hut Beside a 
Stream. Dated 1627. Black chalk 
and tan and gray wash. Esaias van 
de Velde, Dutch. W. 11-1/2 in. 66.7 

Landscape with a Cottage and 
Figures. Dated 1653. Pencil and 
gray wash. Jan van Goyen, Dutch. 
W. 10-7/8 in. 29.548 

The Three Trees. Etching and 

dry point. 1643. Rembrandt Harmensz 

van Rijn, Dutch. W. 11-1/8 in. 66.334 

Dune Landscape with Figures. 

Oil on panel. Philips Wouverman, 
Dutch, 1619-1668. W. 16-1/4 in. 

View of Orleans on the Loire. Pen 
and brown ink, brown and gray wash. 
Lambert Doomer, Dutch, 1622/23-1700 
W. 16-3/16 in. 66.4 

A View of Emmerich Across the Rhine. 
Dated 1645. Oil on oak. Jan van 
Goyen, Dutch. W. 37-1/2 in. 59.351* 



Portrait of a Lady in a Ruff 
Dated 1638. Oil on canvas. 

Frans Hals, Dutch. H. 27-7/16 in. 


Christ Taken Before Caiaphas. Pen, reed pen, and brush 
with bistre ink and touches of white. Ca. 1641-1642. 
Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Dutch. W. 9-3/16 in. 60.187 

Portrait of a Lady. Dated 1635. 
Oil on oak. Rembrandt Harmensz 
van Rijn, Dutch. H, 30-1/2 in. 

Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe). Etching. Rembrandt 
Harmensz van Rijn, Dutch; 1606-1669. W. 8-3/16 in. 58.306 

Portrait of a Youth. Dated 1632. 
Oil on oak. Rembrandt Harmensz 
van Rijn, Dutch. H. 22-3/4 in. 


Portrait of a Young Student 

Oil on canvas. Rembrandt Harmensz 

van Rijn, Dutch, 16064 669. 

H. 33-1 1A in* 50.252 

Old Man Praying , Dated 166(1?). 

Oil on canvas. Rembrandt Harmensz 
van Rijn, Dutch. H, 344/2 in, 67.16 

The Meeting of Christ with Martha 
and Mary After the Death of Lazarus. 
Reed pen and bistre with touches of 
white. Ca. 16624665, Rembrandt 
Harmensz van Rijn. Dutch. W. 8-3/8 in. 

Still Life , Dated 1663. Oil on 
canvas. Willem Kalf, Dutch. 

H, 23-3/4 in, 62,292* 

The Three Crosses. Dated 1653. Etching and drypoint, 
state IV/V. Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Dutch, 

W. 17-3/8 in. 59.241 


Mountainous Landscape. Pencil and ink. Nicolas Berchem, 
Dutch, 1620-1683, W. 20-1/2 in. 58.410 

Landscape with a Windmill Dated 1646. Oil on wood. 
Jacob van Ruisdael, Dutch, W, 27 in, 67.19 

A Wooded and Hilly Landscape. Ca. 1663-1665. Oil on canvas. 
Jacob van Ruisdael, Dutch. W, 23-3/8 in. 63.575* 

Esther, Ahastterus, and Human. Oil on canvas. Jan Steen, 
Dutch, 1626-1679. W. 36-9/16 in. 64.153* 


Portrait of a Standing Lady. 

Oil on canvas. Gerard Terborch, 

Dutch. 1617-1681. H. 24-15/16 in. 


The Music Party. Oil on canvas. Pieter de Hooch, 
Dutch, 1629-after 1684. W. 46-7/8 in. 51.355 

View of the Heerengracht , Amsterdam. Ca. 1660-1662. 
Oil on canvas. Jan Wijnants, Dutch. W. 32-1/4 in. 64.419 

A Wooded Landscape with Figures. Oil on canvas. 
Meindert Hobbema, Dutch, 1638-1709. W. 44 in. 42.641 


Travelers in a Hilly Landscape with a River. Ca. 1650-1655. Oil on oak. 

Aelbert Cuyp, Dutch. W, 29-7/16 in, 42,637 

Portrait of a Man. Oil on canvas* Thomas Hobbes. On vellum. Ca* 1660. 

England, 17th century. H* 48-1/2 in* Samuel Cooper, English. H, 2-5/8 in. 

46*161 49*548 

Portrait of a Lady of the Earle 
Family. Oil on canvas. Sir Peter Lely , 
English, 1618-1680* H* 49-7/8 in* 


Mirror Frame. Embroidery (stump 
work), silk and metal threads on 
satin. England, 17th century. 

Details; H. 4-5/8 in. 42.833 


Spoon . Silver. 1661. John Hull and 
Robert Sanderson. American, 
Boston* L* 64/4 in* 40,214 

Covered Cup. Silver and silver gilt* 
16774678* LA. (unidentified), 
English, London, H* 6-3/4 in, 58.422 

Armchair. Walnut with caned back. 
England, ca* 1680-1685. H* 54-3/8 in* 

Goblet Engraved glass. 1680. 

Herman Schwinger, German, 
Nuremberg. H. 12-1/4 in. 50.389 

Fragment of an Altar Frontal 
Embroidery, petit point. England, 
period of Charles I, 1625-1649. 
Over-all: H* 57 in. Detail: 

H. 17 in. 19.585 

Covered Cup. Silver. 1686-1687. 

W.I. (unidentified), English, London. 
H. 9-3/8 in. 35*145 


The Descent from the Cross. 

Dated 1653. Ivory. Adam Lenckhardt, 
German, active in Austria. 

H. 17-1/2 in. 67.134 

Knife , Fork, and Spoon. Gold* 
Germany, Augsburg, ca* 1725* 

L. 7-1/2, 74/2, and 8-3/4 in. 

Flute. Engraved and cut glass* 

Germany, Thuringia, early 
17th century* H. 13 in* 51*545 

Covered Cup. Silver and silver gilt* 

1688. Johann Andreas Thelot, German, 
Augsburg, H* 15-3/4 in. 66*111 

Covered Goblet. Engraved glass. 
Bohemia, ca* 1715. H* 18-7/8 in. 

Pilgrim Bottle. Polished stoneware 
with silver-gilt mounts* Germany, 
Meissen, ca. 1715* H. 6-1/4 in* 


The Holy Family. Oil on canvas, 

El Greco (Domenikos 

Theotocopoulos), Spanish, 

ca. 1545-1614, H, 51-7/8 in, 26,247* 

Portrait of the Jester Calabazas. 

Oil on canvas. Ca, 1632. Diego 
Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, 
Spanish, H. 69 in. 65.15* 

Christ on the Cross with Landscape, 
Oil on canvas. El Greco (Domenikos 
Theotocopoulos), Spanish, 
ca, 1545-1614, H,74in. 52,222 

The Holy House of Nazareth. Oil on 
Spanish, 1598-1664. W. 85-7/8 in. 6i 

The Viipn and Child . Pen and 
brown ink, ink wash, red and 
black chalk. Ca. 1670. 
Bartolome Esteban Murillo, 
Spanish, H, 8-7/16 in. 68.66 

canvas. Francisco de Zurbaran, 



The Death of Adonis. .Oil on canvas. 1635-1639. Jusepe de Ribera, 

Spanish. W. 94 in. 65.19* St. Jerome. Oil on canvas. Jusepe de 

Ribera, Spanish, ca, 1590-1652. 

The Immaculate Conception. Oil on H. 50-3/4 in. 61.219 

canvas. Bart dome Esteban Murillo, 

Spanish, 1617-1682. H. 86-7/8 in. Laban Searching for His Stolen Household Gods in Jacob’s Tent. Oil on canvas. 

59.189. 1665-70. Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Spanish. W. 11 ft. 10-1/2 in. 65.469* 


Ebony Cabinet Wood, metal, and tortoise shell- Attributed to Andre- 
Charles Boulle, French, Paris, 1642-1732. H. 39-7/8 in. 49.539* 

Mirror Frame > Gilded woo d. F ranee, A rmchair Oak. F r ance, c a * 1715- 

ca. 1715. H. 96 in. 53.153 1725. H. 46 in. 25.1219 

Portrait of Cardinal Dubois, 
Dated 1723. Oil on canvas. 
Hyacinthe Rigaud, French. 

H. 57-3/4 in. 67.17 

Clock . Tortoise shell and brass 
inlay, gilt bronze. Ca. 1695. 
Andre-Charles Boulle, French. 
H. 44-3/4 in. 67.153 


Study for The Romancer Red and 
black chalk. Jean Antoine Watteau, 
French, 1684-1721. H. 13-3/4 in. 

Seasons and Elements. Tapestry, silk 
and wool. France, Paris (Gobelin), 
18th century. H. 11 ft. 9 in. 42.495 

The Declaration of Love. Oil on 
canvas. Nicolas Lancret, French, 
1690-1743. H. 32-1/2 in. 44.86 

Spring. Savonnerie panel (knotted 
pile), silk and wool. France, Paris 
(Savonnerie), 18th century, 

H. 9 ft. 6 in. 52.14 

The Swing. Oil on canvas. 

Nicolas Lancret, French, 1690-1743. 
H. 59-1/2 in. 48.180 

77ze Minuet in a Pavilion. Oil on 
canvas. Jean Antoine Watteau, 
French, 1684-1721. H, 21-3/4 in. 


Gaming Table. Wood and ivory marquetry- Italy, Piedmont(?), ca. 1730. 

tt. 30-9/16 in. 53.284 

Cache par. Soft paste porcelain. 
France, Paris, Villeroy Factory, 
ca. 1735-1740. D. 7-5/8 in. 47.60 

Seated Chinese with a Pot 
Soft paste porcelain. France, 
Chantilly, ca. 1740. H. 6-3/4 in. 

Cachepot. Soft paste porcelain. 
France, St. Cloud, ca. 1725. 

D. 4-1/2 in. 44.226 

Portrait of Jean-Gab riel de la Porte 
du Theil Oil on canvas. Ca. 1739/40. 
J acque s-A ndr£-Joseph-Camelo t Ave d, 
French. H, 49 in. 64.89 


Cupids in Conspiracy. Oil on canvas. Francis Boucher, French, 
1703-1770. W. 48-3/4 in. 48.182 

The Flute Player. Tapestry, silk and 
wool. France, Beauvais, 18th century. 
H. 11 ft. 11 in. 42.822 

Chinese Fair. Tapestry, silk and 
wool. France, Beauvais, 18th century. 
H. 10 ft. 7 in. 44.134* 

The Fountain. Red, black, and white 
chalk. Francis Boucher, French, 
1703-1770. H. 15 in. 52.529 

The Bagpipe Player. Soft paste 
biscuit porcelain. 1752-1753. After a 
design by Francis Boucher, French, 
Paris. Executed by Blondeau, French, 
Vincennes-Sevres. H. 9 in. 61.11 


MUe. de Savigny. Oil on canvas. 

Ca. 1748, Jean Marc Nattier, 
French* H* 32-1/4 in. 48*183 

Bust of a Woman Terra cotta. 

Jean Baptiste Lemoyne II, French, 
1704-1778. H. 25 in. 52.566* 

Madame de Pompadour as Diana 
Dated 1752. Oil on canvas. Jean Marc 
Nattier, French. H. 39-9/16 in. 


La Marquise d'Aiguirandes. 

Dated 1759. Oil on canvas. Francois 
Hubert Drouais, French. H. 39-3/4 in. 

Carpet Wool. France, Paris (Savonnerie), ca. 1750. H. 17 ft. 9 in. 50.8* 


Tall Clock (Regulateur). Tortoise 
shell and brass marquetry and ebony 
veneer with gilt-bronze mounts. 1744. 
Jacques-Pierre Latz, French, Paris. 

H. 8 ft. 7 in. 49.200* 

Candelabrum Gilt bronze. 

Attributed to Jean Joseph de Saint- 
Germain, French, Paris, 1720-1791. 

H. 28-1/2 in. 46.81* 

Commode. Wood marquetry with gilt-bronze mounts. France, Paris, ca. 1750. 

L. 61-5/8 in. 42.497 

Gilt-bronze Clock. France, mid-18th Wall Clock. Gilt bronze. France, 

century. H. 36-5/8 in. 51.550 mid-18th century. H. 46 in. 50.376 


Porcelain Vase. Germany, Meissen, 
1749. Gilt-bronze mounts; France, 

Pair of Fire Dogs. Gilt bronze. 1752* Jacques Caffieri, French, Paris. Paris, mid-1 8th century. H. 12-1/4 in, 

E. 17-3/8 in. 42.799,42.800* 44.230 

Candelabrum Silver. 1758. 
Francois Thomas Germain, French, 
Paris, H, 15 in. 40,14 

Pair of Parrots. Porcelain, Ca. 1740, Modeled by Johann Joachim Kaendler, 
German, Meissen. Pair of Candelabra. Gilt bronze, France, Paris, 
mid-18th century. H. 7-7/16 in. 38.305-38.308 


Six Miniatures, Gouache on card. 
1753. Louis Nicholas van 
Blarenberghe, French. 

Rectangular Box. Gold. 1753-1754. 
Jean Charles Ducrollay, French, 
Paris. H. 1-5/16 in. 57.412 

Fete in a Park with Costumed Dancers. Ink, ink and water-color washes, 
over pencil indications. Ca. 1760-1765. Gabriel de Saint-Aubin, French. 
W. 12-5/16 in. 66.124 

Laban Cherchant SesDieux. Oil on 
canvas. Ca. 1753. Gabriel de Saint- 
Aubin, French. W. 21-5/8 in. 65.548 

Covered Bowl Soft paste porcelain. 
France, Vincennes, ca. 1745. H. 6 in. 

Tureen. Soft paste porcelain. 
France, Vincennes, ca. 1752. 
H. 10-1/8 in. 52.3* 


Tureen Soft paste porcelain* France* Vincennes-Sevres, Tureen with Flatter. Soft paste porcelain* France, 

probably 1756. H. 94/2 in. 49.15 Sevres, 1757. Tureen H. 9-1/2 in* Platter L. 16 in* 53.25 

Monkey on a Dog. Soft paste 
porcelain* France, Mennecy, mid-18th 
century* H. 6-1/4 in* 53.269 

Cachepot Faience* France, 
Marseilles, Robert Factory, 
ca. 1765. H. 7 in. 62.379 

Covered Bowl Faience. France, 

St. Clement, ca. 1775. H. 5-1/4 in. 


Morpheus. Oil on canvas. Jean Honore Fragonard, French, 1732-1806. 

W. 51-1/8 in. 63.502 

Self Portrait. Oil on canvas. 

Young Boy Dressed in a Red-lined U6 Louis Perin, French, 1753-1817. 

Cloak (the Artist’s Son?). Oil on H. 24-7/8 in. 61.334 

canvas. Ca. 1789. Jean Honore 

Fragonard, French. H. 8-1/4 in. Invocation to Love. Pen and brown ink and ink wash. Jean Honors Fragonard, 

42.49 French, 1732-1806. W. 16-3/8 in. 43.657* 


Table-desk (Bureau plat / Wood marquetry with gilt- 

bronze mounts. Bernard van Risen Burgh II, French, Table-desk. Wood marquetry with gilt-bronze mounts. 

Paris, active ca. 1730-1765/66. R 29-1/2 in. 44.123* Jacques Dubois, French, Paris, 1693-1763. R 31-1/2 m, 


Straw Marquetry Desk France, 

3rd quarter 18th century. The Synagogue. Oil on canvas. Alessandro Magpasco, Italian, Genoa, 

R 38-1/4 in. 42.40 16674749. W. 58-5/8 in. 30.22* 


The Assumption of the Virgin. 
Oil on canvas (modello). 1744. 
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, 
Italian, Venice. H. 28*3/16 in. 

David and Goliath, Terra cotta. 1723. 
Giovanni Battista Foggini, Italian, 
Florence. H. 16-1/4 in. 66.126 

The Supper at Emmaus, Oil on canvas. 
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, Italian, 
Venice, 16824754. W. 55-5/8 in. 

// florellin d!'amort (L ittle Flower of Lovef Black charcoal 

heightened with white chalk. Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, The Rest on the Flight into Egypt. Terra cotta. Giuseppe 

Italian, Venice, 1682-1754. W. 21-5/8 in. 38.387* Mazza, Italian, Bologna, 1653-1741. H. 12-5/8 in. 64.427 


Horatius Codes Swimming the Tiber. Oil on canvas. 

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, Venice, Horatius Codes Defending Rome Against the Etruscans. 

1696-1770. W. 82-1/4 in. 49.572 Oil on canvas. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, 

Venice, 1696-1770. W. 82 in. 49.571 

The Adoration of the Magi. Pen and 
brush and bistre ink. Giovanni 
Battista Tiepolo, Italian, 

1696-1770. H. 15-1/4 in. 44.474 

The Flight into Egypt: The Holy Family Embarking in a Small Boat. Pen and 
bistre ink and bistre wash. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, Venice, 
1696-1770. W. 17-9/16 in. 29.443* 


Portrait of a Lady. Oil on canvas. 
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Italian, 
Venice, 1696-1770. H. 24-5/8 in. 

Martyrdom of St Sebastian: Modello 
for Diessen A ltar piece. Oil on 
canvas. Ca< 1739♦ Giovanni Battista 
Tiepolo, Italian, Venice. 

H. 20-3/4 in. 46.277 

The Sacrifice of Isaac. Oil on canvas. Giovanni Antonio 
Guardi, Italian, Venice, 1698-1760. W* 29-3/4 in. 52.235 

The Angels Appearing to Abraham. Oil on canvas. 
Giovanni Antonio Guardi, Italian, Venice, 1698-1760. 
W. 29-3/4 in. 52.237 


Tobias and the Angel. Oil on canvas. Giovanni Antonio 
Guardi* Italian* Venice* 1698-176(1 W. 29-3/4 in. 52.236 

Views of Venice and Environs: The Tower of Malghera. 
Etching, state I/IL Giovanni Antonio Canale (called 
Canaletto), Italian, Venice, 1697-1768. W. 17-1/8 in. 

Abraham Welcoming the Three Angels. Oil on canvas. 
Giovanni Antonio Guardi, Italian, Venice, 1698-1760. 
W. 29-3/4 in. 52.238 

View of the Piazza San Marco , Venice, and the Piazzetta 
Looking Toward San Giorgio Maggiore. Oil on canvas. 
Giovanni Antonio Canale (called Canaletto), Italian, 
Venice, 1697-1768. W. 91-1/2 in. 62.169* 


Woman and Man, Porcelain* Italy, 
Naples, Capo-di-Monte, mid-18th 
century. H. 7-1/4 in, 50,569 

Standing Woman. Porcelain. Italy, 
Naples, Capo-di-Monte, mid-18th 
century, H. 8 in. 50.570 

Imaginary View: A Palace on the Shore of the Lagoon. Pen and brown ink 
with gray wash. Giovanni Antonio Canale (called Canaletto), Italian, 
Venice, 16974768. W. 16-9/16 in* 30.23* 

Pieta. Oil on canvas. Giuseppe Bazzani, Italian, 1690-1769. W. 55-3/4 in. 


Visit of the Pope in Venice; The Pope Greets the 
Representatives of La Serenissima Oil on canvas. 1782. 
Francesco Guardi, Italian, Venice. W. 274/4 in. 49.187 

A Procession of Triumphal Cars in Piazza S. Marco, 
Venice . Pen and bistre ink and bistre wash. 1782. 
Francesco Guardi, Italian, Venice. W. 14-7/16 in. 55464 

Visit of the Pope in Venice: Pontifical Ceremony in 
the Church ofSS. Giovanni e Paolo. Oil on canvas. 1782. 
Francesco Guardi, Italian, Venice. W. 27-1/8 in. 49.188 

The Spring Shower Pen and bistre ink and bistre wash. 
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, Italian, Venice, 1727-1804. 
W. 164/4 in. 37.573* 


. ifi 

4k , , j _ vJ> ,. ; 

; : ■ ■ . 


EwW K r zj., •- 



The Prisons; An 1 mmense Interior 
with a Drawbridge * Etching, 
state I/III. Giovanni Battista 
Piranesi, Italian, 1720-1778. 

H. 20-1/2 in. 41.30 

God the Father Painted and gilded 
wood, Johann Peter Schwanthaler 
the Elder, Austrian, 1720-1795, 

H. 55-3/4 in* 61.30 

House Altarpiece. Carved and gilded 
wood. Ca* 1740, Joseph Matthias 
Gotz, German, active Austria. 

H* 65 in. 64357* 

St. Joachim. Gilded wood, Joseph 
Anton Feuchtmeyer (or his circle), 
So uth Germ an, 1696-1770. 

H* 50-3/4 in* 62.246 

Christ at the Column. Dated 1756. 
Gilt bronze, Johann Baptist 
Hagenauer, Austrian. H. 7-1/2 in. 

The Presentation of Christ in the 
Temple . Oil on canvas, Franz Anton 
Maulbertsch, Austrian, 1724-1796* 
H, 27-3/8 in. 63.326 


Kneeling Saint Painted and gilded 
wood. Johann Baptist Straub, German, 
Munich, 1704-1784. H. 46-1/2 in. 

Putto. Painted and gilded wood. 
Workshop of Franz Ignaz Gunther, 
German, Bavaria, 1725-1775. 

H. 22-3/4 in. 61.413 

Kneeling Angel Carved wood. 

Ca. 1760. Franz Ignaz Gunther, 
German, Bavaria, 1725-1775. 

H. 31-3/8 in. 66.18 

Spring. Painted and gilded wood. 
Ferdinand Tietz (or Dietz), Bohemia, 
1708-Germany, Franconia, 1777. 

H. 5-1/2 in. 62.209 

Madonna of the Immaculate 
Conception . Painted and gilded wood 
Franz Ignaz Gunther, German, 
Bavaria, 1725-1775. H. 30-1/2 in. 

Console Table . Made for Schloss 
Seehof, Franconia. Gilded wood. 
Attributed to Ferdinand Tietz 
(or Dietz), Bohemia, 1708-Germany, 
Franconia, 1777. H. 33-3/4 in. 62.63 



Clock. Carved and gilded wood, 
faience. Ca. 1750. Works by 
Baumgartinger, Mergentheim, Germany. 
H. 38-1/2 in. 66.362 

Harmony. Porcelain. Ca. 1740. 

Modeled by Johann Joachim Kaendler, 
German, Meissen. H. 6 in. 50.79 

Monteith. Dated 1715-1716. 

Silver gilt. Benjamin Pyne, English. 
H. 10-5/8 in. 65.467 

Pluto. Porcelain. Ca. 1760. Modeled 
by Franz Anton Bustelli, German, 
Munich, Nymphenburg Factory. 

H. 4 in. 47.283 

Box. Gold, mother-of-pearl. Austria, 
Vienna(?), ca. 1765. H. 3-5/8 in. 

Gilt-bronze Dish. Germany(?), 

18th century. H. 12-9/16 in. 55.69 


Count Tschemitseheff, Russian 
Ambassador at Vienna. On ivory. 

Friedrich Heinrich Fiiger German, 

1751-1818. D. 4 in. 42.1141 

Tea Caddy ♦ Silver gilt. 1741-1742, 

Paul de Lamerie, English, London, Punch Bowl Soft paste porcelain, England, Worcester, ca. 1770, D, 10-7/8 in. 

H. 5-1/4 in. 43.179 38J31 


Teapot. Silver. Nathaniel Hurd, American, Boston, 1729-1777. H. 5-3/4 in. 


Tankard. Silver. Edward Winslow, 

American, Boston, 1669-1753. Brazier. Silver with wood handle and feet. John Potwine, American Boston 

H. 7-1/2 in. 40.283 1698-1792. H. 3-1/4 in. 40.248 


The Ladies Amabel and Mary Jemima Yorke. Oil on canvas. 1761, 

Six Joshua Reynolds, English. H. 77 in. 42.645* 

Scene with a Road Winding Through a Wood. Pen and brown ink and gray 
wash. Thomas Gainsborough, English, 1727-1788. W. 9-7/8 in. 29.547 

Mrs. Thomas Samuel Joliffe. 

Oil on canvas. Gainsborough Dupont, 
English, 1754-1797. H. 30-1/4 in. 

Young Man in Blue. Dated 1778. On 
ivory. John Smart, English. 

H. 1-7/16 in. 40.1219 


A Storm Behind the Isle of Wight. Oil 
1759-1817. W. 26-5/8 in. 48.461 

Portrait of Charles A p thorp. 

Dated 1748. Oil on canvas. Robert 
Feke, American. H. 50 in. 19.1006 

canvas. Julius Ibbetson, English, 

Portrait of Mrs. Theodore A tkinson. 
Dated 1760. Oil on canvas. Joseph 
Blackburn, American. H. 49-1/8 in. 


Portrait of Mrs. Thomas Bulfinch. 
Oil on canvas. Ca. 1733. John 
Smibert, American. H. 29-3/4 in. 


Chest of Drawers with Panels of Oriental Lacquer. Ebony veneer, Japanese 
lacquer panels, gilt-bronze mounts. Rene Dubois, French, Paris, 1737-1799. 
H. 34-3/16 in. 44.113* 

Roman Ruins, Villa Pamfili. Dated 1774. Pen and brown ink; blue, gray, and 
red-brown water color, Hubert Robert, French, W, 17-1/2 in. 51.485 

Armchair (one of a pair). Carved 
and gilded wood. JacquesJean- 
Baptiste Tilliard (called Jean 
Baptiste II Tilliard), French, Paris, 
active 1752-1797. H. 40-3/8 in. 27424 

Young Girl. Terra cotta. Claude 
Michel (called Clodion), French, 
1738-1814. H. 17-3/4 in. 42.50* 


Satyress and Child. Terra cotta. 1803. 
Claude Michel (called Clodion), 
French. D. 12-1/8 in. 63.251 

Fire Dog (one of a pair). Gilt bronze. 
France, ca. 1785. H. 18-1/4 in. 44.126 

Candelabrum. Bronze and gilt bronze 
with marble base. Claude Michel 
(called Clodion), French, 1738-1814. 
H. 63-1/8 in. 44.125 

Textile Panel Silk, lampas weave, 
brocaded and embroidered. France, 
Lyon (design by Jean DemostMne 
Dugourc), ca. 1790. H. 93-1/4 in. 

Candelabrum. Bronze, gilt bronze 
and gray marble. Claude Michel 
(called Clodion), French, 1738-1814. 
H. 36-1/4 in. 42.59 

Work Table. Wood marquetry with 
gilt-bronze mounts, Sdvres porcelain 
top. Martin Carlin, French, Paris, 
active 1766-1785. H. 30-1/2 in. 


Table. Mahogany with gilt-bronze mounts and white marble top. 
Adam Weisweiler, French, Paris, ca. 1750-ca. 1809. H. 36 in. 22.73 

Small Writing Table. Wood 
marquetry with gilt-bronze mounts. 
Jean-Fran 5 ois Leleu, French, Paris, 
1729-1807. H. 29 in. 44.115 

Armchair (one of a pair). Carved and 
partially gilded wood. Nicholas-Denis 
Delaisement, French, Paris, active 
1776-after 1792. H. 38-5/8 in. 44.110 

Stool Made for Marie Antoinette’s 
game room at Compidgne, but used 
at Fontainebleau. Carved and gilded 
wood. 1786-1787. Jean-Baptiste- 
Claude Sene, French, Paris 
H. 17-5/8 in. 54.385 

Chair (one of a set of four). Carved, 
painted, and gilded wood with 
Beauvais tapestry covers. Georges 
Jacob, French, Paris, 1739-1814. 

H. 35-5/8 in. 42.75 


Tureen and Platter. Silver. 1798-1809. Henri Auguste, French, Paris. 
Tureen H. 10-5/16 in. Platter D. 19-3/8 in. 52.592 

Armchair (one of a set of six chairs 
and a settee). Carved and painted 
wood, covered in Aubusson tapestry 
after a design by Huet. Henri Jacob, 
French, Paris, 1753-1824. H. 38 in. 

Six Miniatures Mounted in an Oval 
Box. Dated 1779-1780(7). Gouache 
miniatures mounted in gold and 
enamel. Painted by Pierre Marie 
Gault de Saint-Germain, French, 
Paris. H. 1-5/16 in. 57.409* 

Rectangular Box. Enamel on gold. 
France, Paris, 1768-1769(7). 

H. 1-3/4 in. 57.410 


Lady Louisa Manners, Later 
Countess of Dysort, as Juno. Oil on 
canvas. Sir Thomas Lawrence, 
English, 1769-1830, H. 100-1/2 in. 

The Daughters of Colonel Thomas 
Carteret Hardy, Oil on canvas. 1801. 
Sir Thomas Lawrence, English, 

R 50 3/4 in. 42.642 

Mrs. htesf and Her Son Raphael Oil on canvas. Ca. 1770. Benjamin West, 
American, W> 35-1/4 in, 27.393 

Portrait of Mrs , John Greene . 
Dated 1769, Oil on canvas. John 
Singleton Copley, American. 

H. 49-3/8 in, 15.527 


Portrait of Nathaniel Hurd. Oil on 
canvas. Ca. 1765, John Singleton 
Copley, American, H. 30 in. 15.534* 

Portrait of George Washington. Oil 
on canvas. Ca. 1790. Joseph Wright, 
American. H. 21 in. 2552.21 

Portrait of Mrs. John Thomson 
Mason , Oil on canvas. Ca. 1803. 

Gilbert Stuart, American, H, 28-1/2 in. 

Captain Jean T. David. Dated 1813. 

Oil on canvas. Thomas Sully, 
American. H, 35-1/4 in, 16,1979 

Portrait of Samuel Williams. Oil on 
canvas. Ca. 1818. Washington Allston, 
American. H. 56 in. 65.474* 


Marble Mantel England, late ISth century. EL 60 in. 44.471 

Chair . From a set of furniture made 
for the Derby family, Salem. Carved 
mahogany with ebony feet. 

Attributed to Samuel Mclntire, 

American, Salem, Massachusetts, Pair of Spurs . Silver. Paul Revere, Jr., American, Boston, 17354 818. 

1757-1811. H. 384/4 in. 62.125 W. 44/2 in. 40.252, 40.253 


Plate . From a service made for Samuel Shaw. Porcelain. China, made for 
the American market, late 18th century. D, 7-3/4 in. 61.178 

Front Doorway. From the Isaac Gillet 
House, Paine svdle, Ohio. Carved 
and painted wood, glass and metal. 

Designed by Jonathan Goldsmith, 

American, Ohio, 1783-1847. 

H. 9 ft. 6-1 /4 in. 59.342 Centerpiece. Silver. 1808-1809. Paul Storr, English, London. H. 26 in. 43.189* 


Cupid and Psyche Dated 1817. Oil on canvas, Jacques Louis David, 
French. W. 95-1/8 in. 62.37* 

Study of a Nude Woman, Seated 
Looking to the Right. Black and 
white chalk on blue paper, Pierre 
Paul Prud’hon, French, 1758-1823. 
H. 20-7/16 in, 61318* 

Pasture Rose (Rosa Carolina 
Corymbose). Water color on vellum. 
Pierre Joseph Redoute, French, 
1759-1840. H. 15-3/8 in. 59.15 

Madame Dugazon as Andromache. Oil 
on canvas. Ca. 1783. Jacques Louis 
David, French. H. 20-1/2 in, 52,542 

Terpsichore. Marble. Dated 1816. 
Antonio Canova, Italian. 

H. 69-7/8 in. 68.212 


Portrait of Madame Raoul-Rochette, 
Dated 1830. Pencil drawing. Jean 
Auguste Dominique Ingres, French* 
H* 12-11/16 in. 27.437* 

Fowling Piece (detail). Steel, 
partially gilt, silver, walnut* 

Ca. 1809* Jean Le Page, French, 
Paris. Total L. 45-7/8 in. 66.433 

Flower Stand. Wood and gilt bronze 
Ca* 1800. France. H. 41 in* 60.94 

Portrait of Comte Jearn A rttoine 
Chaptal Dated 1824. Oil on canvas. 
Antoine Jean Gros, French. 

H. 53-3/4 in. 64.54 

AntiochusandStratonice . Oil on canvas. 1834* Jean Auguste Dominique 
Ingres, French. W* 25 in* 66.13 


Portrait of the Infante Don Luis 
deBorbon. Oil on canvas. 1783-1784. 
Francisco de Goya y Lucie ntes, 
Spanish. H, 60-1/8 in, 66.14* 

Portrait of Don Juan Antonio Cuervo . 
Dated 1819, Oil on canvas. 

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 
Spanish. H, 47-5/16 in. 43.90* 

The Garroted Man Etching, state I/II. 
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 
Spanish, 1746-1828, H. 1245/16 in. 

The Bulls of Bordeaux: The 
Celebrated American, Mariano 
Ce hallos , Lithograph, state 11/II. 
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 
Spanish, 1746-1828. W. 16-1/16 in. 49.: 

Greek Pirates A ttacking a Turkish Vessel Dated 1827. Oil on canvas. 
Eugene Louis Gabriel Isabey, French, W, 29-3/16 in. 16.1034 


MUe. Julie de la Boutraye. Oil on 
canvas. 1834. Eugene Delacroix, 
French. H. 28-3/4 in* 623 1 

Wild Horse Dated 1828. Lithograph, 
state I/IL Eugene Delacroix, 

French. H. 9-3/8 in. 41.214 

Armored Figure on Horseback Pencil and sepia wash. Eugene Delacroix, 
French, 1798-1863.W, 15-11/16 in. 33.418 

Halt of the Greek Cavaliers . Dated 1858. Oil on canvas. Eugene Delacroix, 
French, W.24in. 16.1032 


Fighting Horses. Pencil and brown, blue, and black washes, 

Theodore Gericault, French, 1791-1824, W. 11-7/8 in. 29.13* 

The Roman Campagna. Oil on canvas. 1826-1827. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, 
French. W. 53-1/4 in. 63.91* 

Duchess of Ragusa. Dated 1818* On 
vellum. Jean-Baptiste Isabey, 
French. H. 8-3/8 in. 42.1146 


Ville d’Avmy ; A Peasant Cutting Reeds in a Swamp * 

Oil on canvas. Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, 

French, 1796-1875. W* 39 in. 44.80 

Odalisque. Oil on canvas* Thomas Couture, French, 1815-1879, 
W. 36-1/4 in. 39.63 

Coast near Villerville. Dated 1855. Oil on canvas* 

Charles Francois Daubigny, French* W. 45-5/8 in. 51.323 

Sain t Etienne-du-Mon t. Etching > 
state I/VIII* 1852* Charles Meryon, 
French* H. 9-3/4 in. 55.528 


Connoisseurs, Charcoal, pencil, and 
water color. Honore Daumier, 
French, 18084879. H. 104/4 in. 

The Troubador Oil on canvas. 
Honore Daumier, French, 
18084879. H. 32-3/4 in. 58.23 

Madame Boreau (La Dame au 
chapeau noirj. Dated 1863. Oil on 
canvas. Gustave Courbet, French. 
H. 31-7/8 in. 62,2* 

Grand Panorama of the A Ips with the Dents du Midi 
Oil on canvas. Ca. 1875. Gustave Courbet, French. 
W. 82-11/16 in. 64.420 

Mother and Children. Dated 1879. 

Oil on canvas. William A. Bouguereau. 
French. H. 64-3/4 in. 432.15 


Tannhauser. Oil on canvas. Henri Fantin-Latour, French, Summer. Dated 1891. Oil on canvas. Pierre Puvis de 

1836-1904. W. 39-3/4 in. 16.1038 Chavannes, French. W. 91-1/2 in. 16.1056 

Bust of a Lady. Dated 1875. 
Terra cotta. Jules Dalou, French. 
H. 24-1/4 in. 67.31 

Miniature Bidet. Gold, jade, enamel, 
pearls. Made after 1903. Firm of 
Carl Faberge; Henrik Wigstrom, 
workmaster, Russian, St. Petersburg. 
H. 3-1/4 in. 66.455 

Easter Egg. Lapis lazuli, gold, 
pearls, rubies, diamonds, enamel. 
Late 19th-early 20th century. 

Firm of Carl Faberge, Russian, 

St. Petersburg. H. 2-5/16 in. 66.436 


Mile. Claire Campbell. Pastel. 1875. 
Edouard Manet, French* H. 22-3/8 in. 

Portrait of Berthe Morisot Oil on 
canvas. Ca. 1869. Edouard Manet, 
French* FL 29 in. 58.34 

Boats. Oil on canvas* 1873. Edouard 
Manet, French. W. 22 in. 40*534 

Portrait of the Duchess of 
Montejasi-Cicerale, Oil on canvas, 
1868. Hilaire-Germain Edgar Degas, 
French. H. 19-1/4 in. 58*28* 

Saint-Mammes , Loing Canal. 

Dated 1885* Oil on canvas, Alfred 
Sisley, French* W* 21 in. 61*262 

Portrait of Diego Martelli Charcoal 
and white chalk on brown paper. 1879, 
Hilaire-Germain Edgar Degas, 

French. H. 17-5/16 in. 53.268* 


Frieze of Dancers ■. Oil on canvas, 1883, Hilaire^Germain Edgar Degas, 
French. W. 79 in. 46.83* 

Dancer Looking at the Sole of Her 
Right Foot. Bronze, Hilaire‘Germain 
Edgar Degas, French, 1834-1917, 

H, 18 in. 2028.47 

Mile. Romaine Lacaux. Dated 1864. 
Oil on canvas. Pierre Auguste Renoir, 
French. H, 31-7/8 in. 42.1065 

Esterel Village . Monotype, 
Hilaire-Germain Edgar Degas, 
French, 1834-1917. W. 16-3/4 in, 

The Artist's Sister, Mme . Pontillon, 
Seated on the Grass , Oil on canvas. 
1873. Berthe Morisot, French. 

W. 28-1/2 in. 50.89 


Spring Flowers. Dated 1864. Oil on 
canvas. Claude Oscar Monet, French, 

H. 46 in. 53,155 

Le Fond de l'Hermitage. Dated 1879. Oil 
French. W. 64-1/4 in. 51.356 

La Capeline Rouge—Mme. Monet 
Oil on canvas. 1870-1875, Claude 
Oscar Monet, French. H. 39-1/2 in 

canvas* Camille Pissarro, 

The Cow herd ess, Eragny * Charcoal. 
Camille Pissarro, French, 1830-1903, 
H* 15-1/2 in. 2609,47 

Ballet Girls. Pastel on paper, pasted 
on cardboard, Hilaire-Germain Edgar 
Degas, French, 1834-1917. 

H. 21-3/4 in. 16.1043 


Race Horses , Pastel on cardboard. Ca. 1873-1875, Low Tide at Poumlle near Dieppe. Dated 1882. 

Hilair e-Germain Edgar Degas, French. W. 25-3/4 in. Claude Oscar Monet, French. W. 32 in, 47.196 


Mignon: Bust of Rose Beuret (Mme, 

The Age of Bronze. Bronze. 1876. William E. Henley , Bronze. 1882. Rodinf Bronze. Ca. 1870. 

Auguste Rodin, French. Auguste Rodin, French. Auguste Rodin, French. 

R 71-3/16 in, 18.328* H. 16-3/S in. 40.581 H. 16-3/16 in, 46.351 


The Judgment of Pam Bronze. 1914. Pierre Auguste 
Renoir (and Richard Guino), French. H. 29-1/4 in. 
Antibes, Oil on canvas. 1888. Claude Oscar Monet, 41.591 

French. W. 36 in. 16.1044* 

The Apple Seller. Oil on canvas. 

Three Bathers. Oil on canvas. 1897. Pierre Auguste Renoir, French. Ca. 1890. Pierre Auguste Renoir, 

W. 25-7/8 in. 39.269* French. H. 25-7/8 in. 58.47 


Young Woman Arranging Her 
Earrings. Oil on canvas. 1905. 

Pierre Auguste Renoir, French. 

The Pigeon Tower at Montbriand. Oil on canvas. Ca. 1894-1896. 
Paul Cezanne, French. W. 31-1/2 in. 36.19* 

The Brook Oil on canvas. 1898-1900. Paul Cezanne, French. 

W. 31-3/4 in. 58.20 

H. 21-3/4 in. 51.324 

Siesta. Red chalk. Pierre Auguste 
Renoir, French, 1841-3919. 

H. 12-3/16 in. 49.551 


La Mo n tagn e Sain te- Vic to ire. Oil on canvas. 1894-1900. 

Paul Cezanne, French. W. 36-1/4 in- 58.21 LesBaigneurs (small plate). Lithograph printed in colors. 

Paul Cezanne, French, 1839-1906. W. 10-3/4 in. 63.598 

Mademoiselle R avoux. Oil on canvas. 

1890. Vincent van Gogh, Dutch. \}The Road Menders at Arles. Oil on canvas. 1889. Vincent van Gogh, 

Sq. 19-3/4 in. 58.31 Dutch. W. 36-1/4 in. 47.209 


Poplars on a Hill Oil on canvas, 
1889-1890, Vincent van Gogh, Dutch* 
H* 24 in. 58.31 

Monsieur Soileau at the Cafe. 

Gouache on cardboard. 1893. 

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French* 

H* 31-1/2 in. 394.25* 

The Laundress * Brush and black ink, 
heightened with white on 
scratchboard. 1888. Henri de 
Toulouse-Lautrec, French, H. 30 in. 

May Belfort Oil on cardboard. 1895, 
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French. 
H, 24-3/4 in. 58.54 

Madame C. Oil on canvas. 

Eugene Carriere, French, 1849-1906 . 
W. 18-1/8 in. 67,126 

The Jockey. D at e d 1899. Li thogr aph. 
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French* 
H, 20-5/16 in. 67*234 


Banks of the Seine at Suresnes. Oil on wood. 1883. Georges Seurat, 
French. W. 10-7/16 in. 58.51 

Rodin Working on “The Gates of Hell * 
Bronze. Emile Antoine Bourdelle, 
French, 1861-1929. H. 26-7/8 in. 

Cafe Concert. Conte crayon with 
touches of white. Georges Seurat, 
French, 1859-1891. H. 12-3/8 in. 

Portrait of Mademoiselle Violette Heymann. Dated 1910. Pastel on cardboard. 
Odilon Redon, French. W. 36-3/8 in. 1976.26 


Vase of Flowers. Oil on canvas. 

Ca. 1905. Odilon Redon, French. 

H. 36-1/8 in. 35.233 

Yeux Clos. Lithograph. Odilon Redon, 
French, 1840-1916. H. 12-5/16 in. 

Orpheus. Pastel on cardboard. 
Odilon Redon, French, 1840-1916. 
H. 27-1/2 in. 26.25* 

L Appel. Dated 1902. Oil on canvas. 
Paul Gauguin, French. H. 51-1/4 in. 

The Slopes of the Bay, Beg-ar-Fry. 
Oil on canvas. Maxime Maufra, 
French, 1862-1918. W. 28-7/8 in. 

Head of a Tahitian Woman. Pencil. 
Paul Gauguin, French, 1848-1903. 
H. 12-1/16 in. 49.439* 


The Cafe Wepler ; Oil on canvas. Ca. 1905. 

Edouard Vuillard, French- W. 40-5/8 in. 50-90 

Street Scene * Pastel on paper- Maurice de Vlaminck, 

Under the Trees. Dated 1894- French, 1876-1958, W. 21-1 /4 in. 66378 

Tempera on canvas. Edouard 

Vuillard, French. H* 843/2 in. La Porte de Saint-Cloud. Dated J904. Oil on canvas. Pierre Albert Marquet, 

53*212 French. W. 32 in* 61*263 


General Duncan Campbell Oil on 
canvas. Ca, 1806, Sir Henry Raeburn, 

English. H. 30 in. 47,266 

Fluelen-Lake of Lucerne. Water color, Joseph Mallord The Lonely Tower . Etching, state I/VJ, 1879, Samuel 

Turner, English, 1775-1851. W. 18-3/4 in. 54.129 Palmer, English. W. 9-1/8 in. 66.199 

Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1834. Oil on canvas. 1835. Joseph 
Mallord William Turner, English. W. 48-1/2 in. 42.647* 


A Hussar Officer on Horseback 
Black and white chalk on blue paper 
John Singleton Copley, American, 
1737-1815. H. 10*13/16 in, 50.216 

The Peaceable Kingdom Oh on canvas. 
1830. Edward Hicks, American* 

W. 23-1/2 in. 45.38 

The Devil and Tom Walker. Dated 
1856. Oil on canvas. John Quidor, 
American. W. 34-3/8 in. 6748 

Schroon Mountain, The Adirondacks, Dated 1833. Oil View of Florence from San Miniato. Oil on canvas. 1837. 

on canvas. Thomas Cole, American* W* 63 in. 1335.17 Thomas Cole, American. W. 63*1/8 in* 61*39 


View near Newport. Oil on canvas. Ca, 1860, John 
Frederick Kensett, American. W. 22 in* 46.255 

Twilight in the Wilderness. Dated 1860* Oil on canvas. 
Frederick Edwin Church, American, W. 64 in* 65.233* 

October Day in the White Mountains. Dated 1854, Oil on 
canvas, John Frederick Kensett, American. W. 48-3/8 in. 

Portrait of Gineo Scott Dated 1859. Oil on canvas. 
Eastman Johnson, American. W. 50 in. 65.475 


High Tide on the Marshes. Oil on 

The Balcony. Etching, state I/XI. canvas. Martin Johnson Heade, 

The Venetian Girl Oil on canvas. James McNeill Whistler, American, American, 1819-1904. W. 30-1/8 in. 

Frank Duveneck, American, 1848-1919. 1834-1903. H. 11-5/8 in. 40.1088 490.15 

H. 34 in. 22.173 

Boy with the Anchor. Dated 1873. Water color on paper 

Approaching Storm from Alban Hills. Dated 187(? ). Oil on pasted on composition board. Winslow Homer, American, 

canvas. George Inness, American. W. 44-1/2 in. 27.396 W. 13-3/4 in. 54.128 


The Briarwood Pipe, Dated 1864. 

Oil on canvas. Winslow Homer, Early Morning After a Storm at Sea . Oil on canvas. 1902. Winslow Homer, 

American. H. 16-7/8 in. 44.524 American. W. 50 in. 24.195 

Biglen Brothers Turning the Stake . Dated 1873. Oil on The Clambake . Dated 1873. Water color on paper, 

canvas. Thomas Ealdns, American. W. 60-1/4 in. 1984.27* Winslow Homer, American. W. 13-7/8 in. 45.229 


Rishi Calling up a Storm Water color. John La Farge, 
American, 1835-1910. W. 12-7/8 in. 39.267 

The Race Track ; or Death on a Pale Horse. Oil on canvas. 
Ca, 1910, Albert Pinkham Ryder, American. W. 35-1/4 in. 

Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler. Oil on canvas. 1883. 
William Merritt Chase, American. W. 65-1/4 in. 21.1239 

After the Bath. Pastel. Ca. 19QL Mary Cassatt, 
American, W. 39-1/4 in. 20,379 


The Visitor. Soft ground etching 
and aquatint, state Il/V. Mary 
Cassatt, American, 1845-1926. 

H. 15-3/4 in. 66.176 

Window. Glass. Ca. 1900-1901. Louis 
Comfort Tiffany, American. 

IL 89-1/2 in, 66.432 

Fifth A ven ue Noc turn e> Oil on 
canvas. Ca. 1895, Childe Hassam, 
American. H. 24-1/8 in, 52.538 

May Day, Central Park. Dated 1901. 
Water color. Maurice Prendergast, 
American. W. 19-3/4 in. 26.17 

Building a Dam, She tucket. Oil on 
canvas. 1908. J. Alden Weir, 
American. W. 40-1/4 in. 27.171 

The Drive, Central Park. Oil on 
canvas. Ca, 1905. William J. 

Glackens, American. W. 32 in. 39.524 


Self Portrait (George Bellows 
Drawing on a Stone in His Study). 

Lithograph. 1921. George Wesley 

Bellows, American. H. 10-1/2 in. Stag at Sharkey's. Oil on canvas. 1907. George Wesley Bellows, 

35.279 American. W. 48-1 /4 in. 1133.22 

Holiday on the Hudson Oil on canvas. Ca. 1912. Still Life. Oil on canvas. Preston Dickinson, 

George Benjamin Luks, American. W. 36-1/8 in. 2291.33 American, 1891-1930. W. 30-1/8 in. 1664.26 


Church Bells Ringing, Rainy Winter 
Night. Dated 1917. Water color. 
Charles E. Burchfield, American. 

H. 30 in. 49.544 

The Sunflower Arch. Dated 1917. 
Indelible pencil and crayon. 
Charles E. Burchfield, American. 
H. 19-7/8 in. 65.461 

Woman f s Work. Oil on canvas. 

John Sloan, American, 1871-1951. Fireworks. Dated 1926. Water color. George Overbury (“Pop”) Hart, 

H. 31-5/8 in. 64.160 American. W. 27-3/4 in. 38.125 


Hills, South Truro. Oil on canvas. 1930. Markmppach III. Dated 1916. Charcoal. 

Edward Hopper, American. W. 43-1/8 in. 2647.31 Lyonel Feininger, American. W. 10-1/16 in. 63.73 

Houses in Old Paris. Woodcut. 1919. 

Lyonel Feininger, American. The Motor Boat. Oil on canvas. Dated 1931. Lyonel Feininger, American. 

H. 12-5/16 in. 52.27 W. 30-1/2 in. 64.53 


Landscape, New Mexico. Oil on canvas. Marsden Hartley, 
American, 1878-1943. W. 35-3/4 in. 30.665 

Rock and Sea, Small Point, Maine. Dated 1931. Oil on 
canvas. John Marin, American. W. 27-15/16 in. 56.361 

Markwippach. Oil on canvas. 1917. Lyonel Feininger, 
American. W. 39-3/4 in. 60.180 

Storm-frightened Animals. Oil on canvas. 1933. 
Henry G. Keller, American. W. 40 in. 34.56 


Mountain Top. Water color. John Marin, American, 

1870-1953. W. 19-1/2 in. 2731.30 

Horses in Snow. Water color. Ca. 1933. 

Wounded Scoter , No. 2. Water color William Sommer, American. W. 21-1/2 in. 33.24 

on rice paper mounted on cloth. 

1944. Morris Graves, American. Deserted Farm Oil on canvas. 1943. Max Weber, American. W. 48-1/2 in. 

W. 29-7/8 in. 45.231 210.46 


Woman with Cape . Oil on canvas. 

Ca. 1901. Pablo Picasso, Spanish. 

H. 28-3/4 in. 58.44 

La Vie. Oil on canvas. 1903. Pablo 
Picasso, Spanish. H. 77-3/8 in. 45.24 

The Donkey Driver. Dated 1902. 
Pencil. Pablo Picasso, Spanish. 

H. 10-5/16 in, 58.12 

HeadofaBoy , Gouache. 1905. 
Pablo Picasso, Spanish. 

H. 12-3/16 in. 58.43 

Reclining Nude. Gouache. 1905. 
Pablo Picasso, Spanish. 

W. 24-1/8 in. 54.865 

Figures in PirtL Oil on canvas. 

1905. Pablo Picasso, Spanish (French 
School) H. 60-3/4 in. 58.45 


Still Life: Fan t Salt Box, and 

Melancholia: On the Beach * Woodcut colored by hand, 1896* Edvard Munch, Melon * Oil on canvas, 1909. Pablo 

Norwegian. W. 17-11/16 in, 59*82 Picasso, Spanish (French School). 

W. 32 in. 69.22 

Kameval Im Schnee. Water color* 

1923. Paul Klee, German (born in Wrestlers in a Circus * Oil on canvas* Ca* 1909* Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 

Switzerland). H. 10-1/2 in* 69,46 German. W. 37 in. 66.49 


Le Violoncelle. Oil on chipboard, 

Ca, 1912-1913. Georges Braque, 
French, 1882-1963. H. 28-1/4 in, 

!,'l ■; 

Torso, Brass. 1917, Constantin 
Brancusi, Romanian (French School). 
H. 18-3/8 in. 3205.37 

Self Portrait with Hat. Oil on canvas. 
1919. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, German. 
H. 28-7/8 in 65.440 

Mountain Landscape with Fir Trees. 
Pencil and brush and India ink, 
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, German, 
1880-1938. W. 20 15/16 in. 63.86 

Water Lilies. Oil on canvas. 1919-1926. Claude Monet , French. 
W, 13 ft, 11-1/2 in.60.81 


Landscape. Oil on canvas. 1943. Arshile Gorky, American. 
W. 25 in. 63.152. 

Composition with Red, Yellow, and 
Blue. Oil on canvas. 1927. 

Piet Mondrian, Dutch, 1872-1944. 
H. 20-1/8 in. 67.215 

Mother and Child. Bronze. 1929-1930. 
Jacques Lipchitz, American. 

H. 51-1/4 in. 55.166 

The Wounded Soldier. Oil on canvas. 
1930. Jose Clemente Orozco, Mexican. 
H. 44-1/4 in. 54.864 

Head of Christ. Oil on canvas. 1938. 
Georges Rouault, French. 

H. 41-1/4 in. 50.399 


Carnival at Nice. Oil on canvas, Henri Matisse, 
French, 1869-1954, W. 37-1/2 in, 46.444 

Potager a la Bmnil Oil on canvas, 1941, 
Jacques Villon, French, W, 36-1/4 in. 64.95 

Interior with Etruscan Vase . Oil on canvas, 1940, 
Henri Matisse, French. W. 42-1/2 in. 52,153* 

Constellation; Woman with Blond Armpit Combing 
Her Hair by the Light of the Stars . Oil and gouache on 
paper, 1940. Joan Miro, Spanish, W. 18-1/8 in. 65.2* 


Madonna and Child. Pen and ink 
wash. 1943. Henry Spencer Moore, 
English. H. 8-7/8 in. 313.47 

Mallarme *s Swan. Collage with 
gouache, crayon, and paper on 
cardboard. 1944. Robert Motherwell, 
American. H. 43-1/2 in. 61.229* 

Woman and Bird. Oil on canvas. 
1944. Rufino Tamayo, Mexican. 

H. 42 in. 50.583 

Figure. Oil on cardboard. 1949. 
Willem de Kooning, American 
(born in Holland). H. 18-3/8 in. 64.1 

Fragmented Figure Construction. 
Welded steel. 1963. Richard Hunt, 
American. H. 56-1/2 in. 69.16 

Lom-Lan. Oil on canvas. 1949-1952. 
Victor Vasarely, Hungarian (French 
School). H. 36-3/16 in. 65.427 


Mandrake. Steel brazed with copper. 1951. Theodore Roszak, American 
(born in Poland). W. 40 in. 64.4 

Video. Construction of mixed media. Joseph Cornell, American. 

W. 14-1/2 in. 64,143 

Pilgrim. Steel. 1957. David Smith, 
American. H. 81-1/2 in. 66,385 

Woman with Child F . Marble, 1958. 
Isamu Noguchi, American. 

K 43-1/2 in, 66.48 


Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. LK Oil on canvas. 
1955-1960. Robert Motherwell, American. W. 76-1/8 in. 
Guston ? American 63.583 

Steeper I. Oil on canvas. 1958. Philip 
(born in Canada). W. 76 in. 61.21 

Accent Grave. Oil on canvas. 1955. 
Franz Kline, American. H. 75-1/4 in. 

Crest Oil on canvas. 1957. 

Jack Tworkov, American (bom in 
Poland). H. 75 in. 62.33 

Smaragd Red and Germinating 
Yellow . Oil on canvas. 1959. 

Hans Hofmann, American (born in 
Germany), H. 55 in. 60.57 


Red Maroons. Oil on canvas. 1962. Mark Rothko, American Gloria. Oil and paper collage on canvas. 1956. Robert 

(born in Russia). W. 81 in. 62.239* Rauschenberg, American. H. 66-1/4 in. 66.333 

Composition Concrete (Study for 

Mural). Oil on canvas. 1957-1960. Red Blue. Oil on canvas. 1962. Louis II. Oil on canvas. 1962. 

Stuart Davis, American. Ellsworth Kelly, American. Richard Lindner, American (born 

H. 42-3/4 in. 64.2 H. 90 in. 64.142 in Germany). H. 50 in. 65.450 


Untitled. Acrylic on canvas. 1969. 

Larry Poons, American. H. 135 in. Number 99. Acrylic on canvas. 1959. Morris Louis, 

69.49 American. W. 142 in. 68.110 


Islamic Art 


Gold Ewer. Repouss£ and engraved. 
Iran, Buy id Period, reign of Samsam 
al-Dawla (985-998). H. 4-3/4 in. 

Hitching Post. Limestone. Iran, 
Seljuk Period, 13th century. 

H. 24-3/4 in. 44.481 

Tombstone . Marble. Iran, Seljuk 
Period, 11I0.H. 25-3/8 in. 50.9 

End of Balustrade. Limestone. Iran, 
Hamadan, Mongol Period, 1304. 

H. 26-1/4 in. 38.15 

Lion Incense Burner . Bronze, east 
and engraved. Iran, Seljuk Period, 
12th century. H. 14-1/8 in. 48.308 


Bird-shaped Vessel Bronze, cast and 
engraved, with turquoise eyes, Iran, 
Seljuk Period, 12th-13th century. 

H. 6-7/8 in. 48.458 

Ewer. Dated 1223, Brass, inlaid with 
silver. Made by Ahmad al-Dhaki, 
al-Naqsh, al-Mawsili, Iraqi 
(Mesopotamia), Mosul. H. 15 in. 

Footed Bowl Bronze, inlaid with 
silver. Iran, Seljuk Period, early 
13th century. H. 4-1/2 in, 44.485 

Tray. Brass, inlaid with silver. 
Syria, mid-13th century. 

D. 21-1/4 in. 45.386 

Candlestick. Brass, inlaid with silver 
and engraved. Syria, 13th century. 
H, 9-3/4 in. 51.539 


Box. Bronze, inlaid with gold and 
silver* Syria, 13th century, 

R 3-7/8 in. 44.482 

Pottery Bowl. Luster ware. Egypt, 
Fustat, 11th century. D, 10 in. 

Bowl Enameled glass. Egypt or Syria, Mamluke Period, 14th century* 
D. 12-1/2 in. 44.235 

Bottle. Enameled glass, Egypt or 
Syria, Mamluke Period, 14th century. 
R 17-5/16 in* 44.488 

Pottery Bowl Polychrome painted 
ware, Iran, Nishapur, 10th century. 

D. 11 in. 56.225 


Pottery Bowl Polychrome painted 
ware, Iran, Nishapur, 10th century. 
D. 14 in. 59.249* 

Pottery Bowl Lakabi ware. Iran, 
11th- 12th century. D. 16 in. 38,7* 

Pottery Bowl Cham pie ve ware, Iran, 
Garruz district, 11th-12th century, 
D, 15-3/S in, 38,8 

Pottery Jug. Underglaze slip-painted 
ware, Iran, 12th century, 

H, 5-1/4 in. 47.495 

Pottery Plate, Luster ware, Iran, 
Gurgan, 12th-13th century. 

D. 15-1/2 in. 51.289 


Pottery Bottle Luster ware. Iran* 
Rayy, 12th-13th century. 

H. 13-15/16 in, 15,525 

Pottery Bowl Minaiware. Iran, 
Rayy, early 13th century. 

D. 8-1/4 in. 39.214 

Pottery Wall Tile. Luster ware. Iran, 
Kashan, 1266. H, Sin, 15.524 

Pottery Beaker Minai ware. Iran, 
Rayy, early 13th century. 

H, 5-3/8 in, 17,977 

Mihrab and Frieze. Faience mosaic 
tiles, Iran, Isfahan, 1st half 16th 
century. H, 114-1/2 in, 62.23* 


Tiraz. Tapestry weave, silk on linen. Egypt, Fatimid 

Textile Panel Tapestry weave, wool and linen. Egypt, Period, reign of Mustanzir, 1036-1094. Over-all: 15-1/2 in. 

Abbasid Period, 1st half 9th century. H. 31-1/2 in. Detail: H. 7-1/2 in. 50.528 


Textile. Tapestry weave, silk and gold 

Tiraz. Silk and gold tapestry on linen. Egypt, Fatimid Period, reign of on linen. Egypt, Fatimid Period, late 

Musta’li, 1094-1101. Over-all: H. 21-1/2 in. Detail: H. 7-1/2 in. 65.313 11th century. H. 6-1/2 in. 50.541 


Textile . Tapestry weave, silk and 
linen * Egypt, Fatimid Period, 1st 
half 12th century- FL 54/8 in. 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk. Egypt, 
Ayyubid Period, 12th century. 

H. 134/4 in. 37.23 

Textile. Embroidery, silk and gold 
on rrtulham * Egypt or Sicily, 12th 
century. Over all; W. 84/2 in. 
Detail; H* 2-7/8 in. 50.533 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk and 
gold. Egypt, Mamluke Period, 14th 
century. Over-all: W. 43-3/4 in. 
Detail; H. 274/2 in. 39.40 

Textile. Printed on mulham. Iraq 
(Mesopotamia), 10th century. 
Over-all: W. 15-3/4 in. 

Detail: H. 104/2 in. 50.558 


Tomb Cover . Compound twill* silk, 
Iran, Buy id Period, 10th century. 
H. 82-3/4 in. 54.780 

Fragment of a Tomb Cover 
Compound twill* silk. Iran, Buy id 
Period, 998. H. 30-3/4 in. 55-52* 

Part of a Textile Panel Diasper weave, sil 
W. 37-1/8 in, 6134 

Textile Panel Diasper weave, silk. 

Iran, Buyid Period, IOth-11th century. 
H. 67-3/8 in. 62.264* 

. Iran, Buyid Period, 1003. 

Textile ■. Diasper weave, silk, Iran, 
Buyid Period, 10th-l 1th century. 
Over-all: W. 17*1/2 in. Detail: 

H. 12 in. 50.84 


Textile, Diasper weave, silk. Iran, 
Buyid Period, 1 Oth-11th century. 
Over-all: FL 18-3/4 in. Detail: 

H. 104/2 in. 53.434 

Textile . Velvet weave, silk and gold. 
Iran, Safavid Period, reign of Shah 
Tahmasp, 1524-1576. H, 27-1/2 in. 

Textile . Soumak weave, silk. Iran, 
Seljuk Period, 11th-12th century. 
H. 7-7/8 in. 39.47 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk. Iran, 
Herat, Safavid Period, early 16th 
century. H. 32-7/8 in. 24,743 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk. Iran, 
Safavid Period, 2nd half 16th century 
H. 12-1/4 in. (as mounted). 44.499, 


Fragment of a Carpet Senna knot, 
wool and cotton, Iran, Safavid 
Period, 16th century- Over all: 

W. 73 in. Detail: H. 33-1/2 in. 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk and 
gold. Iran, Safavid Period, 16th 
century. Over-all: H. 30-1/2 in. 
Detail: H. 21 in. 44.239 

Carpet Senna knot, wool and cotton. 
Iran, Herat, Safavid Period, 16th 
century. Over-all: H. 25 ft. 4 in. 
Detail: H. 22 ft. 8 in. 62.263 

Carpet. Senna knot, silk and cotton. 
Iran, Isfahan, Safavid Period, 
ca. 1600. H. 81-1/4 in. 26.533 

Textile. Velvet weave, silk and gold. 
Iran, Safavid Period, 17th century. 
H. 61-1/8 in. 32.42* 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk and 
gold. Iran, Safavid Period, 17th 
century. Over all: H. 34-1/2 in. 
Detail: H. 22 in. 53.17 


Textile. Diasper weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, Almeria, 12th century. 
H. 14-3/8 in. 52.15 

Textile. Compound twill, silk. 
Spain, 11th-12th century. Over-all: 
W. 40-1/4 in. Detail: H. 20-5/8 in. 

Textile. Compound weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, Almeria, 13th century. 
H. 6-1/2 in. 32.137 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk and gold. 
Spain, Almeria, 12th century. 

H. 17 in. 50.146* 

Textile. Compound weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, Almeria, 13th century. 
H. 3-7/8 in. 42.1077 


Textile. Tapestry weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, 13th century. 

H. 6-7/8 in. 52.105 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, 13th century. Over-all: 
H. 27 in. Detail: H. 13-1/2 in. 

Textile. Tapestry weave, silk and 
gold. Spain, Almeria, 13th century. 

Over-all: H. 10-1/4 in. Detail: 

H. 2-3/8 in. 28.650 

Textile. Compound weave, silk, linen, and gold. Spain, Burgos, 13th century. 
H. 9-3/4 in. 50.4 


Textile. Diasper weave, silk and 
gold, Spain, Granada, 14th century, 
H, 18-3/4 in. 39.35 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk, Spain, 
Granada, 14th century, H. 30-1/4 in. 

Textile . Diasper weave, silk. Spain, 
Granada, 14th century. Over all: 

H. 20 in. Detail: H. 15-3/4 in, 

Textile. Diasper weave, silk, Spain, 
Granada, 15th century. Over-all: 

H, 22-3/4 in. Detail: H. 12-1/2in. 

Carpet , Single knot, wool* Spain, 
Alcarez(?), 2nd half 15th century. 
Over-all; H, 13 ft. 9 in. Detail: 

H. 9 ft, 52,511 


Illustration from a Manuscript of the 
Automata by Al-Jazari: Device for 
Washing Hands. Miniature painting. 
Iraq (Mesopotamia), 1315. 

H. 12-3/8 in. 45.383 

Illustration from a Manuscript of the 
Shahmmah of Firdawsi: Nushirwan r s 
Fifth Banquet for Buzurdjmir. 
Miniature painting. Iran, Tabriz, 
Mongol Period, 1330-1340. 

H. 9-1/2 in, 59.330 

Illustration from a Manuscript of the Shahmmah of Firdawsi: Bahram Gur 
Slays a Dragon . Miniature painting. Iran, Tabriz School (?), Mongol Period, 
ca. 1330-1340, H. 7-3/4 in. 43.658* 


Double-page Frontispiece from a Manuscript of the Shahnamah of Firdawsi: 
Courtly Scene. Miniature painting. Iran, Shiraz, Timurid Period, 
ca. 1444. H. 10-1/2 in. 45.169, 56.10* 

Garden Scene . Miniature painting 
(unfinished). Iran, Herat, Timurid 
Period, style of Bilizad, late 15th 
century. H. 10-3/8 in. 44,490 

A Picnic in the Mountains, Line 
drawing with color. Iran, Tabriz, 
Safavid Period, style of Muhammadi, 
ca. 1550. H. 10-7/16 in. 44.491 

Illustration from a Manuscript of the 
Shahnamah of Firdawsi: Rustam 
meets the Challenge of Ashkabus. 
Miniature painting. Iran, Timurid 
Period, 15th century. H. 12-13/16 in. 

Ruler Seated in a Garden. Drawing 
with wash. Iran, Safavid Period, 

16th century. H. 8-1/4 in. 39,508 


Camel with Attendant. Drawing with wash. Safavid Period, mid-16th century 
Attributed to Sultan Muhammad, Iranian. H. 8 in. 44.489 

Illustration from the Khamsa of 
Nizami: An Episode from the Story 
of Khusraw and Shirin. Miniature 
painting. Iran, Safavid Period, 

16th century. H. 8-1/2 in. 47.500 

Illustration from the Khamsa of 
Nizami: Nushirwan and the Owls. 
Miniature painting. Iran, Safavid 
Period, 16th century. H. 8-1/2 in. 

Youth Sleeping Under a Willow Tree. 
Miniature painting. Iran, Safavid 
Period, late 16th century. 

H. 8-3/16 in. 44.494 

Illustration from a Manuscript: 
Courtly Procession. Miniature 
painting. Iran, Safavid Period, 
ca. 1600. Detail: H. 11 in. 62.24 


Dragon Combat Drawing, Turkey, 15th century. H. 6-7/8 in, 44492 
Youth with Toy. Miniature painting, 

Iran, early 17th century. Bookbinding Leather, chased and perforated over gold. Iran, 15th century. 

H. 10-1/2 in, 47497 H. 14-1/8 in. 44495 


Far Eastern Art 



Indian Art 


Southeast Asian Art 


Chinese Art 


Japanese Art 

2 72 


Male Head with Turban. Red Pendant with Deity Hariti . Gold and carnelian. India, Sirkap, Saka-Parthian 

sandstone, India, Shunga Period, Period, ca. 50 B*C*-A.D* 50* D. 2-7/8 in. 53.14 

185-72 BtH. 19 in. 62.45* 

Bacchanalian Scene. Schist. India, Gandhara, from Buner, 
lst-2nd century* W* 17 in* 30.329 

Seated Buddha, Gray schist. India, 
Gandhara, 3rd century. H. 53 in. 


Bodhisattva. Gray schist. India, 
Gandhara, 3rd century. H. 52-1/8 in. 

A ttendant Holding a Fly-whisk, 
(Chauri Bearer). Red sandstone. India, 
Mathura, Kushan Period, 2nd century. 
H. 22 in. 65.472 

Adoring Attendant From a Buddhist 
shrine. Stucco. Hadda (Afghanistan), 
5th century. H. 21-1/2 in. 43.395 

Standing Bodhisattva Maitreya. Red 
sandstone. India, Mathura, Kushan 
Period, 3rd century. H. 26-1/2 in. 

Lion Red sandstone. India, Mathura, 
Kushan Period, 1 st-2nd century. 

H. 18-1/2 in. 52.514 


Seated Ascetics. Two terra-cotta plaques. Harwan, Kashmir, 4th century. 
H. 20 in. 59.131, 59.132 

Yakshi Red sandstone. India, 
Mathura, Kush an Period, 2nd century, 
H, 50-1/2 in. 68.104 

Head of Buddha. Red sandstone, 
India, Mathura, Gupta Period, 4th- 
5th century, H, 12 in. 63.504* 

Scene of Worsh ip (Fragmen t of Casing 
Slab). Marble. India, Nagarjunakonda, 
Satavahana Dynasty, late 2nd-early 
3rd century. H, 23-1 /4 in. 43.72 

Seated Buddha. Red sandstone. India, 
Mathura, Proto-Gupta style, late 
3rd century. H. 24 in. 41,94 


Standing Buddha. Cream sandstone. 
India, Gupta Period, from Sarnath, 
5th century. PL 30 in, 43.278 

Buddha. Dated A.D, 662. Bronze. 
India, Gupta Period. H. 18-1/8 in. 

Head of Vishnu. Red sandstone. India, 
Gupta Period, 5th century. H, II in. 

Ganga, Goddess of the Ganges. Stone . 
India, Mathura(?), early 7th 
century. H. 42*1/2 in. 66.119 

Standing Vishnu. Stone. India, 
Mathura, Gupta Period, ca. 600. 

H. 43 in. 63.580 

Surya, the Sun God. Brass. Kashmir, 
early 8th century. H. 19-13/16 in. 


Standing Buddha, Brass. North India 
or Kashmir, early 8th century. 

H. 38-5/8 in. 66.3G* 

Buddha Calling on the Earth to 
Witness. Black chlorite. India, 
Bengal, Pala Dynasty, 9th century. 
H, 37 in. 35*146* 

Chakrapurusa: Angel of the Discus. 
Black chlorite. India, Apshad, Pala 
Dynasty, ca. 670. H. 30-1/4 in* 

Bodhisattva Manjushri, (Lord of 
Wisdom). Image of gilded copper; 
pedestal and mandorla of brass. 
India, Bengal, Pala Dynasty, 11th- 
12th century* H. 12-1 /4 in. 60.285 

Shiva and Parvati; Umamaheshvara 
Bronze* India, Bengal, Pala Dynasty, 
reign of Devapala, 815-854. H. 7 in. 


Vishnu Attended by Chakrapurusa 
and Shankhapurusa. Bronze with 
silver inlay. India, Bengal, Pala 
Dynasty, ca. 12th century. 

H. 17-1/8 in. 64.453 

Vasudhara: Goddess of Abundance. 
Copper gilt with inlaid gems. Nepal, 
14th-l 5th century. H. 6-3/8 in. 

Gandavyuha: Structure of the World (detail). Illuminated 
manuscript, ink and color on palm leaf. India, Bengal, 

Pala Dynasty, 1 lth-12th century. W. 20-5/8 in. 55.49 

Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita: Book of Transcendental 
Wisdom (detail). Illuminated manuscript, color on wood 
and palm leaf. Nepal, 1100. W. 22-1/8 in. 38.301 


Manjushri Bodhisattva of Wisdom. 
Gilt copper. Nepal> 16th century. 
H. 16-11/16 in, 56,8 

Dancing Ganesha Red sandstone. 
India, Khajuraho Region, 1000, 

H. 24-1/8 in. 61.93 

Bodhisattva Manjushri Jananasathva. 
Gilt bronze. Nepal, late 16th 
century. H. 30-3/4 in, 64,370* 

Mithuna (Loving Couplef Stone. 
India, Rajasthan, from Harsagiri, 
973. H, 13-7/8 in. 62,165 

Vajravarahi: Dancing Tan trie Deity . 
Dry lacquer. Nepal, 16th-17th 
century. H. 25 in. 64.103 

Sdahhanjika Figure. Stone, India, 
Rajasthan, late 10th century. 

H. 21-1/2 in. 67.202 


Vaishnava Trinity: ShriDevi, Vishnu, Bhu Devi . Granite. India, probably 
from Region of Pudokkatai, early Chola Period, 1 st half 1 Oth century. 

H. (Vishnu) 69-1/4 in. 63.104-63.106* 

Shiva and Parvati: Uma-sahitamurti 

Copper. South India, early Chola Shiva Nataraja. Copper. South India, 

Period, early 10th century. Chola Period, 11th century. 

H. 40-3/4 in. 61.94* H. 43-7/8 in. 30.331* 

Gajasura-samharamurti: Shiva in 
Elephant-killing Aspect. South India, 
Chola Period, 11th century. 

H. 28-1/2 in. 62.164 

Shiva and Parvati: Alingana- 
Chandrasekharamurti. Copper. South 
India, Chola Period, 1 lth-12th century. 
H. 13-3/8 in. 54.7 


Shaiva Saint: Manikkavachokar. 
Bronze, South India, 12th-13th 
century, H. 13-3/16 in. 67.148 

A Guardian of Shiva Stone. India, 
Hoysala Dynasty, Mysore, 12th 
century. H. 44-5/8 in, 64.369* 

Manuscript of the Tuti-Nama by Ziya 
al-din Nakhshabi: fol llOv, A Poet - 
Musician, Color and gold on paper 
(manuscript almost complete). India, 
Mughal School, early reign of Akbar, 
ea. 1560, H. 8 in. 62,279* 

A Young Ascetic Walking by the Bank 
of a River. Color on paper. 

Attributed to Basawan, Indian, Mughal 
School, ca. 1560. Over-all H. 15-5/16 
in. Detail: H. 5-3/4 in. 67.244 

King Parikshit and Rishis. Color on paper. India, Rajasthan, Mewar School, 
ca. 1550, H. 8-9/16 in. 60,53 


Siege of Arbeld Color on paper with 
gold. Designed by Basawan, painted 
by Sur Gujarati* Indian, Mughal 
School, late 16th century, 

H, 15-1/4 in, 47,502 

Page from a Razm Nama* Dated 1616. 
Color on paper. India, Mughal School 
H. 13-15/16 in. 60.44 

Page from Tarikh-i-alfl (History of a 
Thousmid Years). Color on paper, 
India, Mughal School, late 16th 
century. H. 16-5/8 in. 32.36 

Hunting Scene, Color on paper. India, 
Mughal School, early 17th century. 

H. 14-5/8 in, 39,66 

Imperial Rooster Color on paper. 
Signed: Dilaram Padarat Kashmiri. 
Indian, Mughal School, early 17th 
century, H, 7-3/16 in, 44.501 


Nayika Madhya Dhira Adhira: Page 
from Bhanu Datta’s RmcmanjarL 
Color on paper. India, Rajasthan, 
Mewar School, ca. 1630. H*10 in, 

Ragini Kedara. Color on paper. India, 
Malwa School, ca* 1680. H. 8 in. 

Ragini Madhu Madhavi Color on paper. 
India, Malwa School, ca, 1660, 

H. 7-7/8 in. 25.1336 

Ragini Pancham. Color on paper. India, 
Rajasthan, Mewar School, mid-17th 
century, H. 14-9/16 in. 31.451 

Krishna: Page from Rasikapriya 
Dated 1634, Color on paper. India, 
Malwa School* H. 8-3/16 in. 38.303 

Shiva and Parvati Seated on an 
Elephant Skin. Color on paper* India, 
Punjab Hills, Basohli School, 
ca* 1700. H. 9-1/8 in* 52,587 


Durga StayingMahisha. Color on paper. India, Punjab 
Hills, Basohli School, ca. 1700. W. 9-1/4 in. 60.51 

Sita in the Garden of Lanka with Havana and His Demons: 
The Siege of Lanka Sequence, from The Ramqyam. 

Gold and color on paper. India, Punjab Hills, Guler 
School, ca. 1720. W. 33-1/4 in* 66.143* 

Angry Heroine. Color on paper. India, Basohli School, 
ca. 1720. W. I M/16 in. 67.239 

Raja Smoking with Son and a Courtier ; Color on paper. 
North India, Punjab Hills, Jammu School, ca. 1730. 

W. 12-3/16 in. 6047 


Krishna A waiting Radha Color on 
paper. India, Punjab Hills, Guler 
School, ca. 1760. H. 7-5/16 in. 

Toilette of Radha. Color and gold 
on paper. India, Punjab Hills, 
Kangra School, early 19th century. 
H. 9-1/8 in. 53.245 

Palace Ladies Hunting from a 
Pavilion. Color and gold on paper. 
India, Rajasthan, Kotah School, 
ca. 1760-1770. H. 15 in. 55.48* 

Pendant: Krishna with Devotees. Gold 
with enamel in champlev6 technique. 
India, Rajasthan, 17th-18th century. 
H. 2 in. 46.257 

Durga Slaying Mahisha. Color on 
paper. India, Punjab Hills, Kangra 
School, late 18th century. 

H. 10-13/16 in. 55.667 

Carpet Senna knot, silk. India, 
Mughal School, early 17th century, 
Over-all: H. 9 ft. 7-1/4 in. 

Detail: H. 47 in. 36.17 


Textile. Diasper weave, silk. India, 
Rajput, Jaipur School, 17th century. 
Over-all: W< 67-7/8 in. Detail: 

R 36-1/2 in. 53.474 

Vishnu. Gray sandstone. Cambodia, 
Pre-Angkorean Period, style of 
Prasat Andet, 2nd half 7th century. 
R 34-1/4 in. 42.562* 

Head of Buddha. Bluish-gray 
sandstone, Cambodia, Pre-Angkorean 
Period, style of Tra Vinh, late 6 th- 
early 7th century. H. 10 in, 32,43 

Head of Shiva. Tan sandstone. 
Cambodia, Koh Ker style, reign 
of Jayavarman IV, 928-941. 

R 16-1/2 in, 40.53* 

Buddha with Hands in Gesture of 
Teaching, VitarkaMudra. Bronze. 
Thailand, Mon Dvaravati Period, 

7th century. R 84/4 in, 58.334 

Rakshasa. Gray sandstone. Cambodia, 
Koh Ker style, 10th century . 

H. 27-1/2 in. 67.146 


Shiva Gray sandstone. Cambodia, 
style of Baphuon, 1 st half 11 th 
century. H. 30-1/4 in. 41.25 

Buddha Enthroned Bronze 
altarpiece. Cambodia, Angkor Wat 
style, ca. 1112-1153. 

H. 10-1/2 in. 42.149 

Lintel with Ganida and Three-headed 
Naga . Sandstone. Cambodia, 

9th-10th century. H. 20-11/16 in. 

Finid: Buddha Calling on the Earth 
to Witness. Bronze. Cambodia, ca. 
1200. H. 15-7/16 in. 64.93 

Buddha Sheltered by Mucalinda, 
the Serpent King. Bronze. Cambodia, 
Period of Angkor Wat, early 3 2th 
century. H. 23 in. 63.263* 

Lokeshvara Sandstone. Cambodia, 
reign of Jayavarman VII, Second 
Angko re an Period, 1002-1201. 

H. 13-1/S in. 55.47 


Princess. From the Terrace of the 

Leper King Angkor Thom. Sandstone. Dancing Apsaras: Heavenly Beings. Section of a lintel from the Bayon of 

Cambodia, reign of Jayavarman VII, Angkor Thom. Sandstone. Cambodia, reign of Jayavarman VII, ca, 1181-1218. 

ca. 118M218.H. 24 in. 38.304 W. 34-1/2 in. 38.433 

Shiva. Sandstone. Viet Nam, Champa, 
from Dong-duong, Indrapura, 9th 
century. H. 34 in. 35J47 

Padmapani Copper. Java, Sailendra 
Period, 8th-9th century. H. 6-1/8 in. 

Head of Buddha. Black lava stone. 
Java, from Borobudur, early 9th 
century. H. 12 in. 42.1087 


Vase: Pan-shan Type * Fainted 
pottery* China, Kansu Province, 
Neolithic Period, 2500-1500 B*C. 

H. 14-1/4 in. 30332 

Ting: Tripod. Bronze* China, Shang 
Dynasty, 11th century B.C. 

H. 9-5/8 in, 62*281 

Axe : Bronze* China, Shang Dynasty, 
1523-1028 B.C* H* 8-5/16 in, 37.27 

Fang-yu: Square Wine Container ; 
Bronze. China, late Shang Dynasty, 
12th-l 1th century B.C, H* 10-1/2 in* 

Ku: Beaker. Bronze. China, Shang 
Dynasty, 13th- 12th century B.C. 

H. 10-9/16 in. 60.43 

Mask. Marble* China, Shang Dynasty, 
ca* 1200 B*C* W* 5-1/4 in. 52.585 


Elephant-feline Head. Jade, partly 
calcified. China, Shang Dynasty, 
ca. 1200 B.C. L. 1-5/8 in. 52.573 

Tsun: Owl Wine Vessel. Bronze. 
China, early Western Chou Period, 
1027-771 B.C. H. 8-1/4 in. 51.119 

Tsun: Ceremonial Vessel Bronze. 

China, early Chou Period, 1027- 
ca. 900 B.C. H. 11-5/8 in. 51.151 

Li-ting: Hollow-legged Tripod. Bronze. China, reportedly from Hsi-an 
middle Western Chou Period, ca. 950-ca. 900 B.C. D. 10-7/8 in. 61.203* 


Hu: Covered Vessel Bronze* China, 
middle Chou Period, ca. 90th 
ca. 600 B.C, H* 18-1/8 in. 44*61 

Staff FinM. Bronze* China, from 
Chin-Tshin, Period of Warring States, 
ca. 481-221 B.C.H. 5-5/16 in, 

Po: Bell Bronze* China, late Chou 
Period, early 5th century B.C. 

H* 16-1/4 in. 62*44 

Cranes and Serpents, Lacquered 
wood, China, from Ch’ang-sha, 
Period of Warring States, 

481-221 B,C* H* 52 in* 38*9* 

In terlace Plaque. Ho ney-color e d ja de 
China, from Ch’ang-sha, late Chou 
Period, ca, 600-211 B.C. 

W* 2-15/16 in. 52.584 



The Kill Carved and painted shell. 
China, late Chou or early Han 
Dynasty, 3rd-2nd century B,C. 

W. 3-1/2 in. 57.139 

Hill Jar. Lead-glazed pottery. China, 
Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220. 

H. 10-1/2 in, 48,214 

Tomb Relief. Stone. China, from 
Szuch’uan, Han Dynasty, 206 B.C,- 
A.D. 220. H, 47-1/4 in. 62,280 

Vase with Coven Green lead glaze 
over red clay body. China, Han 
Dynasty, 206 B,C,-A.D, 220. 

H. 18-1/2 in, 24,196 

Vase. Porcelain with ash glaze. 
China, early Han Dynasty, 

2nd century B.C. 

H, 18 in. 54.370 


Top of a Hun-p mg: Urn of the Soul. 
Yueh ware. China, from Shao-hsing. 
Six Dynasties, Wu Dynasty, 222-280, 
or Western Chin Dynasty, 265-316. 
D. 8-1/2 in. 60.76 

Pole Top: Wild Ass. Cast bronze, 
hollow. China, Ordos Region, Han 
Dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220. H. 7 in. 

Two Reliefs from a Funerary Stove 
Model. Terra cotta. China, Han 
Dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220. 

W. 10-3/4 in. 25.134, 25.135 

Tomb Tile (detail). Terra cotta. China, late Han Dynasty, 2nd-3rd century. 
W. 41-1/2 in. 15.70 7 


P’u-shou: Monster-headed Door-ring Holder. Gilt bronze. China, late Six 
Dynasties, 220-589. W. 7-7/8 in. 30.731 

Maitreya and Attendants. Dated 500. 
Limestone. China, Northern Wei 
Period. H. 37-1/4 in. 59.130 

Adoring Monk. Gilt bronze. China, 
Northern Wei Period, ca. 520-525. 
H. 5-7/8 in. 62.213 

Mortuary Horse. Painted Pottery. 
China, Northern Wei Period, ca. 525. 
H. 8-3/4 in. 29.985 

Head of Bodhisattva. Stone. China, 
from Lung-men, Northern Wei Period, 
ca. 510-520. H. 14-1/4 in. 15.77 


Stele: Sakyamuni Trinity. Dated 537, 
Limestone. China, Eastern Wei 
Period. H. 30-1/2 in. 14.567 

Squatting Caryatid Monster, 
Limestone. China, from Northern 
Hsiang-t’ang-shan, Northern Cfi’i 
Period, ca. 570. H. 29-1/2 in. 


Stele: Maitreya, as the Future Buddha 
Marble. China, Northern Ch’i 
Period, 550-577. H. 34 in. 17320 

Bodhisattva Kuan-yin. Sandstone 
with polychrome. China, late 
Northern CICi Period or early Sui 
Dynasty, 575-600. H. 54-5/8 in. 

Seated Sakyamuni Buddha. Limestone 
China, Sui Dynasty, 590-620 
H, 20-1/4 in. 64.152 

Guardian Lion. White marble. China, 
Sui Dynasty or early T’ang Dynasty, 
ca, 600, H. 31 in. 65,473 


Candlestick . White porcellaneous 
ware, gieenisli-white glaze, China, 

Sui Dynasty, 581-618, or early Tang 
Dynasty, 618-907. H. 11 -3/4 in. 

Horse. Pottery with polychrome glaze 
(Tang san-tsai). China, Tang 
Dynasty, 618-907, H. 30-1/4 in. 

Jar Pottery with polychrome glaze 
(Tang san-tsai). China, Tang 
Dynasty, 618-907. H. 5-1/8 in. 

A Harpist Pottery with traces of 
glaze. China, Tang Dynasty, 
618-907. H. 12-5/8 in. 31.450 

Camel Glazed pottery, China, 
Tang Dynasty, 618-907. 

H. 31-1/2 in. 67.147 

Bull Painted pottery. China, Tang 
Dynasty, 618-907. H. 6-3/16 in. 


Jar, Cream-glaze pottery. China, 
T’ang Dynasty, 618-907. H. 11 in. 

Stern Cup. Gilded silver. China 
T’ang Dynasty, 618-907. H. 3-1/2 in. 

Jar: Porcelain, Hsing ware. China, 
T’ang Dynasty, 618-907. H. 5 in. 

Standing Kuan-yin. Limestone with 
traces of polychrome, China, T’ang 
Dynasty, dated 687, reportedly from 
Pai-ma-ssu, Honan Province. 

H. 67-1/4 in. 66364 


Kuan-yin, Marble * China, from 
Ling-yen-shan, Hopei, early Tang 
Dynasty, 618-907. H. 70 in. 29 :981 

Eleven-headed Kuan-yin, Gray 
sandstone. China, Tang Dynasty, 
1st quarter 8th century. H* 51 in* 

Ewer in the Form of a Court Lady . 
Porcellaneous ware. North China, 

Liao Kingdom, 947-1125* H. 8-3/8 in. 

Dancing Apsara. Dry lacquer. China, 
late Tang Dynasty or early Five 
Dynasties, 9th-10th century. 

H: 15-3/4 in. 53.356 

Textile. Silk, patterned weave* 
China, 8th century. H. 10-9/16 in. 


Seated Amitahha Buddha. Gilt bronze. 
China, Liao Kingdom, 10th century. 

H. 9 in. 42.1082 

Taoist Figure. Wood and ivory ♦ 

China, Southern Sung Dynasty, 
1127-1279. H. 12*1/2 in. 64368 

Potda Kuan-yin. Wood (loquat)* 
China, Five Dynasties, 10th century. 
B 5-15/16 in. 65556 

Bodkisattva. Cypress. China, Chin 
Dynasty, 13th century* H, 57-1/2 in* 

Vase. Stoneware, Tz’u-chou ware* 
China, Sung Dynasty or earlier, 
960-1279, H* 12-5/8 in* 42,656 


Jar. Stoneware, Tz’u-chou ware. 

China, Sung Dynasty, 9601279. 

H. 13-3/4 in. 48.225 

Meip ’ing: Gallipot Vase. Stoneware, 
Tz’u-chou ware. China, Northern 
Sung Dynasty, 9601127. H. 13-1/2 in. 

Vase. Stoneware, Tz’u-chou ware, 
“Chiao-ts’o” type. China, Northern 
Sung Dynasty, 960-1127. H. 16-1/4 in. 

Lion Porcelain, Yiieh ware. China, 
Northern Sung Dynasty, 960-1127. 

H. 7-1/8 in. 66.26 

Teapot. Stoneware, Tz’u-chou ware. 
China, Sung Dynasty, 960-1279. 

H. 6-7/8 in. 48.219 

Phoenix-headed Vase. Porcelain, 
Ch’ing-pai ware. China, Northern 
Sung Dynasty, 960-1127. 

H. 15-3/8 in. 65.468* 


Covered Box. White porcelain, Ting 
ware. China, Northern Sung Dynasty, 
960-1127♦ D. 4-1/8 in. 5732 

Circular Washer Porcelain, Ju ware, 
China, Northern Sung Dynasty, 

960-1127. D, 5-1/16 in, 57.40 

Covered Box with Carved Floral 
Design. Porcelain, northern celadon 
ware, China, Northern Sung Dynasty, 
960-1127. D. 4-3/16 in. 62.41 

Plate. Porcellaneous stoneware, 

Chun ware. China, Sung Dynasty, 
960-1279 D. 7-1/8 in, 42.665 

Teapot. Porcelain, Tung ware. China, 
Northern Sung Dynasty, 960-1127, 

H. 7-3/8 in. 48.220* 

Flower Pot Stand. Porcellaneous 
stoneware, Chun ware. China, Sung 
Dynasty, 960-1279. D. 9-1/4 in. 57.33 


Ting: Tripod Celadon, Lung-ch’uan 
ware. China, Southern Sung Dynasty, 
1127-1279. D. 5-1/2 in, 54.790 

Althea Bowl Kuan ware, China, 
Southern Sung Dynasty, 1127-1279. 
D. 6-7/8 in. 57.66 

Ch *a-tou: Vase in Grain Measure 
Shape. Lung-ch'iian ware. China, 
Southern Sung Dynasty, 1127-1279. 
H. 3-9/16 in. 57.73 

Lu: Incense Burner. Porcellaneous 
stoneware, Kuan ware. China, 
Southern Sung Dynasty, 1127-1279. 
W. 6-1/8 in, 57.63* 

Washer Basin From Phoenix Hill 
Kiln, Hangchou, Kuan ware. China, 
Southern Sung Dynasty, 1127-1279 
D. 9-1/2 in. 57.48 


Buddhist Monastery by Stream and 
Mountains. Hanging scroll, ink on 
silk. Attributed to Chii-jan, Chinese, 
active ca. 960-980, Northern Sung 
Dynasty. H. 73 in. 59.348* 

Barbarian Royalty Worshiping Buddha. Handscroll, ink and color on silk. 
Traditionally attributed to Chao Kuang-fu, Chinese, active 960-975. 
Northern Sung Dynasty. W. 40-3/4 in. 57.358 

Ch i-shan wu-chin: Streams and Mountains Without End. 
(detail). Handscroll, ink on silk. China, Northern Sung 
Dynasty, early 12th century. W. 83-7/8 in. 53.126* 

Cloudy Mountains (detail). Dated 1130. Handscroll, ink 
and slight color on silk. Mi Yu-jen, Chinese, Sung 
Dynasty. W. 76-1/2 in. 33.220* 


Cottages in a Misty Grove in Autumn. 
Dated 1117. Album leaf, ink and color 
on silk. Li An-chung, Chinese, 
Northern Sung Dynasty. H. 10-2/3 in. 

Bamboo and Ducks by a Rushing Stream. 
Hanging scroll, ink and light color 
on silk. Ma Yuan, Chinese, active 
ca. 1190-ca. 1224, Southern Sung 
Dynasty, H. 24 in. 67.145 

The Knick-Knack Peddler. Dated 1201. Album leaf, ink 
and slight color on silk. Li Sung, Chinese, Southern Sung 
Dynasty. H. 9-1/2 in. 63.582* 

Birds in a Grove in a Mountainous 
Landscape in Winter. Hanging scroll, 
ink and slight color on silk. Kao 
Tao(?), Chinese, Sung Dynasty, 

12th century. H. 68-7/8 in. 66.115 

Scholar Reclining and Watching Rising Clouds. Dated 1256. 
Fan painting, ink and slight color on silk. Ma Lin, 

Chinese, Southern Sung Dynasty. H. 9-15/16 in. 61.421 


Tiger. Hanging scroll, ink on silk. 
Attributed to Mu-ch’i, Chinese, 
active 2nd half 13th century, 
Southern Sung Dynasty. H. 48-3/4 in. 

Plate with Biscuit Dragon. Porcelain 
with celadon glaze. China, Yuan 
Dynasty, 14th century. D. 17 in. 

The Bodhisattva Pu-hsien: 
SamantabhadrcL Hanging scroll, 
color and ink on silk. China, 
Southern Sung Dynasty, 1127-1279. 
H. 45-3/16 in. 62.161 

Jar with Lion-head Handles. 
Porcelain with blue underglaze 
decoration. China, Yuan Dynasty, 
14th century. H. 15-1/2 in. 62.154 

xx rcvsr^m 

Jar. Tz’u-chou ware. China, Yuan 
Dynasty, 1279-1368. H. 11 in. 48.215 

Bowl with Taoist Designs. White 
jade (nephrite). China, Yuan 
Dynasty, late 13th to early 14th 
century. W. 6-1/4 in. 52.510 


The Second Coming of the Fifth 
Patriarch. Section of a handscroll 
mounted as a hanging scroll, ink on 
paper. Yin-t’o-lo (Indara), Chinese, 

The Lantern Night Excursion of Chung K’uei (detail). Handscroll, ink on active ca. mid-14th century, Yuan 

silk. Yen Hui, Chinese, Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368. W. 94-5/8 in. 61.206 Dynasty. W. 17-9/16 in. 67.211 

Sakyamuni as an Ascetic. Gilt bronze. 
China, Yuan Dynasty, early 14th 
century. H. 17-3/8 in. 66.116 

Chiu-ko-tu: The Nine Songs (detail). 
Handscroll, ink on paper. Chang Wu, 
Chinese, active 1335-1365, Yuan 
Dynasty. W. 14 ft. 4-1/2 in. 59.138 

Bodhidharma Crossing the Yangtze 
on a Reed. Hanging scroll, ink on 
paper. China, Yuan Dynasty, 1279- 
1368. H. 35-1/8 in. 64.44 


Three Horses and Four Grooms 
(detail). Hand sc roll, ink and color 
on silk. Jen Jen-fa, Chinese, 

1254-1327, early Yuan Dynasty. 

W. 53-7/8 in. 60.181 

Poetic Feeling in a Thatched Pavilion (detail). Dated 
1347, Handserolh ink on paper, Wu Chen, Chinese, 
Yuan Dynasty. W. 39-1/8 in. 63,259 

Bamboos, Rocks, and Lonely Orchids 
(detail), Handscroll, ink on paper, 
Qiao Meng-fu, Chinese, 1254-1322, 
Yuan Dynasty. W. 56-3/4 in, 63.515* 

Leisure Enough to Spare , Dated 1360. Handscroll, ink 
on paper, Yao Ting-mei, Chinese, Yuan Dynasty. 

W, 33-1/16 in. 54,791 

Ink Flowers (detail). Dated 1361. 
Handscroll, ink on paper. Chao 
Chung, Chinese, active ca. 2nd 
half 14th century, Yuan Dynasty. 
W, 60-5/16 in, 67.36 


Qirysanthemums and Cabbage (detail). Dated 1490. Handscroll, ink and slight 
color on paper. T’ao Cheng, Chinese, Ming Dynasty. W. 40 in. 60.40 

The Poet Lin Pu Wandering in the 
Moonlight Hanging scroll, ink and 
slight color on paper. Tu Chin, 

Chinese, active ca. 1465-1487, Ming 
Dynasty. H. 61-5/8 in. 54.582 

Wu-she-shan: The Mountain of the 
Five Cataracts . Hanging scroll, ink 
on silk. Ch’en Hung-shou, Chinese, 
1598-1652, Ming Dynasty. 

H. 46-9/16 in. 66.366 

A Distant View of Tiger Hill, from Twelve Views of Tiger Hill, Suchou . 
Album leaf, ink on paper. Shen Chou, Chinese, 1427-1509, Ming Dynasty. 
W. 15-13/16 in. 64.371* 

* ft ±g 

d' fc $ 

I* < t « 

«■ j 1 f 

* « At M 

- * £ i l 

< •* a 



Old Pine Tree* Hand sc roll, ink on paper. Wen Cheng-ming, Chinese 
1470-1559, Ming Dynasty. W. 56 in/64.43 

Beggars and Street Characters (detail). Dated 1516. 
Handscroll, ink and color on paper Chou Ch’en, Chinese, 
Ming Dynasty. W. 96-1/4 in* 64.94 

Chao Meng-fu Writing the Heart Sutra in Exchange for 
Tea (detail). Dated 1543. Color on paper Chiu Ying* 
Chinese, Ming Dynasty. W, 30-5/8 in. 63.102 


Mountains on a Clear Autumn Day , Tribute from the Korean king to the throne 
of Ming Emperor Sheug-tsung. Handscroll, ink on paper- Tung ClTi-ch*ang, 
Chinese, 1555-1636, Ming Dynasty, W. 53-7/8 in- 5946 

Greeting the Spring (detail). Dated 1600. Handscroll, color and ink on paper. 
Wu Pin, Chinese, Ming Dynasty, W. 96-1/2 in. 5945 

Lady Hsuan-wen-chun Giving 
Instructions on the Classics , 

Dated 1638, Hanging scroll, color on 
silk, CITen Hung-shou, Chinese, 

Ming Dynasty. H. 68-3/8 in, 61,89 

. y ^ 


Dish. Porcelain with underglaze in 
Mohammedan blue. China, Ming 
Dynasty, reign of Hsuan-te, 
1426-1435, D. 17 in. 53.127* 

Wine Cup. Porcelain with blue 
underglaze and overglaze in red and 
green enamels, Tou Tsai ware. China, 
Ming Dynasty, mark and reign of 
CITeng-hua, 1465-1487. H. 1*7/8 in. 

Chueh: Libation Cup . Imperial white 
porcelain. China, Ming Dynasty, 
re ign of Yu ng4 o, 1403-1424, 

H. 5-7/8 in. 57.59 

Pa-pei: Stem Cup. Porcelain, blue 
underglaze, red enamel overglaze. 
China, Ming Dynasty, mark and 
reign of Hsiian-te, 1426-1435. 

H. 3*1/2 in. 57,60 

Bowl with Land of Taoist Immortals 
Scene. Porcelain with blue 
underglaze decoration. China, Ming 
Dynasty, mark and reign of Hsiian-te, 
1426-1435. D. 7-3/4 in. 62,260 

Dice Bowl with Decoration of the 
*Three Friends. ” Porcelain with blue 
underglaze decoration. China, Ming 
Dynasty, mark and reign of Hsiian-te, 
1426-1435. D. 11-7/8 in. 53.631 


Bowl Porcelain with blue under¬ 
glaze decoration. China, Ming 
Dynasty, mark and reign of 
Ch’eng-hua, 1465-1487. 

D. 5-11/16 an. 67.64 

Kuan-yin of the South Sea, White 
porcelain s Te-hua ware, China, Ming 
Dynasty, 1368-1644, H, 17-3/4 in. 

Vase. Porcelain, “yellow family.” 
China, Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. 

H. 17 in. 42.718 

Vase, “Fa-hua” type. Porcelain* 

China, Shansi Province, Ming Dynasty, 
late 15th century* H, 14-3/4 in* 


Covered Jar Porcelain, blue 
underglaze, overglaze in red, green, 
and yellow enamels* China, Ming 
Dynasty, mark and reign of Wan-li, 
1573-1619. H. 4 in. 57.62 

Reclining Water Buffalo. Jade. China, 
early Ming Dynasty, 1368“ 1644. 

L. 8-1/4 in. 60.282 


Hoop-backed Armchair Lotion Type, 

Huang-hua-li, Burmese or East 
Indian rosewood. China, late Ming 
Dynasty, 17th century. H. 33-5/8 in- 

Pure Tones of the Mills and Waters (detail). Dated 1664. 
Handscroll, ink and color on paper. Hsiao Yun-ts’ung, 
Chinese, Ch’ing Dynasty. W. 25 ft. 7-3/4 in. 54.262 

Fish and Rocks (detail). Handscroll, 
ink on paper. Chu Ta, Chinese, 1624- 
ca. 1705, Ch’mg Dynasty. W. 62 in. 

Strolling Companions in the Autumn Mountains. Double 
album leaf mounted as a handscroll, ink and color on 
paper. fCun-ts’an, Chinese, active 2nd half 17th 
century. Ch’ing Dynasty. W. 25-3/8 in. 66.367 

Fragment of a Panel Tapestry weave 
(k’chssuj, silk and gold. China, 

Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644. H. 78 in. 


Reminiscences of Ch ’in-Huai River. 
Album leaf, ink and color on paper, 
Shih-fao (Tao-chi), Chinese, 164] - 
ca. 1720, Ch’ing Dynasty. 

H. 101/16 in. 6631* 

Pine Wind from Myriad Valleys. 
Hanging scroll, ink and color on 
paper Wu Li, Chinese, 1632-1718, 
Ch'ing Dynasty. H. 43-1/8 in. 54.584 

Tall Bamboos and Distant Mountains 
After Wang Meng. Dated 1694. 
Hanging scroll, ink on paper. 

Wang Hui, Chinese, Chhng Dynasty. 

H. 31-1/4 in. 53.629 

Conversation in Autumn. Dated 1732. 
Hanging scroll, ink and color on 
paper. Hua Yen, Chinese, Ch’ing 
Dynasty. H. 45-3/8 in. 54.263* 

Landscape After Ni Tsan. Dated 1707. 
Hanging scroll, ink and color on 
paper. Wang Yuan-ch’i, Chinese, 
Ch’ing Dynasty. H. 31-5/8 in. 54.583 

Drunken Chung K uei Supported by 
Ghosts. Hanging scroll, ink and 
color on paper. Lo P’ing, Chinese, 

1733-1799, Ch ’ing Dy nasty. 

H. 38-1/8 in. 59.185 


Bo tile-shaped Vase. Lang ware, 
“ox-blood” gjaze. China, Ch’ing 
Dynasty, reign of K’ang-hsi, 1662- 
1722, H. 15 in. 44.201 

Vase. Porcelain, “peach-bloom” glaze. 
China, Ch’ing Dynasty, mark and 
reign of K’ang-hsi, 1662-1722. 

H. 8-5/16 in. 42.669 

Baluster Vase. Porcelain, “black 
family.” China, Ch’ing Dynasty, 
reign of K*ang-hsi , 1662-1722* 
H> 17-3/8 in* 42,696 

Vase. Porcelain, “soft paste,” blue 
underglaze. China, Ch’ing Dynasty, 
mark and reign of Yung-cheng, 1723- 
1735* H* 11-1/4 in. 42.728 


Vase. Porcelain, “green family.” 
China, Ch’ing Dynasty, reign of 
K’ang-hsi, 1662-1722. H. 10-3/4 in. 

Vase, Ku-yueh-hman Type . Porcelain 
with decoration in colored fa-lang 
enamels. China, Ch'ing Dynasty, 
mark and reign of Ch’ien-lung, 
1736-1795. H. 6-1/16 in. 63.514 

Vase, Ku-yueh-hsuan Type. Porcelain 
“rouge de fer” handles, black and 
colored enamels. China, Ch’ing 
Dynasty, reign of Clfien-lung, 
1736-1795. H. 10-3/4 in. 42.712 

Koto with T’ao-Vieh Masks. Green 
jade, China, Ch’ing Dynasty, Ch’jen- 
lung Period, 1736-1795, H, 6 in. 


Vase Porcelain, Korea, Koryu Period, 
12th or 13th century. H. 10 in. 

Haniwa Figure. Terra cotta. Japan, 
Kofun Period, ca, 6tli century. 

PL 23 in, 6239 

Bottle Vase with Fish Design , 
Punching stoneware. Korea, Yi 
Dynasty, ISth century. HL !2 in, 

Dotaku: Bell Bronze, Japan, late 
Yay oi Period, 100-300. H. 38-1/2 in. 

Urn. Terra cotta, Japan, middle 
Jomon Period, ca, 1000 B,C, 

H. 15-1/2 in. 60.196 


Heavenly Musician r From Horyu-ji 
Nara. Camphor wood with polychrome. 
Japan, Hakuho Period, 645-710. 

H. 21-1/8 in. 54.792 

Kannon: Avalokiteshvara. Gilt 
bronze. Japan, Hakuho Period, 

645-710. H. 13 in. 50.392 

Hanka-shiyui-to: Bodhisattva in 
Meditation , Bronze, Japan, Suiko 
Period, 7th century. H. 18 in. 50.86 

Woman from an Audience Scene . 
Probably from Horyu-ji, Nara. Gray 
unbaked clay, Japan, Hakuho Period, 
645-710, H, 7-1/2 im 50.393 

Suikoju: Gigaku Mask. Paulownia 
wood, lacquered and painted, Japan, 
Tempyo Period, 710-794, H, 11 in, 


Hand of Buddha. Wood. Japan, late 
Nara or early Jogan Period, late 
8th-early 9th century. H. 15-3/4 in. 

Bosatsu, Gyodo Mask. Lacquered 
wood with paint. Japan, Fujiwara 
Period, late 12th century. 

H. 8-5/8 in. 50.581 

Nikko, the Sun Bodhisattva. Carved 
from one block of Japanese yew. 
Japan, Konin Period, ca. 800. 

H. 18-3/8 in. 61.48 

Godai-Kokuzo: Five Bodhisattvas of 
the Mandala of the Void. Gilded wooc 
Japan, Fujiwara Period, 897-1185. 

H. (central Figure) 7-5/16 in. 

Amida’s Paradise. Lacquer, fragment mounted as a box cover. Japan, late Heian 
Period, ca. 1200.W. 5-3/16 in. 61.91 


Box with Chrysanthemum Design. Lacquer, Japan, Kamakura Period, 11 85-1333. 
W. 10-3/4 in* 63.513 

Kannon. Lacquered wood with 
kirikane decoration, Japan, Kamakura 
Period, 13th century. H. 30 in. 52.90 

Shinto Deity: Izu-san Gongen. Wood. 
Japan, Kamakura Period, 12th- 13th 
century. H. 39-3/8 in. 54,373 

Amida, Buddha of the Western 
Paradise. Dated 1269. Wood without 
gold leaf, polychrome. Koshun and 
assistants, Japanese, Kamakura 
Period. H. 37-1/4 in. 60.197 

Karorskishi { "China Lion''*}. Wood. 
Japan, Kamakura Period, H, 19-1/2 in. 


Gohimitsu Bosatsu: The “Secret Five 
Bodhmttva Hanging scroll, color, 
gold, and silver on three joined 
pieces of silk, Japan, Kamakura 
Period, late 12th century. 

H. 31-1/16 in. 61.423* 

White-robed Kim non from Kozan-jL 
Hanging scroll, ink on paper, Japan, 
Kamakura Period, ca. 1200. H. 36 in. 

Nika Byakudo: The White Path to the 
Western Paradise A cross Two Rivers. 
Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk. 
Japan, Kamakura Period, 13th-14th 
century. H. 48-5/8 in. 55.44 

Kumano Mandate: The Three Sacred 
Shrines. Hanging scroll, color on 
silk. Japan, Kamakura Period, 
ca. 1300. H. 52-3/4 in. 53.16 

One of the "Ten Fast Bulls. "Hanging scroll, ink and slight color on paper, 
from a handscroll. Japan, Kamakura Period, mid-13th century. W. 12-5/8 in. 


The Poet Taira-No-Kanemori. Section of a hand scroll, 
black, white, and slight color on paper. Japan, 
Kamakura Period, 1185-1333. W. 18-3/8 in. 51.397 

Choyo: Priest Sewing Under the 
Morning Sun. Hanging scroll, ink on 
paper, Ca. 1350 or slightly earlier. 

Kao, Japanese, Nambochuko Period, 

H. 32 15/16 in. 62.163 

Yuzu Nembutsu Engi; Efficacy of Repeated Invocations 
to the Amida Buddha (detail). Handscroll, ink, color, 
and gold on paper. Japan, Kamakura Period, 14th century 
W. 42 ft, 2-1/2 in, 56.87 

on paper. Japan, Kamakura 

FukutomiZoshi (detail). Handscroll, ink and color 
Period, 14th century. W. 33 ft, 8-3/4 in. 53.358 

V ig] % * J* 

" j £ +* f ft 

*) i j % A 

w o ft 1 f t 

J' *7 ^ i A 

: , S 

% T. )t K 


Haboku Landscape . Hanging scroll, 
ink on paper. Sesshu, Japanese, 
1420-1506, Muromachi Period. 

H, 28-5/16 in. 55.43 

Winter and Spring Landscape. Six-fold screen, ink and slight color on paper. 
Shubun, Abbot of Shokoku-ji, Kyoto, Japanese, ca. 1390-1464, Muromachi 
Period. W. 12 ft, 58.476* 

Birds and Flowers in a Winter and Spring Landscape. One of a pair of 
six-fold screens, ink and color on paper. Attributed to Sesshu, Japanese, 

1420-1506, Muromachi Period, W. 12 ft. 3 in. 61.204 


Eight Scenes of Hsiao-Hsiang. Hanging 
scroll, ink on paper. Ca. 1509. 

So-ami, Japanese, Muromachi Period. 
H. 50-5/8 in. 63.262* 

Horses and Grooms (detail). One of a 
pair of six-fold screens, color and 
ink on paper. Japan, Muromachi 
Period, 1392-1573. W. 12 ft. 1 in. 

Kasuga Mandala. Hanging scroll, ink 
on silk. Japan, Muromachi Period, 
1392-1573. H. 47 in. 17.93 

Dragon and Tiger . Pair of six-fold screens, ink on paper. Sesson, Japanese, 
born 1504-active until 1589, Muromachi Period. W. 12 ft. 59.136, 59.137* 


Namban Byobu: "Southern Barbarians ’ Scenes. One of a pair of six-fold screens. 

Color on paper. 1610-1614. Japan, Momoyama or early Edo Period. W. 11 ft. 

6-1/4 in. 60.193 

Cosmetic Box. Lacquer, Japan, 

Table. Wood, lacquer, gold, and silver. Japan, Muromachi Period, Momoyama Period, 1573-1615. 

15th century. W. 23 in. 58.429 W. 13-1/8 in. 66.25 


Bowl with Cross. Glazed stoneware, 
Hagi ware. Japan, Momoyama Period, 
ca. 1600. H. 9-1/8 in. 62.211 

Dish with Design of Three Wild 
Geese in Flight. Pottery, Nezumi 
Shino ware. Japan, Momoyama Period, 
ca. 1600. D. 6-1/2 in. 59.35 

Ewer. Pottery, Oribe ware. Japan, 

Momoyama Period, 1573-1615. 

H. 8-1/4 in. 58.336 

Dish with Design of Valerian and Rocks in a Garden. Pottery, Nezumi Shino ware. 
Japan, Momoyama Period, ca. 1610. Reportedly from the Inkyo Nishi Kiln at Kujiri. 
W 9-3/16 in. 66.24 


Scene from the Ise Monogatari: The 
Beach at SumiyoshL Album leaf, 
color and gold on paper. Nonomura 
Sotatsu, Japanese, Edo Period, early 
17th century. H. 9-5/8 in. 51.398 

Sano-no-Watari: Crossing at Sano. 
Screen, ink on gold-ground paper. 
Nonomura Sotatsu, Japanese, Edo 
Period, early 17th century. H. 51 in. 

Chrysanthemums by a Stream. One of a pair of six-fold screens, color and 
gold leaf on paper. Ogata Korin, Japanese, 1658-1716, Edo Period. 

W. 12 ft. 4 in. 58.207 

Utsunoyama: The Pass Through the Mountains. Six-fold screen, color on 
gold-ground paper. Fukaye Roshu, Japanese, 1699-1757, Edo Period. 

W. 8 ft. 11 in. 54.127* 


Calligraphy by Koetsu of Waka t Poems from “Shin-kokinshu ” 
Written over Designs by Sotatsu (detail). Hand scroll, 
ink, gold, silver, and color on paper* Japan, Edo Period, 
early 17th century* W. 11 ft 4-1/2 in. 66.118 

Irises. One of a pair of six-fold screens, ink and color 
on gold-ground paper. Watanabe Shiko, Japanese, 1683-1755, 
Edo Period. W, 11 ft* 10 in* 54.604 

Thirty-six Poets. Two-fold screen, color on paper. 
Attributed to Tatebayashi Kagei, Japanese, Edo Period, 
1st half 18th century. W* 73-1/2 in* 60*183 

Pauhwnias and Chrysanthemums * Two-fold screen, color 
and gold on paper. Sakai Hoitsu, Japanese, 1779-1828, 
Edo Period. W. 62-3/8 in* 64.386 


Portrait of the Chinese Priest 
Dokuritsu. Dated 1671. Hanging scroll. 

Kita Genki, Japanese, Edo Period. 

H. 43-7/8 in. 65.31 

Bamboo in Fine Weather After Rain. Two-fold screen, ink 
on paper. Ike-no-Taiga, Japanese, 1723-1776, late Edo 
Period. W. 71-3/4 in. 58.337 

The Actor Sanjo Kan taro. Color on 
paper. Ca. 1714, Kaigetsudo Ando, 
Japanese, Edo Period. H. 41-5/8 in. 

Flowers of Four Seasons. One of a pair of six-fold 
screens, ink and color on paper. Kitagawa Sosetsu, 
Japanese, mid-17th century, Edo Period. W. 10 ft. 

10-3/8 in. 68.193 

Forbidden to the Vulgar . Hanging 
scroll, ink on paper. Uragami Gyokudo, 
Japanese, 1745-1820, Edo Period. 

H. 53 in. 64.367 


Tzuzuri Bako: Writing Box. Lacquer. 
Japan, Edo Period, ca. 1800. 

W, 8-1/8 in. 63.260 

Covered Bowl with Chrysanthemums 
and Chidorl Porcelain, Kakiemon 
ware, decorated in colored enamels. 
Japan, Edo Period, early 18th century. 
D. 8-1/4 in. 61.42 

Standing Figure of a Beauty ♦ 
Porcelain, Kakiemon-type ware. 
Japan, Edo Period, late 17th century 
H. 14-15/16 in. 64.366* 

Plate with Bird and Flower. Porcelain, 
Kutani ware. Japan, Edo Period, 17th 
century. D. 11-3/4 in. 60.174 

Dish with Design of Plovers over 
Waves. Pottery. Ca, 1700. Design by 
Ogata Korin, 1658-1716, dish by 
Ogata Kenzan, 1663-1743, Japanese 
Edo Period. W. 8-5/8 in. 66.365 

Bowl (one of a pair). Porcelain. 
Kakiemon ware. Japan, Edo Period, 
late 17th century. D, 14 in. 64,364 




Pre-Columbian Art 


Jade Figurine. Mexico, Gulf Coast, 
Olmec, before 300. H. 4-5/16 in. 

Stone Axe. Mexico, Gulf Coast, Olmec, 
before 300. H. 12-5/8 in. 54.856 

Seated Figure. Stone. Mexico, Gulf 
Coast, Olmec, before 300. 

H. 10 1/4 in. 51.179 

Stone Head Mexico, Olmec style, 
lst-5th century. H. 6-1/2 in. 53.369 

Jade Mask. Mexico, Gulf Coast, Olm? 
before 300. H. 53/S in* 67 J54 

Jade Head. Mexico, Western Mexico( 
Olmec style, Ist-Sth century. 

H. 2-7/8 in. 61.31 


Recumbent Anthropomorphic Figure . Stone. Mexico, Gulf Coast, 

3rd-5th century(?). L. 16-9/16 in. 48355 

Terra-cotta Head, Mexico, Gulf Coast, Painted Terra-cotta Head. Mexico, 
Totonac or Tajin, 5th-9th century. Gulf Coast, Totonac or Tajin, 

H. 11-1/16 in. 40.11* 5th-9th century. H. 6-3/4 in. 47.26 

Seated Figure. Terra cotta, Mexico, 
Oaxaca, Monte Alban II (Zapotec), 
before Christ(?)* H. 12-11/16 in. 

Dog ; Ear tli e nware. Mexic o, Col ini a, 
6th-7th century(?), FL 15-5/8 in. 


Mask. Turquoise mosaic and terra 
cotta. Mexico(?), ca. 1220. 

H. 5-7/16 in. 67.141 

Stone Head. Honduras, Copan, Maya, 
7th-8th century. H. 20-3/4 in. 53.154 

Gold Shell with Bells. Mexico, Oaxaca, 
Mixtec, after 1000. H. 3 in. 52.86 

Monkey. Stone. Mexico, Tacubaya, 
Aztec, 15th century. H. 9-5/8 in. 

Seated Figure of Tlaloc, the Rain 
God. Serpentine. Mexico, Aztec. 

H. 11-1/4 in. 66.361 

Xochipilli, God of Flowers, Dance, 
and Games. Stone. Mexico, Aztec, 
15th century. H. 10-7/8 in. 49.555 


Woman in Ceremonial Robes. Limestone relief. Mexico or Guatemala, 
Usumacinta Region, Maya, ca. 795. H. 23-3/4 in. 62.32* 

Seated Figure. Incised shell. 
Guatemala, Maya, 3rd-5th century. 
H. 6-1/2 in. 65.550* 

Incense Burner. Terra cotta. Mexico, 
Palenque Region, 7th-8th century. 
H. 41 in. 65.248* 

Vase. Earthenware with painted 
decoration. Guatemala, Kixpec, Maya, 
8th-10th century. H. 6-1/2 in. 54.391 

Relief: Part of a Stele. Limestone. 
Maya, 7th-8th century. H. 9 ft. 


Left: Jade Head . Honduras, Copan, Maya, 7th-8th century. H. 3 in. 47.176 
Center: Jadeite Pendant. Mexico or Central America, Maya, 6th-8th century 
H. 2-1/2 in. 52.119 

Right: Plaque. Crystalline green stone. Mexico or Central America, Maya, 
7th-9th century. H. 1-7/8 in. 50.153 

Figure of a Warrior. Terra cotta. 
Mexico, Yucatan, Island of Guaymil, 
Maya, 9th-10th century. H. 10-1/4 in. 

Eccentric Flint in Human Shape. 

Stone. Guatemala, Quirigua, Maya, 
6th-8th century. H. 13-5/8 in. 50.161* 

Jaguar Macehead. Stone. Costa Rica, 
Nicoya, Chorotegan, 8th-9th century. 
H. 3-7/16 in. 49.469 

Gold Plaque. Panama, CoclS, 
14th-15th century. H. 9-7/8 in. 


Anthropomorphic Seated Figure t 
Gold. Colombia, Quimbaya, 14th-15 th 
century. H. 2*7/8 in. 39.509* 

Dou hie Pu ma S taff Head. Gold. 
Colombia, Quimbaya, 14th-15 th 
century, H. 3-1/4 in. 44.319 

Stirrup Jar Earthenware. Peru, 
Chavin, 1st millennium B.C. 

H. 8-15/16 in. 68.192 

Bird (Head of a Staff?}. Gold. Gold Pin . Colombia, Quimbaya, 

Colombia, Quimbaya, 14th-l 5th century, 14th-l5th century. H. 8-15/16 in. 
H. 2-15/16 in. 54.594 47.30 

Gold Spoon. Peru, North Coast, 
Chavin,, 1 st millennium B.C. 

L. 6-7/8 in. 58.177* 


Gold Plaque . Peru, North Coast, 
Chavin, 1st millennium B.C. 

H. 8-9/16 in. 46.117 

Finial in the Form of a Monkey. Gold. 
Peru, North Coast, Mochica, 
lst-5th century. H, 14-1/2 in* 49.197 

Bowl with Incised Decoration. Stone. 

Peru, North Coast, Chavin, 1st 
millennium B.C. H. 2-9/16 in. 55.167 

Border of a Mantle. Painted cotton. Peru, South Coast, Early Period. 
Over-all: W + 8 ft. 4 in. Detail: W. 27 in, 40.530* 


Poncho. Needle riseau, wool. Peru, 
South Coast, Paracas, Early Period. 
H. 37 in. 40.514 

Part of a Mantle. Embroidery, wool. 
Peru, South Coast, Paracas, Early 
Period. Over-all: W. 54-3/4 in. 
Detail: H. 18-1/2 in. 40.528 

Poncho. Embroidery, wool. Peru, South Coast, Paracas, Early Period. H. 58 in. 

Mosaic Relief. Peru, North(?) Coast, 
Tiahuanaco, 9th-10th century. 

H. 2-9/16 in. 44.291 


Jar. Earthenware with painted 

decoration. Peru, South Coast, Textile. Tapestry weave, wool and cotton. Peru, South Coast, Tiahuanaco 

Tiahuanaco, 10th-12th century. Culture, Middle Period. H. 15-1/2 in. 57.495 

H. 14-7/16 in. 55.173 

Square Hat. Pile knot technique, 

Poncho. Tapestry weave, wool and cotton. Peru, South Coast, Tiahuanaco wool. Peru, South Coast, Middle 

Culture, Middle Period. H. 43 in. 56.84 Period. H. 5-5/8 in. 45.378 

„ , _ - V> O v> &v> GV> (/V> f/ ^_r - — 


Front of a Litter. Painted wood. Peru, North Coast, Chimu, 12th-l 3th century. 
H. 23-3/4 in. 52.233* 

Poncho. Tapestry weave, wool and 
cotton. Peru, South Coast, Inca 
Culture, 1400-1532. H. 33-1/2 in. 

Half Poncho. Tapestry weave, wool 
and cotton. Peru, Inca Period, 

16th century. H. 37-1/2 in. 51.393 


Art of Primitive Peoples 


Mule *s Head from a Headpiece. Wood 
and metal. Africa, Republic of Mali, 
Bambara Tribe, H, 16 in, 35.307 

Woman and Child (Maternity Group). 
Wood. Africa, Ivory Coast, Korhogo 
District, Senufo Tribe, H, 25 in, 

Dance Mask (Satimbe?). Wood. Africa, 
Republic of Mali, Sanga District, 
Dogon Tribe. H, 43-3/4 in. 60.169 

Miniature Mask. Cast gold. Africa, 
Ivory Coast, Baule Tribe, 

H. 2-15/16 in, 54,602 

Snake . Painted wood. Africa, Guinea 
Baga Tribe. Landuman Sub-tribe, 

H, 58-1/4 in. 60,37 

Warrior-a ttendan t Plaque , Bro nze. 
Africa, Nigeria, Benin, 17th century. 
H, 19-7/16 in. 53.425 


A l tar Portrait of a Deceased Oba 
Bronze. Africa, Nigeria, Benin, 
17th century. H. 11-3/4 in. 38.6 

Dance Mask. Painted wood. Africa, 
Republic of the Congo, Kasai Province, 
Bushongo Tribe (Bakuba). H. 17 in. 

Helmet Mask. Wood, Africa, Cameroon 
Grasslands. H. 224/2 in. 67J51 

Pair of Lions. Wood. Africa, Dahomey, H. 14-1/8 in. 65.323-65.324 


War Sh ield Painte d w oo d. M elane sia, 
Dutch New Guinea, Asmat. H, 69-1/4 in. 

Kamanggahi Figure. Painted wood 
with cowrie-shell. Melanesia, New 
Guinea, Central Sepik River District, 
Arambak. H. 82-1/2 in. 63,553 

Canoe Prow. Wood. Southeast New 
Guinea, Massim Area. Trobriand 
Islands, 19th century. H. 23-1/8 in* 

Lintel. Wood. Polynesia, New Zealand, Maori* H. 13-3/4 in* 62.350 


Ceremonial Adze, Wood, stone, 
fiber. Central Polynesia, Hervey 
Islands. L. 49 in. 40.1078 

Staff: U’u (detail). Stained iron wood. 
Polynesia, Marquesas Islands. 

Over-all: H, 58-3/8 in. 63.255 

Yoke. Wood. Polynesia, Easter Island. W. 27-1/2 in. 61.406 





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